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He kssed Riele!


Why would he?

I saw him kss her!

Does it mean he’s going to date her?

And I wanted to tell him that I like him.


I don’t want to feel like a fool.


I like you only as a brother”I said again smiling nervously.


He doesn’t like me else he won’t have kssed Riele like that.

“Only brother? “He asked again looking at me surprised but I nodded waving at him.

“See you at the library in the night today”

“I won’t come”he replied me.

“Why? ”


Maybe because I don’t want to see you, ”

I was shocked.

“Why don’t you want to see me? ”

“Cuz you are so annoying and I wish I will forget about you”he spoke harshly towards me getting me startled.

“what’s wrong? ”

“Everything is wrong Riley!

What do you want me to do before you see that I love you so much?

Tell me,


You act as if I’m not there and… “He stopped talking glaring at me angrily.

He loves me?

That’s not true cuz I clearly saw him kss Riele with my two eyes!

“Bye Carson”I waved walking away hastily.

I don’t know what’s wrong but I don’t think this is the right time to talk about this.

What I need now is to go to the school library,

After that,

I will go to my classes and then from there I will leave for my house and finally the library.

All of that happened after five hours,

I had finished dressing up for my night reading in the library when Carson called me.



I’m so sorry about what I said and what happened earlier,

I wasn’t myself and please try to forget everything that happened back there please.

?It’s nothing but should I probably forget the fact that you said… Erm… You said you love me,

?Forget everything if all of it upsets you so much.

I smirked.

?I can’t possibly forget everything at least not when you said that you like me.

?I really do but its okay if….

?I’m okay with it cuz I like you too.

?As a brother?

?No, someone more than a brother.

Silence fell between us,


He called my name after some minutes of silence,


?Come to the music lab,

I’ve got something to show you,


I replied hunging up with smiles written all over my face.

I wore my sneakers as it seemed to be the last thing I haven’t worn on my body.

I picked up my car keys and then left the house.

I drove like ¢razy to the school and halted and klled my car engine when I stood infront of the school building.

I rushed into the music lab to see that he wasn’t there at all.

I looked around but there was no sign of him.

Did he trick me?


I clenched my fist getting angry before I heard his voice,

“Oh my gosh!

You’re already here! “He screamed startled on seeing me.

“You asked me to come didn’t you? ”

“Oh… But I’m just coming… I’m sorry if… ”

“Its fine,

You said you wanted to show me something “I reminded and he nodded coming close to me.

“This… “He said nervously holding onto my waist and then began to look into my eyes.

“What? “I asked already counting my heart beat which was now beating much harder than normal.

“I wanted to show you this… “He lowered his face to mine trying to kss me but I pushed him away from me.

What does he think he’s doing?

Same day he kssed Riele and he wants to repeat the same thing to me!

“What are you doing!? “I asked after pushing him away and he smirked.

“I want to kss you”

“Why? ”

“Cuz I like you and you said you like me too”

“Is that why you asked me to come out and see you? ”

I asked rolling my eyes at him and he shook his head.

“No, I wanted you to urm… try dancing ”

“Dancing? You know I can’t even do it anymore”

“Its been long you did that so why not try today? ”

“No, I can’t!

Is that why you called me? “I asked already getting angry,

“The last one might not be of interest to you”he said down hearted,

I was already getting tired of this whole thing.

I can’t believe he made me come out in vain so as to come listen to his endless trash.


I kinda love being with him.

I kinda like it tho,

Seeing his face all over again after five long hours of missing his face is enough for me.

“Say it”I urged him on and he smirked.

“We like each other right? ”

“How? ”

“I mean…. I love you so much and you like me too right? “He asked and I smirked nodding my head.

“Yes so?? ”

“Let’s date then, ”



I smiled before I started off a long lasting laughter looking at him over and over again.

“You want to date me? “I asked looking at him again and his face fell,

“You… ”

“Ofcuz I want to be your girlfriend!!!

Being more than a girlfriend and even going with you to your crazy family and talk some sense into them is what I always wanted to do.

I will be your girlfriend!! “I replied happily and he gasped looking at me with surprised look on his face.

“You want to be my girlfriend? ”

“Yes!! “I nodded and he hugged me so tenderly to himself wrapping his arms around my waist.

“You don’t know how much I’ve dreamt of this moment Riley ”



A sI.ap greeted my face as I stood before my father and Damien.

“What! Father!! ”

“Don’t even speak to me until you explain the meaning of all these videos making news all over the internet”

He shut me up and I scoffed.

“But its true!

I don’t like this jerk!

His sight disgust me so much! ”

“Riele… “Damien called my name but I was too quick to hush him,

“Don’t you dare call my name more than you just did! ”

“Stop treating your husband harshly!! ”

“I won’t father!

If this is why you sent for me saying that you’re sick then I think am done here!! ”

“This is why you needed freedom and a home of your home so you can be messing up like Riley”

“Don’t put her into this old man!

Don’t even try that cuz you and I know what’s wrong with her till today!! ”

“Wrong?? “Damien asked confused,

“Don’t mind her,

She’s gone mad”

“I’m not mad jerkie,

He is after disrupting her two healthy legs ,

He turned them into cabbage ”

I scoffed saying and that’s when a message popped into my phone.

It was from Riley.

?You might’ve kssed him but know it….

She sent a picture with her and Carson kssing with a caption ;

?Loml… Love of my life.

My hand grew shaky immediately and I groaned looking at the picture over and over again.

From the time the picture was posted,

It seemed new and near a restaurant she used to know…


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