FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20

By Succie

Chapter 11

“Jesse I got you…..” Violet stops in shock when she sees the position, both Jesse and Sharon were in.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20

“Jesse..” she calls her name, and Jesse quickly looks at her.

“Oh Violet you are here”. He said with a smile, and Sharon quickly stood up to her feet. Violet looks at Sharon and then to Jesse.

“What going on here”. She asked getting so impatient, and she wanted to hit Sharon so badly for touching her Jesse, but Jesse was the only reason she was holding back.

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“Nothing much Violet, Sharon was just helping me untie my bandage, but I guess she couldn’t”. Jesse said and chuckles with a smile.

Violet looks at Sharon with anger, and to Jesse she smiles at him.

“What do you expect from rich kids like them, they don’t know anything else but to spend money, am going to help you untie it”. Violet said and intentionally pushed Sharon but Makes it look like a mistake.

“Oopps, am so sorry Sharon”.

“Is fine Violet”. Sharon said with a smile, and that smile irritated Violet so much, but she keeps holding back her anger.

“Now that am here, you should leave Sharon”. Violet said, and Jesse looks at her.

“But I….” Sharon tries to say something, but Violet immediately interrupted her.

“But what Sharon, is not like there is something you can do here, you can’t even untie Jesse’s bandage, so there is no use for you been here.

You should leave, you and your rich father have done enough”. Violet said.

Sharon bits her lips and said. “Okay Violet I will take my leave now”.

“Then go ahead now, the door is already wide open”. Violet said again, and Sharon nods and leaves.

Jesse sighs and looks at her. “Why were you so mean to her Violet”.

Violet scoffs and said. “Me, being me, common Jesse, you know how mean I can be, what I did a while ago wasn’t called mean.

I was just saying the truth, and beside why does she still come here Jesse”. Violet said trying to hide her anger.

“There is nothing wrong with that Violet, she just wants to make up for everything.

She is a nice girl, and you don’t have to use it to your advantage, because you know she is quite”.

“Really now Jesse!!!!!!, Why do I feel like you weren’t happy that I asked her to leave” and Violet yells.

“And why are you getting angry Violet, if you are just going to yell at me, I think you should leave too”.

Jesse lays on the bed facing the other side, said and Violet looks at him with unbelievable eyes.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20


Millet enters Sharon’s room, and was surprised to see her sitting in her bed.

“Sharon you were at home, I thought you went to visit Jesse in the hospital”.

“Yes I did, but I was sent out by his girlfriend”.

“His girlfriend,,,,,,you mean Violet”

“Yes Millet, I don’t know why she is always so angry anytime she sees me Millet, is not as if I have done something bad to her”.

“Or maybe she is feeling insecure”.

“And why we she even feel insecured, Jesse is her boyfriend and am nothing to him,,,, and he didn’t even say anything when she asked me to leave.

Come to think of it, why will he even say anything when the girl he loves is Violet”.

“So what are you going to do now”.

“I have already done my part, thank God he is alive and will soon be discharged from the hospital, so I have no reason to be there anymore.

I don’t want Violet to start a world war 111, with me, I don’t want her to find a reason to think that am trying to steal her boyfriend from her”. Sharon said.

“Are you sure about this,,,,,you Will no longer visit him in the hospital”. Millet asked and Sharon nods with a sad face.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20


Violet hits her table in anger, and Nikky was shocked of her reaction.

“That Sharon girl is so getting on my nerves, I wish I can kill her Right now”. Violet yells.

“Relax girl, what did she do this time, wasn’t she the same girl who hit Jesse with her car”.

“That the same girl Nikky, do you know Jesse got angry with me because of her,,,she is trying to steal my Jesse from me”.

“But Violet you don’t own Jesse, he is not even your boyfriend, you are just his best friend”.

“Will you just shut up Nikky,,,,,, didn’t I tell you Jesse likes me, but he can’t tell me yet”.

“So if you are so such he likes you, then why are you feeling insecured and getting mad at that innocent girl”.

“Because she is rich Nikky,,,and those rich people always want to get everything leaving we poor people with nothing.

If she thinks she can come between me and Jesse then she is wrong, she is going to know the reason why am called Violet”. Violet said looking angry.

“Just calm done Violet, may be you have forgotten that she is the only daughter of a Don, if you do anything to her you are dead,,,,,,,

If you are so confident that Jesse likes you, there is nothing that is going to make you feel insecured, not even that Sharon of a girl”. Nikky said and Violet looks at her.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20


Joanna runs so fast towards the bus station, and discovers that the last bus has already gone.

“Oh no,,,,am so late for audition, what am going to do now, how could you wake up so late Joanna”. Joanna said scattering her hair.

“I guess I will have to take a cab, I can’t miss this audition”. Joanna said and quickly stops a cab, who stopped at the other side of the road.

She was about crossing the road, when a car almost ran into her, but the owner of the car quickly held his break, and Joanna falls to the floor giving out a shout.

A young boy of 17 came down from the car with an angry face.”hey are you blind!!!!” He half yells.

Joanna got up to her feet and walks up to him in anger. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that, you almost ran over me, and yet you put the blame on, what wrong with all this rich people”.

“You are at fault here Ms, not me, didn’t you see the traffic sigh, it was for cars to move, not for peadetrains to walk”. The boy fired back.

Joanna laugh iratically and said. “So is now my fault, when you saw me you should have waited for me to pass instead of driving, you rich people are so unbelievable, you have no sense of reasoning”. Joanna yells at him.

Mean while, the cab she stopped earlier got angry and drove off.

“You poor people are the ones who are sick in the head, you just want the rich to hit you with their car, so you can bill the rich”.

“Ohhhh,,,,, is that what you rich people think of us, then am going to show you what poor people like me are capable of doing”. Joanna said and sits on the floor and to the surprised of the boy, Joanna started shouting and wailing.

“It hurts,,,,,,it hurts so much, I feel am not going to walk anymore, ahhhhhhhhhhhmuuuuuu, ,,,,,,,,,,it hurts so badly”.

The boy looks at her and scoffs. “You just show to me that you poor people are not only sick in the head, but ¢razy too”.he said and enters his car and drove off.

Joanna stands to her feet and yells. “Hey come back, you jerk!!!!”. She hits her foot on the floor in anger, and looks around.

“Where is the cab I called earlier”she asked no one in particular, and it was then she discovered the cab man has long gone, she hits her in anger.

“Dmmmn!!!!!!”. And she took to her heels running towards the audition center.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 11 – 20

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