Subtitled : Marriage war
By Author Joy

Episode 9

Alex got a maid for his wife. He treated her like an egg and invited his mother to help him take good care of his wife.

Rose barely do anything. All she does is to chill out with her mother-in-law for exercise because her mother-in-law warns that if she gets too lazy it’s will be hard for her during labour.


It was not a working day so Ray chooses to stay at home. He has been running away from home cause of his darling wife but that very day he chooses to stay.

He went to the bathroom to use the toothpaste when he discovered his wife was pressing the toothpaste at the middle. He called her name twice and she appeared almost immediately.

“What is the meaning of this? ” he asked showing her the toothpaste.
“toothpaste of course, can’t you see it? ” she answered arrogantly
“why are you pressing it from the middle, it seems you want to waste it”

She laughed “what are you trying to say? I know you are at home to bring up a quarrel but I’ll resist you. I can buy hundred of it for you, what’s toothpaste?” she said sacarstically

He looked at her for long “I see, you don’t need to lose your wrapper, the evidence is showing already. You have mental disorder.” he blurted out

She clapped her hands, Belinda is very good at quarreling “shame on you, you are such a foolish human I’ve ever seen. The woman, your wife is now a mad woman according to your confession. You called me a mad woman. Two of us will mad here forever ” she said shaking

He hummed “just mad alone, I was wrong for correcting you. I wonder if you really went to school or school went through you. Even illiterate do take correction. No proper eating habits, you talk anyhow, dress anyhow. I wonder the connection between us to the extent I knelt down to put ring on your dirty fingers. ” he got angry and walked out.

Belinda was touched by his words, she began to cry “I don’t know this is how he would turn out, I wouldn’t have accepted proposal. He’s very unkind, I can’t leave my marital home because of his attitude” she thought within her.

During the day Ray was watching sports when his wife came and changed the channel to movie channel without taking permission. “what the hell is wrong with you? Do you want to kill me or what? Why are you frustrating my life? ” he asked her
She smiled and clapped her hands “you are funny! All those questions for me or who? ” she asked in return
“can’t you see I was watching sport program before you changed it? ”
“is that why you said I’m frustrating you? Are you not the one frustrating me in this house?”

“I’m really tired of you, I don’t have peace with the person I called wife”
“you caused it o, you opened your mouth to call me a mad woman not just mad o, but dirty woman. You have stepped on a lion’s tail”
“you know what? Let’s quit the marriage. You are not my type, I mean I can’t live with you forever. Maybe I rushed without noticing the kind of person you are. Although you were there for me before but you’ve disappeared now” he said this time weirdly
She began to cry “you are an ungrateful kind of human, I remember where you were before we started, now that you have arrived, living big life. I’m now filthy, no problem at all ” she said and walked out.


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