ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 21 – 30

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 21.

Alfred gets up from the bed and wears his clothes and his wristwatch as he prepared to leave. He takes a look at Rachael who was lying on the bed like she wasn’t going anywhere.

Alfred: Ain’t you going home? You are just lying there like you don’t want to go home.

Rachael: oh Alfred my love, cant we just pass the night here? Must you rush home anytime we are together?

Alfred: Mummy I really have to go. We’ve been here for hours and my wife would be worried already waiting for me.

Rachael: Oh Alfred, why don’t you just forget your wife , she is not the only one that needs you, I need you too, don’t forget I am carrying your child. We need you.

Alfred: Seriously mummy, seriously speaking, I don’t understand anymore. We had a deal. I get you pregnant and I disappear from your life for good. I still don’t know why you changed your mind and don’t want me to leave.

Rachael: Alfred (she stands and starts touching him) it’s because I have fallen in love with you. I didn’t know how it happened but I am jut so in love with you and I can’t stay a day without seeing you

She starts kissing his face and rubbing him all over. Alfred felt irritated.

Alfred: oh oh oh stop this right now please. Don’t you feel guilty, don’t you feel a little bit guilty on what we are doing? The reason I accepted this deal in the first place is because of the money, but now everything seems to be changing all thanks to you. And I don’t think I like the man I have come to become. I feel guilty Everytime I look at reverend and my wife. I can’t even stand her looking at my face, I can’t pray in peace. I have lost my peace. And u am Nov happy. Mummy honestly I don’t want this anymore. I want this to end.

Rachael: What?

Alfred: Yes , I want this to end, let us stick to the original deal. And so by tomorrow I will start making arrangements to relocate with my family from this place.

Rachael: what? You can’t do that. What happens to me? What happens to our baby?

Alfred: our baby? Your baby mummy, your baby not mine. A deal is a deal and I am standing by this one.

Rachael: you lie Alfred , you are going no where. I started this relationship and I decide when it will end. And it will only end when I say so, when I am tired of it and right now, I don’t think I may tired.i decide when I am .

Alfred: no you don’t. It’s over and it’s over. I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.

Rachael: and I say you lie.

Alfred: Just watch and see.

Alfred heads to the door and made attempts to leave when suddenly Rachael fell on the bed and let out a big laugh, Alfred stood surprised watching her. Then slowly she began to dress up.

Rachael: Do you really think I chose you out of all the men in the church because you are the only one that can get me pregnant? There are thousand of men out there and I could easily chose anyone anytime.

Alfred: so why did you choose me?

Rachael paused for a while and then started.

Rachael: Many years ago, you dated a girl called Sonia, she loved and cherished you with all her heart and you acted like you did same. Sonia got pregnant for you an you asked her to abort it. She refused because she was scared . The doctors had told her she was expecting twins. On that fateful day you had called Sonia from her hostel and told her you wanted to make peace. She was happy that you are finally going to accept her pregnancy. You apologized and she followed you to your house, where you gave her juice and then quickly decieved her and sent her away because you had drugged her to abort her baby.

Sonia got home and started bleeding and dying. She sent for you because she didn’t know what was happening but you never came. She eventually died two days later.

Alfred: (surprised) How did you know all of this?

Rachael: I know because Sonia told me everything before she died, that was when she was suspecting that you might have poisoned her drink. Sonia and I were roommates and I took her to the hospital. She died in my hands. I promised my friend I was going to tell the world her story, but then I was not bold enough to come out with my story and I couldn’t find you. By the time I saw you years later you were already married to your wife and you were a member of our church. I couldn’t bring myself to bring that story up again so I let it slide. And this is the reason I chose you for this job knowing fully well there was no saying no to me because weather you said no or not I would make you say yes. Surprisingly you chose money and said yes. The old spirit of Alfred is still in you.

Rachael picks up her phone and started pressing it while walking to the door.

Rachael: plus I also ended up falling in love with you because of those active things between your legs. So my dear, there is no walking out on me. I decide when this relationship is over. Do you understand?

Alfred: (thinks for a while and then stops her just as she was about leaving) You can’t prove anything. Besides what you are saying now happened over 15years ago. You have no evidence to nail me. I didn’t mean for Sonia to die, I mistakenly dropped two of the tablets that my friend gave me inside her juice instead of one. I didn’t think it would be of any effect since she was carrying twins. But unfortunately she died. It was an accident, and besides it’s been so long. You can’t possibly have anything to prove to the authorities that I have a hand in her death.

Rachael laughs out very loud once more and then raised her phone up to show him.

Rachael: I didn’t , but all thanks to you I know do. I just recorded your last confession. (She touches him on his chin as she smiled) see you tomorrow darling. Same time and don’t keep me waiting.

She gives him a kiss on the head and walks away as Alfred just stood confused and watching her leave.

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