FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

By Succie

Chapter 21

Joanna was still in shock as her lips were still on Liam’s lips, Liam blinks his eyes twice, and pushed Joanna off from him, and it was then that Joanna came back to her senses.

“Hey!!!!!, Are you nut, why did you kss me”. Liam yells cleaning his mouth with his hand.

“What!!!!!!!, I kss, I didn’t, you did”. Joanna yells.

“You fell ontop of me on purpose right, so you can kiss me, you act as if you hate me but the real truth is that you have a crush on me”.

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“What crush, who is having a crush on who, do you think I like you, guys like you are the ones I hate most in this world”. Joanna yells.

“Oh really,,,or may be you are just saying the opposite of what you mean”.

Joanna scoffs and said. “And why will you even think that, girls in your class may go crazy over you, but I don’t, when I say I hate you, I mean it, you are so annoying, don’t you ever show that small face of yours to be ever again, you want the book so badly here you go”. Joanna said and threw the book at his face and storm out of the library, and Liam remain quiet touching his lips

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

Joanna stops halfway while walking, and when she remembers how her lips came in contact with Liam’s lips, she scatters her hair.

“Eish,,,, Joanna why did your lip have to touch that boy’s lips, I should have just given him the book, if I have, I won’t have my first kss with that arrogant boy”. Joanna said still scattering her hair.

“Are you going mad, why do you keep scattering your hair”. Anna asked looking at her.

“I think I am,,thanks to your cousin”.

“Come-on Joanna, don’t tell me you both argued again, why are you both always behaving like cat and rat”.

“Can you blame, your cousin is so annoying”.

“Joanna just try to know Liam, he is not as as arrogant as he looks, he is soft hearted”.

“Huh,,,,,you called that cousin of yours soft hearted, I wish I can just kill him Anna”. Joanna said in anger.

“Joanna, Liam is not what you think he is, he has gone through a lot, do you know he was only 3 years old when his dad and mom got divorce, and his mom forcefully took him, she later got remarried.

But her new husband didn’t want Liam around, so his mom kicked him out of the house herself, and Liam started living on his own when he was only 7 years old.

My mom couldn’t take him in because he was staying in France, since his mom got married to a Frenchman.

His mom only sees him during the weekend, or sometimes she doesn’t visit at all.

So Liam grew up alone learning to be independent, and not caring about others.

He acts so strong but deep down him he is hurting so badly, because both his parents never wanted him around, all they do is send him lots of money, but they were never be there for him.

I couldn’t bare to see him always being alone, that’s why I suggested he comes back home to Korea, atlest I always get to keep him company.

Now Joanna, do you now understand why Liam is like that”. Anna asked.

Joanna looks at her and nods.

“Do you want to know the reason why I wanted you both to become friends, is for you to pull him out of his sad shell”.

“What make you think I can be able to help him”. Joanna asked in a low tone.

“Because you are way more jovial than him Joanna, and someone like you, is who Liam needs, will you be able to help him, let go of the hatred for him, and be friends with him Joanna, please”. Anna said with a pleading eyes, and Joanna looks at Anna as she gulps down nothing.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30
Jesse enters their little sitting room and sees his mom jointing down something.

“Mom”. He calls and Janet looks at him.

“Jesse, you are still at home I thought you are already in Sharon mansion”.

“Is still morning Mom, so I still have time, I have something to ask you mom”.

“What could that be son”. Janet asked looking at him.

Jesse sighs and sits in one of the sofa close to his mom.

“Mom, when did you discover you love my dad”. Jesse asked, and Violet who was about to enter the house stop on her track immediately she held what Jesse asked his mom.

“Why do you ask son”.

“I just want to know mom, but is okay if you don’t want to talk about him since that j.erk hurt you before”.

“Is okay son, is already in the past anyway,,, well the feeling came to me at once Jesse, I find myself always thinking about him.

I always want to be with him, and I always feel safe anytime he is with me.

I feel happy when he is happy and I feel sad when he is sad, and I always want to make him smile”. Janet said and Jesse smiles.

“You must have loved him back then right”.

“Yes I did, he was my first love back then in high school, he was the heart throb of the school, he was so very handsome Jesse, I guess that were you got your looks from.”

Jesse smiles and said. “But he was a je.rk for hurting you mom”.

“Yes he is, but is a good thing he is not part of our lives now who knows you might have turn out to be a Casanova like him”.

“He was a Casanova??”

“Yes he was Jesse, since he got the looks and money, girls chase after him, just like how girls chased after you Jesse, but am glad you are different Jesse, you don’t sleep or mess around with these crazy girls who chase after you”. Janet said and Jesse smiles.

“So back to the present, who is the girl who stole my son’s precious heart”. Janet asked smiling and Violet ears stands, eager to hear who Jesse was talking about.

Jesse smiles and said. “You already know her mom”.

“I do”. Janet asked raising her eyebrows.

“Yes you do, and you already like her alot like a daughter”. Jesse said, and a huge smile appears on Violet’s face.

“Wow,,,,so are you going to tell her how you feel”.

“Am not sure if I can mom”.

“And why not Jesse, are you shy to tell her you love her”. Janet asked.

“No mom, is just that I don’t want to get hurt”.

“Hurt,,,,,,how son”.

“What if she doesn’t love me back, I don’t want to get rejected”.

Janet smiles and said. “There is no harm in trying Jesse, and besides there is no girl who is going to turn you down, have you look at yourself in the mirror, you are Every girls dream man, so cute and handsome”. Janet said smiling, Jesse chuckles with a smile, and Violet also smiles from where she was hiding.

“So do you think is okay if I tell her how I feel”.

“Of course Jesse, just let the cat out of the bag else you want her to be taken by someone else”.

“No mom, I don’t want that, is going to be the end of me”.

Janet chuckles with a smile and asked. “Do you really love her that much”.

“I have always do mom, is just it took me a while to conclude what I feel for her”.

“So you are going to tell her how you feel”.

“Yes mom, I just hope she feels the same way”. Jesse said, Violet smiles and quickly leaves the house.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

“What!, Jesse is going to confessed his feelings for you”. Nikky asked after Violet told her.

“Yes Nikky I heard loud and clearly, am the only girl his mom knows and considers a daughter right, Jesse really love me, I was right about it all this while”. Violet said smiling.

“Am so happy for you Violet, finally your love story is about to begin”.

“I know right,,,,am sure he is going to confess his love for me today, so can you borrow me some clothes and makes ups”.

“Why Violet”.

“Are you seriously asking me that Nikky, I have to look good today, I don’t have those sexy clothes you have or make-up, that what am asking you to lend me some”.

“Fine, someone is so excited to be Jesse’s girlfriend”. Nikky tease and Violet laughs looking so happy.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

Sharon came downstairs and sees Jesse waiting for her, she smiles and walks up to him.

“Jesse”. She calls, and Jesse turns to her, and he couldn’t stop staring at her, admiring her beauty.

“Is there something on my face”.

“Huh”. Jesse ulter coming back to his senses.

“You keep staring at me, so I was wondering if there was something on my face”.

“Nothing Sharon, am sorry, I just lost control”.

“Huh,,,, control of what”.

Jesse bits his lips and cause himself inwardly for being a coward. “Is nothing Sharon, am sorry”.

“You keep saying sorry is everything okay with you”. Sharon asked wondering why he was acting so indifferently today.

Jesse bits his lips again, not knowing what to say. “Do you want to go out”. Jesse finally said trying to change the topic.

“Where”. Sharon with a smile.

“On a date”.

“On a date”. Sharon asked looking at him.

“Yes Sharon,,,, will you go on a date with me”. Jesse asked looking at Sharon.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

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