FARIDA : Episode 41 – 50



Farida saw less of Sam from the days that followed. She would be asleep by the time he came home. She would just feel his hands on her body. That was the only way he woke her up. It would be difficult to keep up when work began.

The morning she was to resume at her new appointment, Farida got dressed for work and came downstairs. She prepared breakfast for her husband and set the table. He came in at almost 2am that morning. She kept the food in the flask. She had planned to go with a cab or use her father-in-law’s driver to work until she and Sam can work out her movement. As she came out, she saw a new BMW X5 in the driveway with a driver sitting inside. Farida wondered if her father in law had acquired another car. She entered the main house to seek him out so his driver could drop him off.

“Good morning sir” she said as she genuflected.

“I said call me daddy”

‘Good morning daddy”

“I see you are getting used to married life”

“Yes dad. I am going to work. Can your driver drop me off? I will ask Sam to send someone to pick me up”

“That won’t be necessary, your car is in the driveway with your driver. He is conversant with Uyo so he can take you around”

“That BMW is my car?” Farida asked with a surprised look on her face.

“I promised you a car when you agreed to allow your uncle give you away. I bought it for you”

Farida ran to him and gave him a hug. She didn’t just have a car but a brand new BMW X5. She ran upstairs to wake Sam up to share with him. She practically dragged him downstairs as he couldn’t get what she was saying in her excitement. When he saw the car, he was also surprised. His father went all out for Farida. He could see how happy his wife was. He knew she would need a car and he should have gotten one for her but he got carried. He wouldn’t have bought her such an expensive car. It was her first car. His father should have discussed with him. He was upset but didn’t show it.

After Farida left for work. He confronted his father about it.

“Sam, you act like a child. You went to bed without making arrangement for how your wife will get to work this morning. Do you know who you are? You are heading for the House of reps and the fact that you married a Yoruba Muslim lady and treat her like a queen will endear you for higher positions like the position of Vice President. The most important thing is that it should be seen that you are treating her well. What happens at home is between both of you can be different but outside, you should be seen to as the best husband ever. I have done this for you, you need to do the rest. Change her wardrobe, buy her our traditional attires and plenty of jewelry. Yorubas love gold, buy for her. Let her look way better than she looked when she was single”

“But dad, she’s very smart and intelligent. I cannot win an argument with her. She is opinionated and strong willed. She schools me and calls my bluff some times. How do you control a woman like that?”

“Who takes charge in the bedroom?”

“What do you mean?”

“Who takes charge during sex? Who is the one always asking for it? Who squeals while the act is on?”

“I think I am the one”

“Then she is the man”

“How can you say that dad”

“If she is the giver of pleasure not the receiver then she is the man. She is holding you by your balls. That’s why you will be checking your wristwatch while we are having a meeting. Withhold her pleasure and watch what happens. She will crave for it. She will obey your instructions just so you would give it to her”

It sounded like a good idea but Farida didn’t seem like someone who would ask for it. And for now, he didn’t mind having her everyday. He was addicted to sex with her and she doesn’t disappoint. He had to tell Monica secretly and ask her not to tell Farida at all. He was the one craving for her not the other way around. Probably when he is weaned off it, then he will use his father’s method.

Their married life was fun for both of them. Farida was a dutiful wife. She cleaned and cooked all Sam’s meals herself. He had breakfast set for him, lunch packed to be taken to work and dinner was always waiting for him. She selected what he would wear on a daily basis, took his clothes to the dry cleaner, washed his undies with the washing machine, had his shoes thoroughly cleaned and kept. The room was always neat and tidy. It smelt nice too. The bathroom was not left out. Saturdays, she did a spring cleaning of the entire house and also cooking. She did all without assistance.

A month into it she broke down. They thought it was pregnancy but it was stress. She was doing too much work and still attending to Sam’s s*xual demands. She was asked to rest. Farida appealed to Sam to cut down on the frequency of their sexual encounter but instead he got her a maid that would attend to the house chores and help her while cooking so she would have less stress. Farida was against it but he insisted. He also said he didn’t want any pregnancy until their one year anniversary. It was ok with Farida. She wanted to enjoy her husband too. He took very good care of her and she did what she could to appreciate.

Married life separated Farida from her friends. She hardly spoke to Wale and Monica. She initially tried to broker peace between Monica and her dad but Monica refused to speak with him. All the effort came to nought. Monica visited Nigeria often at her mother’s insistence. She was her father’s only daughter so she needed to be rooted in her place. Even though they hardly spoke, Monica came to the village during the Christmas holidays. She stayed in Farida’s apartment during the period. She saw how they lived and envied them. Farida was a good home maker. She also saw her brother would come for Farida whenever she fell asleep in her room. One night she heard them in the room as she was in the sitting area upstairs. It was her brother she could hear. Obviously, he was enjoying himself. When she asked Farida what she did differently she told her it was nothing. Her mother taught her to please a man and now Sam is satisfied. Sam didn’t look at any other woman again. Monica believed there was more but she had no proof.

Wale buried himself in work. He expected Farida to disassociate from him because her husband would force her to. He knew when she needed him she would reach out.

Seeing pictures of them in the papers was not helping matters. Farida and Sam looked so in love. Probably they were wrong about Sam. He may have genuinely loved Farida. She radiated on the pages of the newspaper. And when they looked at each other, it looked like love. He got updates about them from Monica. They had gotten close again and chatted a lot. Wale went back to his former lifestyle. He had casual s*x with ladies. He didn’t take anyone serious. He had girls on speed dial when the need arises and most times, he imagined they were Farida for him to reach a clim@x.

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