FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

By Succie.

Chapter 31

Jesse after a few minutes stop crying, and Sharon holds his hand, patting his shoulder gently.

“Are you okay now Jesse”.

“I think I am, thanks Sharon”.

“Is nothing Jesse, am happy I was the first person you call, but Jesse don’t you think you should hear your mother’s side of the story”.

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“And why should I Sharon, she lied to me”.

“I know she did, and it wasn’t right for her to do that, but am sure she has her reasons why she did that, she won’t lie to you without a reason Jesse, and you should give her a chance to explain everything”. Sharon said and Jesse looks at her.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40


Janet keeps walking back and front inside the house crying, and Joanna who enters the house was surprised to see her crying.

“What wrong mom, why are you crying”.

“Joanna have you seen Jesse”.

“No mom, I just came from practice, why mom is everything okay”. Joanna asked.

And Janet sits in the sofa crying.

“Is all my fault, is all my fault, I shouldn’t have lie to him in the first place, is all my fault”.

“What going on mom, and why are you blaming yourself, where is Jesse”. Joanna asked looking confused.

Janet looks at Joanna with tears in her eyes. “Jesse already knows his dad is alive”.

“What!!, Jesse’s dad is still alive, but I thought you said he died in a plane crash way before he was born”. Joanna asked looking more confused.

“I lied to him, his dad never died, I didn’t want him to keep asking about his mon$ter of a dad, that why I lied to him Joanna, how would I know that he was going to come back to our lives again after what he did”. Joanna said crying.

Jesse enters the house quietly with Sharon and sees his mom crying, and Sharon urged him to go talk to her.

“Mom”. He calls and Janet looks up and sees Jesse, and she quickly went to hug him crying.

“Am so sorry Jesse, am sorry I lie to you, please forgive me, don’t leave me”. Janet said in tears still hugging Jesse.

Jesse disengage the hug and looks at his mom.

“Mom, if you want me to forgive you, I want you to tell me the whole truth, and why you had to lie that my dad was dead.”

And Janet nods her head in tears.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

“I was just 16 years old, when I fell in love with your dad”. Janet began cleaning her tears.

“He was first love Jesse, I loved him so much back then, that I couldn’t hold it in anymore, so I confessed my feelings to him, despite knowing he was a big time flirt.

And he said he loves me too after I confessed to him, but he never did.

I was so blinded by my love for him, that I couldn’t even think straight, I gave him everything he wanted including my body.

Then when I got pregnant, he denied knowing me and also said he wasn’t respondsible for the child in my womb and that was you.

I begged him a million times not to abandon me, that he should accept you and I, but he said he wouldn’t ever accept me nor you Jesse, and before I knew what was happening he got engaged, and I was left alone.

I had no parents then, and my aunt kicked me out of the house when she discovered I was pregnant.

I roamed around the street Jesse, trying to find shelter for the both of us, I didn’t want to get rid of you, because I already loved you so much while you were still in my womb

I suffered so much, until I met Joanna’s dad, he took me in, and said he was going to take care of you and me.

At first he showed me nothing but love and care, but when I became pregnant for Joanna he became a mon$ter overnight, he hits me for little or no reason.

You weren’t aware of that, because I tried so hard in hiding everything from you because you were only 7 years old.

So one-day I couldn’t take it anymore so I ran away with you and while I was still pregnant with Joanna.

Am so sorry son if I lied to you about your dad, I didn’t want you to know about his existence because he was the main reason for all my sufferings and I didn’t want you to know a mon$ter like him, am so sorry Jesse”. Janet said crying.

Jesse quickly cleans the tears in his eyes and hugs his mom.

“That enough mom, am sorry too, I shouldn’t have left like that, am sorry mom, he is a mon$ter for doing all that to you, I swear to you mom, am never going to accept as my dad”. Jesse said between tears, hugging his mom.

While Sharon and Joanna tries to blink back their tears.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

“Thanks Sharon for convincing me to come home, if you haven’t, I won’t have known the real reason why mom lied to me, my dad is a big time je.rk, how could he have done that to my mom, and comes back after so many years to ask for the child he once rejected, he is really a monster”. Jesse said with an angry face, as both were outside the house.

“Am Happy you know the whole truth now Jesse, and that your father is still alive”.

“He is not my father Sharon, I don’t have a dad, just like my mom said, he died in a plane crash way before I was born, he might be living and breathing, but to me, that monster is long dead, I wish I can pun¢h him so hard for everything he made my mom go through Sharon”. Jesse said fumming me in anger.

And Sharon hugs him . “That enough Jesse, don’t let him get to you, he is not worth it okay”. Sharon said still hugging him, and slowly Jesse calms down and hugs her back.

Violet sees the both of them hugging from a distance and she was in so much anger.

“How could you forget me so soon just because of Sharon, is she now more important to you now, don’t worry Jesse, I swear to you, am going to make sure that you and Sharon’s love story won’t last, you should be mind and mind alone”. Violet said looking angry as tears falls down her eyes.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

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