Written by Miriam Edem


I wanted peeping outside but then the thoughts of the guards there made me withdraw, I simply stood up checking out the enlargement photographs there.

I saw Godswill and his late wife, very young and beautiful lady and the door opened.

I turned and saw my husband approaching me as I stood looking at Him. Suddenly this spirit of fear came upon me, I became so afraid of my own husband.
‘Keeping yourself company? He asked and I heaved.


“My brother just called, they’ve arrived, I replied him.
“I know, he said and gently touched my face and I saw myself shivering.

“Relax, did I made you scared earlier? He asked smiling but I could not say a word.
“Betty, he called out and I looked at him.

“You said I should not have any sense of belonging here, then why am I your wife? And what do you mean by my days of enjoyment is over? I asked and he laughed and carried me on his shoulders.
“What are you doing? I asked but he didn’t reply until we got to the bedroom.

“Get yourself und..ressed, he said.
‘What? I asked as he kept me down.

“Are you now deaf? Get yourself und..ressed! He shouted on me that I quickly located where the zip of my dress was. I sat on the bed uncIad not understanding the face of my husband as he climb the bed also though dressed but I kept going backwards.

“Please please, I saw myself saying and he held me on my legs and flung me backwards making my face covered in bed and he held my two hands tight behind.

“No please! I cried but what pie..rced me between my Iegs made me scream out and I fought hard to free myself from his grip. He made sure he laid his hefty body on mine as he constantly set my Iegs on flre. Despite that was my first time, but that can never be a manh00d entering inside of me.
I didn’t find my voice to scream again when I realized no help was coming, and when he came down was when I saw he used Something that looks like a rod between my Iegs.

My eyes bulged out and my legs was bIeeding,
“What did you just do? I asked and he smiled at the rod in his hand.
“Making love, he replied.

“With a rod? Do you want to destroy my body? You just opened me up with a rod what kind of a d’vil are you! I screamed out and he held my cheeks tight that I could feel my teeth grinding on each other.
‘The next time you raise your voice on me, you’ll receive more p ains than you just did. And yes let no one know about this, because you know who will pay for this? Your mother, he said and tears streamed down from my eyes and he released me.

“Why are you doing this? I thought you said there are still good people in this world? I thought you told my mother that you’ll take care of me? Why are you doing this to me? I cried.

“I am taking care of you after all you’re living in a beautiful place like this with every comfort you need, make yourself comfortable, he replied and was about to leave.

“Wait please, I shouted and wanted following him but my legs said no. He just looked at me shaking his head and closed the door behind.
My legs were on flre and how ever I managed to drag myself to the bathroom to wash off the bIood was only the mercies of God.

That night I could not sleep and Godswill didn’t showed his face either. I managed to leave the room to take my phone in the sitting room where I left it, but I noticed the phone was not there.
“I left it here, I said checking the sofa and someone cleared his throat.
I looked up and saw Godswill,

“Looking for something? He asked.
‘My phone, I left it here, I replied.

“Oh that? Its with me and it’s 12am now, what do you want it for? He asked.
“Are you taking my phone also? I asked.

“That didn’t answer my question anyway goodnight, he replied and turned to leave.
“Please Godswill I want it……. “What did you just call me? He asked and I swallowed.

“I’m sorry, I quickly apologized.
“Call me sir, I don’t look like your mate, he said and went into a room.

I slowly let myself on the floor not believing this is really happening to me. God knows I prayed and fasted to have the happiest home on earth and I was ready to give my all to see it work, where did I go wrong?
Did God just gave me someone that is not mine? I kept asking myself and then Maxwell came to mind.

I didn’t know how to start the cry, but there was nothing I could do, my worst fears finally came through despite I tried avoiding it.
I didn’t know when I slept off there with my head leaned on the sofa until I heard a kick on my leg,

“I don’t tolerate this in my house that is why there is a section called the bedroom, Godswill said with a towel on his Waist.

“I’m sorry. Good morning, I said cleaning my face and attempted to get up but felt serious pains coming from my legs.
“Take this, he said giving me a phone.

“Mom called? I asked.
‘That will be your new phone now and the only person you can talk to is your mother and brother. If you dare disobey me you’ll regret it, he replied.

“You mean?… Errmm what about my friends and church…… “I don’t care, just do as I say. And again get ready, by 12pm you’ll be following me out for a function and I have to go with my wife. Obviously that’s why I married you, and dress well, he said.
“But please I can’t, I’m……. I could not complete my statement with the eyes he gave me, I just nodded in acceptance and he turned to leave.

“What about breakfast, what will you like to eat? I asked.
“You can’t cook for me so I won’t be poisoned, and again I order for my food and she’ll be here soon. If you want to keep yourself busy, clean the house! He replied and left.

I breathed out and looked at the phone he gave, it was an iPhone, something I could not use because I had a button phone with me.
I got so angry I woke up to still see this nightmare, I thought I had escape it. I slowly left to the room I came out from and the phone began to ring and it was my mother calling. My eyes swelled up in tears because I wanted telling her about the lion den I am in but then he threatened to hurt them.

I still don’t know who Godswill really is and I can’t put my family life in danger knowing he can easily escape it or deny to have anything to do with it if something bad happens to them, and also am stuck in this marriage or should I call for a divorce? I kept asking myself and the phone rang again. I cleaned my tears and picked up,
“Hello mama, good morning, I greeted.

“My Ada, are you still sleeping? She asked.
“I woke up not too long, I replied.

“Hmmmm this one your voice is like this as if you’re tired, I knew it, that Godswill is a very bad guy but he’s only pretending, she said laughing and I cleaned my tears.
“Mama don’t start its too early. How is everyone? I asked.

“We are fine oo, in fact I am relaxing with a fruit juice now, life is good o and I know you must be enjoying more there, she replied smiling and I nodded and closed my eyes. I felt like a sacrificial goat, while am in pains here my family is enjoying life and it hurts.
“Okay mama enjoy, I said keeping my hands on my chest so I can control myself.

“What’s wrong with you na? I called in the night and Your husband picked up where is he? She asked.
“He’s about going somewhere, I replied.

“Going somewhere? No na, what is that holiday they do call for people that just got married oo, she said trying to remember the name honeymoon.
“Mama he’s a busy person but he promised to be back soon, I replied.

“Please o he should come back soon. Okay let me leave you with your enjoyment, take good care of yourself oh, she said.
“You too mama, my regards to Luke, I said.

“I will, bye, she said and dropped the call and I burst out crying releasing all I was piling up in my chest.


Minutes later I heard a knock on the door and I wondered who it was. I gently opened the door and saw one of the guards,
“You’re wanted downstairs, he harshly said and left like a ghost and I confusedly went downstairs.

I recognized the ladies at the boutique keeping hangers of clothes On the sofa,
“What’s this for? I asked when they greeted me.
“We were asked to deliver this. They are all your size, one replied but I was not interested.

“Okay, was all I said folding my hands watching them as they brought out more from the bags they came with. I wanted hissing but I just controlled myself,
“If you don’t like any of these we can always get them replaced, one said when they were done placing the clothes, shoes, bags, wigs and jewerlies.

“She has no reason to reject any of those, I specifically chose them and she must wear it, I heard Godswill voice upstairs.
“But I can’t possibly wear this things, I don’t like them, I said.

“Excuse me? He said and I breathed out shaking my head.
“That will be all for now thanks, Godswill said to the ladies and they left.

It was not enough that this man is hurting me, he wants to turn me into a club pro$titute. The clothes there were so dirty in my eyes, high heels that can fall me down and shouty colours of wigs. What is he turning me into dear God? I asked keeping my hands on my mouth as I sadly watched what was on the sofa and he came down and met me.
“You have to look sxy and follow me where ever I will go. Don’t worry about makeups, I can do that for you count it as a good way of being romantic, he said smiling and I looked at him. He was beginning to look disgusting to me but I was scared of being beaten when my legs were still hurting.

I didn’t say anything, I just kept mute calculating how Beatrice, that girl who was putting on decent clothes that properly covered her body has suddenly turned to a wh’re.
‘You have no right to keep me silent when I am talking to you! He shouted turning my face to his.

“Are you trying to call me a fool? He asked.
“No, I didn’t know what to say, I replied.

“You better do because anytime I talk to you, answer me! He shouted and a knock came on the door. He looked at his wristwatch immediately,
“Time to eat, he said to me and I wondered what he meant by that.

“Come in, he said leaving me and sat on the sofa that was free and two ladies walked in and respectfully greeted us. I just forced a smile and pretended to be cool,
“Congratulations, they said to me.

“Thank you, we said and they left with what they carried with them.
I looked at Godswill as he sat down shaking his legs smiling at me,

“You smell, go take your bath so that you can have breakfast with me, he said and I smelled my body and looked at him,
‘Can I eat later? You can go ahead, I said to him.

“I said go take your bath so you can eat with me, don’t make me repeat myself twice, he said between his teeth probably so that the ladies won’t hear and I slowly turned to leave,
“Come back and take some of this wears with you, he said and I slowly took some hangers of clothes and went upstairs.

I threw the clothes on the bed and rubbed my face,
“I smell? Oh Beatrice you have suffered, I said and heaved and noticed I had a missed call.
There was a number and when I checked my contacts I noticed I only have two contacts in my phone. My mouth flew open and I felt like storming out there to challenge him, but then I could not do anything about it…………..


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