THEME; My Heart Belongs To You.

GENRE; Love.

TAGS; Highschool, Comic, Company, Unrequited Love, Friendship, Social Status, Secret Affairs, Hidden Truth, Unwanted Relationship, Suspense and Thrilling.

By Succie Brown.


Set in the big city of Chicago, where one’s Social or Economic Status is more important than the life of a dying person, few Highschool students are caught in a web called LOVE.

These Highschool students from the higher status of life are being controlled by their parents, who have a respectable positions in the country.

They believe that the children of the poor gets married to their fellow poor folks, while their kids gets intertwined with people of the same class with them.


But what happens when these kids from the higher status of life, falls for the kids from the lower breed.

Will they follow the wishes of their strict and powerful Parents? Or rather stand for their love?.

But what if they’re willing to stand for their love? Will they be able to endure the precautions that comes with love? Or will they rather give in to their parents’s Demands?

Wanna find out, then ride with me, as we embark on the story filled with ro..mance, Comedy and Suspense.




BY Succie Brown



? Wow, She’s so beautiful

? I wish I can be like her

? Those natural black long hair is what I love for

? I wish I have her long sxy legs

? Looking at her is what I live for

The students drools and commented on Nadine’s look, as cameras from different direction clicks on her face.

Nadine McDonald, that’s her

The Queen of Empire high, and also the face of BMB modeling agency, one of the biggest modeling Brand in Chicago.

Immediately she was done with her photoshoot, few female students rush to her.

“Nadine I love you new outfits”

“You look like a goddess ealier”

“Can I have an autograph?”

“What can I do to be like you?”

Nadine looks at the girl who asked the last question and pours the coffee she was holding on her face.

And the students gasps.

“How can an ugly being like you insist on being like me, the next time you ask such an unforgiving question, am going to make sure you won’t have the mouth to ramble rubbish again….. Understand?” She said meanily.

And the girl nods sobbing.

“Good” Nadine said walking away, and as she did, every students pave way for her.

“Are you Alright?” The girl’s friend asked, and the girl who coffee was spilled on broke into tears.

“Why’s she so mean?”

“You shouldn’t have ask such a question, you already know what Nadine is like, You may be of higher status, but that can’t be compared to Nadine’s, and to top it all, she hates it when someone wants to be like her” Her friend said, and it made the one who coffee was spilled on cry the more.

“Should I show you something to lighten up your mood?” Her friend ask and she looks at her.

“I secretly took a picture of Carding” Her friend said and she brightened up immediately.

“Really?” She asked and her friend nods, and shows her the picture of Carding.

“Oh my, his so handsome”

“I know right, I can fall inside a well, if he asked me to”.

And both laugh admiring his picture.

Carding Wendell, the school’s sweetheart, a carefree Guy, who doesn’t let being rich or being the son of the founder of Empire High, get into his head.

His the simple kinda type, anyone will love to mingle with.



“How was your photoshoot?” Barney asked Nadine when she entered the cafeteria.

Barney’s Nadine’s Best friend, another version of wicked just like Nadine.

“It was okay as usual, just that someone who doesn’t know her class tried to compare herself to me, but trust me, I gave her what she asked for” Nadine said crossing her legs over the other.

“I know what you can do” Barney said, Nadine smiles and looks at Nadia who was so busy with her phone.

“What’re you doing?” She asked and Nadia looks at her.

“Nothing Nadine” She answers with a smile, dropping her phone.

“Have you seen the rankings of the modeling results?” Nadine asked, and Nadia nods.

“You rank least again Nadia!!”

“Am sure am going to do better next time” Nadia answers.

“That’s what you keep saying, but you never improve, your going to answer to Mom, and if your going to keep being a looser, I suggest you quit instead of countlessly disgracing me” Nadine scolds Nadia.

“Sorry Nadine” Nadia apologize.

“I left my bag in the class, go get it for me” Nadine orders.

“Alright” Nadia said and quickly leaves.

“Gosh, she’s so annoying” Nadine mutttered folding her hands.

“But she’s your twin sister Nadine” Barney said.

“And that’s makes it so annoying, I wish we weren’t birthed by thesame mom, she’s nothing like me” Nadine said.

“How about we ditch eating and go see my fiance, you can use that opportunity in seeing Carding too” Barney said and Nadine smiles.

“Nice idea Barney, and since his not here in the cafeteria, I’ll use that opportunity in giving him cookies, as an excuse to see his handsome face” Nadine said smiling.

“Bingo” Barney said and both stucked hands together.

Nadine might be a popular model, but she has a huge crush on Carding.

Nadine add some makeup to her face and since it was a school that doesn’t require students wearing uniforms, she takes off the leather jacket she was wearing, exposing her spaghetti half top.

She was about leaving the cafeteria with Barney, When Sabrina bumped into her, and her tray of food splash on Nadine.

And the available students in the cafeteria ga.sps on seeing what just happened.

“Oh no, she’s d.ead”

“Nadine is definitely going to kll her”

“Poor Sabrina”

The students murmurs to one another.

“Nadine, am sorry” Sabrina apologize, But Nadine sI.aps her so hard on the face and Sabrina falls to the floor.

Nadine fo..rcefully pvlls her hair, and Sabrina winces in p.ain.

“Your on scholarship right, so why can’t you hide your poverty stinking face instead of showing it to me, you even had the nerves to bumped into me!!!” Nadine yells and sI.aps Sabrina again.

“I’m sorry Nadine is never going to happen again” Sabrina said already in tears, her lips were already bI.eeding, as a result of the sI.aps she got from Nadine.

“Sorry won’t do, Do you know this clothes am putting on is much more valuable than your life? You should be thankful my mom isn’t the owner of Empire High, cos I’ll have made sure poor folks like you never gets the opportunity to study here….. Barney” Nadine said.

“Yes Nadine” Barney answers

“Get me something to baptized her with”

“Right on that Nadine” Barney said and came back with a bottle of Orange juice.

Nadine takes it from her, and without thinking twice, she pours the entire content of the orange juice on Sabrina.

“The next time you bump into me like that again, I won’t just pour juice on you, but also ripped off your clothes from your poverty looking body” Nadine said and k!cks Sabrina before walking away.

Barney also did thesame to her, before joining Nadine.

And Sabrina picks up her wasted food from the floor and at the same time, sobbing in tears. She only got a chance to eat at school because of her busy schedules in her different part-time jobs and it seems like she was going to wait for tomorrow to be able to eat again.

Thanks to Carding, the less privilege get free food from the cafeteria attendances.




The Lounge was beautiful and expensive, it has a computer game spot, a music spot and also a relaxation spot soley owned by the Demi-gods of Empire High.

The word CAD was formed according to their names which was; Carding, Angelo and Dylan.

The three of them have been friends since elementary school, they’re not just popular for their good looks, but also popular for being the sons of highly respected people in Chicago.

Dylan sighs and takes off his headphone after countless listening to some medical lessons which he clearly doesn’t understand.

He looks at Angelo and he was also forcus, trying to understand the huge text book in front of him.

“Do you think he’ll be able to do it?” Dylan asked.

Angelo looks at him and back to his book.

“Do what?” He asked.

“Carding has a presentation at his dad’s company, Do you think he’ll be able to do it?” Dylan asked.

“He practice the entire night, am sure he’ll” Angelo replies, and Dylan sighs.

“I’m so worried about him right now, if he fails in the presentation, his going to get it hot from his Dad, Carding’s dad might have offered free scholarship to the less privilege, but his so scary, and thinking about what his going to do to him if he fails gives me the creeps”.

“Have you tried calling him?” Angelo asked covering the book he was reading.

“What if it gets him into more trouble?” Dylan asked.

“Is past noon already, am sure he’ll be done with the presentation by now, call him and find out how it went” Angelo said looking worried too.

Dylan takes his phone and was about dialing Carding’s number, when Barney enters the Lounge screaming his name.

“Dylan!!” She screams excitedly rushing to hug him, but Dylan dodge the hug and Barney run into empty space.

“What was that for?” She asked looking annoyed and Dylan throws her a hateful glare.

“Where’s Carding?” Nadine asked, directing the question at Angelo, but Angelo pretend like he didn’t hear her.

“I’m talking to you Angelo, Where’s Carding?” She asked again and Angelo looks at her.

“His right here inside my nose, you can come and get him” Angelo said and leaves the Lounge

“Since his not here, I guess I know where to find him, since you around Barney” Nadine said and leaves.

“Dylan, let’s go on a date, is going to be my treat” Barney said holding Dylan’s arm.

Dylan takes off her hand and said.

“I’m not interested”

“Then can you take me out for shopping?” She said trying to act cute.

“And why should I?”

“Hello, am your fiancee, shouldn’t you be nice to me” Barney said.

“That’s because my parents wanted that, if it was up to me, I’d rather be engaged to a chimpanzee in the jungle than be engaged to you”.


“And stop trying to act all lovey dovey in front of me, that can only happen in front of my parents” Dylan said, and takes his backpack.

“Are you just going to leave me here? We have night classes to attend, Dylan, Dylan!!!” Barney calls.

But not once did Dylan turn back to look at her.

“Dammit” Barney said stamping her foot on the floor angrily.



The bus pulls into a halt, and a beautiful young girl of 18 came down from the bus, with a lollipop in her mouth, she was wearing a facecap, looking like a gang$ter.

She takes the lollipop from her mouth and smiles.

I’m finally here” She said with an enchanting smile.

“I’m finally here!!” She screams excitedly.

Her phone rang and her smile widened when she saw the caller.

“Hello Mom, Yes am finally in Chicago….. No mom there’s no need, I still have the address with me, it won’t be hard for me to know where you live, I’ll be there before you know it…. I love you too Mom” She said and ends the call.

She looks around again and smiles more brightly.

“I’m finally here” She said and giggles, dragging her luggage alongside with her as she crossed to the other side of the road.




Paige brings out the lollipop from her mouth looking at the huge building in front of her.

“Wow, is this were my brother is working? Is so huge, Should I give him a little surprised? Yes I should” Paige said smiling.

She kept her luggage in one corner and tries to enter the building, but was stopped by the security man.

“You can’t enter this building”.

“And why not? My brother works here”

“Whose your brother and what department is he in?” The man asked.

“Department? Really? Are we in a college or something?” She asked with a hiss and tries to enter the building again, but the security man blocked her path.

“Kids aren’t allowed here”.

“I’m 18, So which means am not a kid, And why’re you refusing to let me in when my brother works here? I just want to see him” Paige said fo.rcefully trying to enter the building, but the security man push her away lightly.

“Leave, or am going to call the police”

“Call the police cos am trying to enter this building, are Chicagos like this?”

The security man throws her a glare.

“Fine am going to leave… So grumpy” Paige said, she took her luggage and was about leaving when the forceful sound of the glass door stops her.

She turns and sees a man in his mid 40’s comes out from the building angrily.

A teenager boy also came out from the building and the moment he did, the older one landed a hot sI.ap on his face, shocking Paige.

“How dare you Carding? How dare you disgrace me like that in front of the board members!!!” He yells angrily at him.

“I’m sorry Dad I’d tried…..

Carding was cut short by another sI.ap from his Dad, shocking Paige the more.

“Does he want to kll him?” Paige mutttered.

“You never do anything right Carding, Your so useless, a big disgrace to Wendell’s… Don’t even think of showing your face to me at home understand?” Vince said.

He enters his car and drove off.

Carding sighs sadly sitting in the bench outside, his eyes were already red, but his trying to hold back the tears from falling.

Paige watch him for a while, she kept her luggage and went to him.

“Wow the sun is smiling so brightly today Right?” She asked smiling and Carding looks at her.

“Who’re you?” He asked.

Paige looks at him and smiles.

“Do you want to know what I do when am sad?” Paige asked.

“I don’t know who you are Miss, But can you please do me a favor and leave me alone?” Carding said.

“Prying in people’s business has always been my hobby, your in pain and you need to let it out”

“H… How?” Carding asked.

Paige smiles adjusting her face Cap.

“Come with me” She said taking his hand and she took him to the parking lot.

“What I do anytime am angry is destroying cars, I take it out on them” Paige said.

“Whose car is this?” Carding asked.

“Is mine, Your free to pour out your anger on it” Paige said and Carding looks at her.

“Are you confused? Then I’ll show you” she said and looks around and sees a baton, she picks it up.

“I’m so sick and tired of you dad!!” She screams and smash the baton on the windshield of the car.

“Just like this, Try it and your going to be fine, trust me” Paige said.

Carding looks at her, before taking the baton from her.

“You make me sick Dad!!” Carding screams and landed the baton on the windshield.

“More, more” Paige said.

“I hate you Dad, I am fed up with you… I’m going to do what I really want!!!!” Carding screams htting the baton on the windshield.

“How do you feel now?” Paige asked, Carding looks at her and smiles.

“Much better”

“See, I told you it was going to help” Paige said and Carding smiles.

“Hey, what did you two do to my car?” A Man asked approaching them.

“Sht” Paige said.

“I thought you said it was your car?” Carding asked.

“I don’t even have a tyre talk more of owning a car… His approaching us, we gotta run” Paige exclaims, she takes Carding by the hand and took to her heel.

Paige held his hand tightly as both ran away from the man who was chasing them, and at the cost of the run, Paige’s cap flew off from my head, and her long hair falls down to her back swinging left and right as they ran.

Carding’s eyes fall on her face and he could admit that she’s the most beautiful girl he has ever since.

*She’s beautiful* Carding said looking more deeply at her.

“My name is Carding Wendell, and this how I came to love you more than my life” He said admiring how beautifully she was created.


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