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Riley, a beautiful, tall, slim girl of twenty is a ball dancer right from when she was little, she’s so talented with her legs and hands which people cherished watching a lot

Being an orphan right from the age of ten, she lived alone by herself and made herself popular too

Her ballerine dances attracted people all far and wide to her side and being such a famous person, bad people especially young ball dancers began to envy her


Wishing they had her type of legs which got people talking all the time but it didn’t end there

She mistakenly had an accident which affected her ankle and she couldn’t win a competition which she tried so hard to get and that demeaned her making the winner Riele more popular and well known than her

She cried and cried, it felt like her world has ended but it didn’t.

But that accident did affect her so much cuz after the competition, her effort to dance the balls again proved abortive as she couldn’t stand on her toes again without falling to the ground.

She was embarrassed, shamed and made to live a sulky life.

A sulky life of a FANCY BALLERINA who can’t dance the balls but just a ballerina for fancy

But did it end there? Nope

Carson a campus guy whom she met on one sunny day helped her again on her feet.
But how did they meet?

How did they fall in love with each other? What made her to like that guy so much to the extent that she wanted to live her life as a FANCY BALLERINA rather than losing him to Riele?

What kind of person is Carson? Will he break our dancer’s heart?
I’m dying to know!!!



Nnenna’s campus series

Owned by Nnenna



I closed my eyes briefly and then opened them again staring at the whole crowd before me

All keen and curious eyes were on me as also more than a thousand faces were eager to see me dance

“Riley the most beautiful and talented ball dancer is here before us “the MC said with the microphone from the stage to the audience while my head was bowed lowly as I stood on my toes

?See those magic legs of hers

?They’re like magic legs

?How does she dance so well

?They’re pretty long too

?And she’s beautiful too

“Riley can you show us what you’ve got with those legs of yours “the mc said and I looked to the crowd

They all gasped and I smiled, I wriggled my hands listening to the beating which began to play softly while everywhere became calm while light was on me as I danced:

?Don’t sleep on the couch again

?even though it took for the weekend

?Kiss me like you wanna stay

?even though you’re thinking about leaving

?Please just fake it!

?Turn to look when am naked

?Don’t be honest

?Promise me that you want this

?Say you’re lucky,

?say you’re lucky to love me like you used to… even if it isn’t true

?I want you to lie, lie, lie to my face

?I want you to put your hands on my waist

?Can we just dance to the sky are white

?Cuz I really can’t get my heart broken tonight….

I stopped dancing immediately the song finished and standing ovation was done for me with everyone clapping for me

I was proud, so proud of my legs, my hands and my face too

I smiled to them blew kisses at them before I went out of the stage

“You did so great today Riley”Riele complimented when I came in to the dressing room so I could change my dress

“Thanks Riele”I replied and she smirked

“its okay, I’m off to the stage too won’t you wish me luck”she said teasingly to me as she turned to go

I smiled before replying:
‘Thanks Riley”

“Okay “I replied and then began to change into a simpler dress so I would go for my classes which were in the afternoon

I prepared myself, hung my bag lowly across my shoulder and then left the room

As I stepped out of the building, camera men surrounded me immediately

?Please Riley, tell us about your leg skills, everyone is dying to know more about your magic legs

My bodyguards shielded me from them guiding me into my car
?Allow her to speak to us please!
?C’mon let her talk!

I smiled waving at the cameras flashed on my faces,

I didn’t stop doing that until I was inside the car safely

I stopped smiling and soon, my car (my chauffeur was driving) started moving while my fans and the interviewers clustered about my car and I started smiling at them again

The car moved slowly until it got out from the clusters of people,

It zoomed off to the road, the car radio started talking :


I beamed a bit, oh yes! I deserve it cuz there’s no one to be compared to me

I was born that way… Wanna know me?

I’m Riley Cartledin, am an orphan, yeah! I lost my parents when I was yet to enjoy their care

As an only child and skilled with my legs, I enrolled into the ballerine school through the help of my aunt

I started like that, with a charming face, attractive smile and my magic long legs, I can command a whole crowd of guys to fall at my feet

Not only that, and am not being boastful too, my ballerine dances made young ones so jealous, they wanted to be like me but they won’t ever know the magic in my legs

And they won’t ever know, the only thing I think am lacking in my life and my fans are curious to know so much about is… If I have a boyfriend but hell no! I don’t have one

And am not planning to have too, I’m just so simple and I don’t think any guy will be so charming enough to attract my attention to himself

Enough about me! Don’t want to tell you guys so much about me tho, am competing for the best ballerine dancer in the whole world and am so sure am going to win

I never even cared for once to go for practice cuz I know I will surely win! Am talented for that cuz my legs are magic and my hands are like strings while my face captured the audience to anyone who cared!

I’m so special! Really too special to be anyone’s child and I think that’s why God took my parents away from me

Well… Sounds strange to you that I said that?… I guess the synopsis didn’t tell you that am weird?

Am weird! Nasty! Can be cruel and pompous cuz I feel no one is upto my level, I hardly made friends in school cuz am saucy when I see ugly girls! They deserve to die for having faces like monkeys

I’m sorry am like that but that’s just me!
“Miss”I softly heard my chauffeur beckoning to me
“Yes?? ”
“We are in school now”
“Okay stop the car now, I need to get out”

He stopped the car and I took out my pair of sunglasses from my bag and then wore it on my eyes before getting out of the car with the help of my bodyguard who had been following me from behind with another car

All eyes were on me… I smirked, it have always been like this

They see me and they go crazy and wild cuz am a well known crazy dancer of the whole world!

Murmurs filled the air and my pride and ego swelled up as I catwalked my long legs into the class

Eyes were on my face, legs, hands, tiny waist which wriggled each time I danced

My butts which was small but a killer danced after them… Oh my gosh! I can’t believe anyone can just go crazy by looking at me

“Miss this way, fans are so clustered the other side”my body guard said guarding me into another way

“Okay thanks”I beamed following him to another way while people followed us behind murmuring ;
?See those legs
?Can you see the way she walks

?Those magic hands too!
?Oh my damn! She’s so beautiful!
?I can’t believe she schools with us

I smirked hearing their murmurs behind me, I cleared my throat to make them go wild again since everything about me seems to get them crazy

?Damn! She’s really Riley
“I wish she can dance for us”
“Who knows”

That speech caught my attention and I turned my face to them swiftly

They halted clicking their phones to my face

“You mean I should dance for you guys? “I asked and they froze cuz they heard my voice

“One of you should play me a very soft song which I will really dance to”

Their eyes and faces peered into mine

I smiled posing at their camera while they snapped me unend

Its so nice to be a special human being cuz almost everyone wants you

A song started playing softly and I began to take off my shoes almost immediately it started playing while they gasped when they saw me standing on my toes with my face high up

My hands stood up flexibly before relaxing itself following the dance of the lyrics and then following up with the legs movement which were swift and very magical

I danced and danced till someone pushed into me, I made to fall but he helped me into not falling down

He was a guy and on a phone call
“I’m so sorry, I was in a hurry”he apologized and I scoffed

“Huh! What if you broke my leg? What if you injured me? Huh! Hey mr. Man do you know whom you just touched? “I raged as I stopped dancing

I was so angry, whom does he think he is to even touch me?

“I’m really sorry, I have an important project with my prof… ”
My eyes travelled to his hands and I discovered that he was carrying a guitar in one of his hands

“Prof my foot! “I raged and mistakenly hit off the guitar from his hand and it landed on his foot

“Ouch! “He screamed dancing around the whole place and limping on one leg since the other one was hurting

Everyone gasped… I didn’t mind

“Suit yourself! Next time, you don’t push into me like that! What if it were me that got hurt like this, I will be ruined! Rubbish!! ”

I nagged walking off again while my body guards and students trailed after my steps….


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