DARE TO LEAVE : Episode 1 – 10

Dare To Leave

Episode 1

As early as 5am Lucia woke up to start her day, not because she has a work to get to at 7am but because she had to get things in order for her family

She went to the kitchen and made breakfast alongside lunch, at 6am she woke the kids up and started to get them ready for school

By 10 minutes to 7 her family was seated around the dinning table for breakfast

She served round toast bread and tea. As she was hurrying to meet up with the juice she was blending in the kitchen and serving tea she accidentally spilled the hot water on the table

“Oohhh my gosh”
She turned to her daughter who was the closest to the spillage

“Princess are you OK? Did any of it touch you? ”

Lucia grabbed her daughter’s hand to check

“Ohh God, I’m so tensed “she slumped into a seat…” I’ve been awake since trying to meet up and everything is still messed up ”

“It wouldn’t be if you had just left your maid to be”

Her husband Pascal chipped in and she rolled her eyes at him

“This has nothing to do with that wayward girl”

“She’s suppose to be your help… And reliving you of the stress ”

“I don’t need anyone to help me run my family ”

“I thought as much, so quit ranting and let us have breakfast in peace ”

She heard the blender machine peep louder and jumped up and ran into the kitchen

Twenty minutes later, the kids were ready for school and her husband was on his way out

“Honey I just remembered something, I have to pay the electricity bills this morning and I still have to get ready for shop can you please drop the kids off at school ”


“I need you to help me drop the kids off at school ”

“Since when?”

“Just for today…. I just have to go and pay the electricity bill and you know how busy the bank would be this morning….. So I want to go on time…. So I can also go to the store on time ”

“I remember vividly that I told you that you are on your own with the kids’ transport… Since you canceled their school ride for no reason ”

“I know…. I remember, and I didn’t cancel it for no reason I just didn’t feel comfortable with those people ”

“What people… You act like you have no flaws and you treat others like trash……. No one is good enough for you……. The kids are not the only one in that bus Lucia, so when you decided you didn’t need their services anymore… You should have geared yourself up to carry all the responsibilities on your own”

“Pascal…… I know what I’m doing, can we please not argue about this, this early…. It just this one time.. I promise I won’t bug you anymore ”

“And I refuse to make this any easy for you….. Have fun doing everything yourself ”

Pascal k!ssed the kids goodbye and walked out of the house
Lucia sighed… As she watched him walk out of the house


“…. Did you remember to take the crayons I left on the dinning table, Brian ”

“Yes mommy ”

“How about your sister’s tracing book”

“…….. ”

“Brian….. can’t you talk ”
Lucia looked through the gear mirror to see her son’s reaction in the backseat of the car..

“Brian.. ”

“I forgot it… Mom ”

“What!!.. You forgot ur sister’s tracing book…. God what do I do with you, how many times did I remind you to put the book in her bag…. Now I have to go back for it and we are already running late ……. Oh my goodness…… I have a lot to do today and this is not helping ”

As she traficate to make a U. Turn, princess started banging on the window

“Princess, stop doing that… I’m trying to concentrate ”

“Mommy it’s… Daddy ” Brian chirped in happily pointing at the other side of the street ”

“Daddy . “Princess giggled

“Your dad ”

Lucia Looked towards the direction her kids were staring at, to see Pascal hopping down from his car to check his trunk and then a lady approached him
A lady….

Lucia was literally in flames, she pulled over quickly, hopped down and hurried towards him

“Pascal…. ”

“Heyyyy… Lucia, what are you doing here ”

“I should be asking you the same.. I thought you were on your way to work ”

“I am… I had car issues so I was trying to fix it”

“Really and who is this ”
She rolled her eyes angrily at the tall slim hipsy lady standing next to the car

“Ohhh this is uhhhm…. Jenny, Jenny this is my wife ”

“Ohh it’s nice to meet you madam ”

Jenny streched her hand out for an handshake but Lucia glared disgustingly at it and turn back to her husband

“So what does she want ”

“Uhhm I’m giving Jenny a ride to her office, it’s just a few blocks away from mine… Is there a problem… With that? ”

“No…. No problem at all”
She smack her lips together

“So is the car OK now ”

“Yeah… It just the oil level ”

“So I’m sure you won’t have any problems dropping the kids off at their school too, Since you have become the help of the society, why not just drop your own kids at school too”

“I would if it was on the same route as my office ”

“Then make it the same route ”

“I’m already running late”

“And so are the kids, they won’t punish you for late coming at your office but they would spank the kids when they arrive late to school…… I have to get princess tracing book and I don’t want to delay them ”

She hurried quickly to transfer the kids from her car to her husband’s..

“What the hell do you think you are doing.. ”
Pascal whispered gently into Lucia ears

“Why don’t you ask yourself that question ”
She whispered back then she jammed both hands together

“You drive safely I will see you all later”
She moved closer to Pascal and pressed her lips against his cheeks.

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