By Henry Nwaneri

I walked into this huge hospital. It was an amazing edifice. It had over 100 floors and in the middle it had a glass covered open space. As I marveled at the beauty of the building two very nice looking nurses walked up to me, I instinctively knew they were angels

One stayed back about 10 ft away from me and the other walked up to me and hugged me. “Welcome”, he said. “There are 101 floors in this hospital and we will be going through each floor one day at a time. Today we will start from the top floor”.

We go to the top floor and when he opened the door there were thousands of beds in an open hallway as far as my eyes could see, but each bed had a sort of privacy screen. You could not see one bed from the other bed, but from where I stood I could see all the beds. So I quickly asked him why that was. He explained to me that in our pains and situations, we do not see our brothers and sisters who are in the same condition, but God sees us all.

Then he stretched out his hands and started praying. I wondered why because the beds were all empty, but then as he prayed they got filled up with people. It seemed like people just dropped from the sky into the beds

He stayed pretty long praying for people with his arms stretched wide apart . I asked him why his arms were wide apart and he said one arm received their healing and miracles from the 101st floor, while the other gave it to them.

Then I saw a Doctors list and I immediately knew that he was praying for the first issue on the list and to my surprise it read thus:

1. Set the captives free who have been held beyond three years . Begin with their minds, then move on to their hearts, their emotions, their love lives, their relationships, their marriages. Then move on to their health. Then move on to their finances, then move on to their families, their children and relatives.

Firstly I was very intrigued by the way the Doctors ‘ ward rounds directives were stated. But I was also very intrigued by the first two issues: Mind and Heart. So I asked the angel why those two were the first points and he responded by saying those two are the most important places where the children of God needed to set free. I think I quickly understood the mind but found the heart very intriguing. So my senses were drawn to the thousands of people that were getting healed in that area and as they dropped into their beds I could see how and what God was doing in their lives.

I quickly laid down on an empty bed, he looked at me and smiled and said, you sir are coming with me for now. Then he continued praying and people kept dropping from the skies. I was blown away by the amount of healing that was going on and how glorious God’s people became as they got healed.

1. Marriages were healed. Even some marriages that felt like prison. One brother whose marriage was healed said to me the worst jail you can be in life is a marriage that has no God and no love.

Then something happened. A friend I knew dropped into a bed. I had been praying for this friend for a long time. Then I remembered the Doctors ward rounds directives that the angel had read and the directives mentioned setting people free who had been in a certain situation for more than 3 years. I waved at this friend and she waved back. Then she disappeared but I found her in a second and she was placed in a room dressed like a bride on a horse. I was so happy for her. Her prayers for a spouse had been answered after God had healed her heart .
When I returned to side of the angel he explained to me that her miracle took that long because it took that long to heal her heart of all she had been through. I leaped for joy. I started imagining all my friends who have been trusting God for a miracle for more that 3 years. The angel knew what I was thinking, he looked at me and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. God has heard the cries of His people and 3 years is enough. I shouted a loud amen and as I was shouting that I was automatically in an elevator that was coming down. But this is just the first floor I shouted at the angel, I want to be there for the others. “In His time” , the angel responded to me. And I shouted back When is His time? And he shouted back at me “tomorrow”. At that point I reached the ground floor. And there were millions of people going out of the hospital. At the gate everyone was receiving a card. When I got there I got my card and on it was written