THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 11 – 20

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 11 – 20


“Why are you so upset about her sleeping around when all you wanted was sx in the first place? Were you looking for a relationship with a vrgin?” Ken asked in confusion when Pete kept glaring at him angrily.

“That I wasn’t looking for a relationship with a vrgin doesn’t mean I’m interested in being the topic of discussion on different breakfast tables all over Lagos this morning! Even my own mother heard of it already. What were you thinking taking me to that godforsaken club and hooking me up with someone like her for crying out loud?” Pete snapped at Ken angrily, making him raise both hands in surrender.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 11 – 20.

“Fine! I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Maybe I didn’t think things were going to go this far… Or maybe I just felt you wouldn’t care about all of that. I was wrong.” Ken finally admitted making Pete sigh wearily.

“Yes you were very wrong!” Pete hissed angrily.

“But how did mumcy find out about it? Did Bel.. Ella tell her?” Ken remembered to call her Ella before Pete since he didn’t want to start explaining why or how he had given Ella a separate name from the one every other person was calling her.

“Ella didn’t get the chance to tell her, since Ella came running here to hear from me first. Apparently mumcy knows everything that goes on in Lagos, especially with her children.” Pete said as he rubbed his eyes with both hands. It was barely One in the afternoon, yet he felt like it was more than twenty-four hours already since he left Kim’s house.

“But you had fun last night, admit it! When last did you get laid?” Ken asked making Pete glare at him, while Ella hissed as she walked into the living room.

“I thought you said you were giving us privacy?” Pete asked when Ella walked past him to pick up her purse and car keys from the couch.

“Just came in to pick my car keys, I’m going out with Kathleen and Amanda…”

“Why? Where are you taking them to?” Pete asked curiously.

“You do realize that she lost her clothes in the fire and would need new clothes, right? I’ll be taking them to my house so she can pick some clothes, will be back soon, and hopefully your friend would have left by then.” Having said that Ella walked away without sparing Ken another glance.

“What’s up between you and Ella?” Pete asked, since he noticed that Ken had remained quiet the whole time Ella was talking. He remembered the way they used to banter and tease each other years back before he left the country, so what had changed?

“Does it look like anything is up? She is doing her thing, and I’m doing mine.” Ken said with a dismissive shrug when he noticed the way Pete kept looking at him suspiciously. He still didn’t know what he had been thinking that night with Ella… He had crossed a line he never should have crossed, and that was against the bro code of conduct. Pete would be very mad at him if he knew he had laid his sister.

“So what was that about the caretaker living here?” Ken asked to change the subject.

“There was a fire outbreak at her house while she was babysitting Amanda last night, and she has no where else to go so I offered her my boys quarter…. What? Why are you smiling like that?” Pete asked with a frown when Ken kept grinning.

“That’s how it starts you know? I won’t be surprised to see her coming out of your bedroom in the nearest future.” Ken teased.

“What’s wrong with all of you? How can you think I’ll get involved with someone as churchy as she is? She isn’t even my type. You won’t believe she was dedicating my house to God a while ago.” Pete said with a shake of his head.

“Churchy girls are badder o! That was how I met one girl in church, she was even a chorister. When she handled me in bed ehn! Believe me, I almost cummed air.” Ken said with a chuckle, reminding Pete of his experience with Kimberly the previous night.

“Do you have any idea why Kim turned out that way?” Pete asked out of the blues, taking Ken by surprise.

“Is there a reason people like sx? Isn’t it just like alcohol or marijuana addiction?” Ken asked sounding indifferent about it.

“I suppose so. It must be embarassing for her to be known for something so immoral. I was supposed to have lunch with her, but at this rate, I’m not sure I want to be seen with her in public anymore. I’m glad she doesn’t have my phone number… What?” He asked when Ken winced.

“She does have your number… I gave it to her last night just before you arrived at the club. I’m sorry.” Ken said apologetically.

“You’re awfully apologizing for too many things today, don’t you think?” Pete asked, his disappointment obvious in his tone.

“Yeah. But you don’t have to take her call or meet with her if you don’t want to. I’m sure she isn’t going to mind since she likes sleeping around and must be used to men avoiding her by now. So just chill.” Ken said with confidence.

As though to shame him, Kimberly chose that very moment to call, and because Pete didn’t have her number saved on his phone, he took the call immediately, “Pete Howells on the line…”

“It’s past noon already, when am I seeing you?” Kimberly asked, making Pete look at Ken in alarm. Ken quickly understood the ‘Save my soul’ look in Pete’s eye and shook his head for Pete to disconnect the call.

Pete placed the phone on loudspeaker so Ken could hear what she was saying, “I’m with Ken, I hope you don’t mind hanging out together?” He asked, making Ken scowl at him.

“Oh! I thought it was a lunch date? Three is crowd, you know?” She asked, sounding clearly displeased at the prospect of someone else joining them.

Pete coughed at that, “Lunch date? No. It’s just friends hanging out together. The more the merrier.” Pete said, making Kim roll her eyes.

“Whatever. Where am I meeting you guys then?” She asked making Pete look to Ken for help.

“The mall.” Ken whispered back.

“Let’s meet at the mall in Ikeja… Maybe we could see a movie and hang out then.” Pete said before disconnecting the call.

“What’s your plan? Why do you want to meet with her again?”

“Since I don’t have the heart to treat her like every one else, the plan is to bore her to death. Girls like Kimberly likes bad boys who loves to have fun, so when she sees I’m not her type she will leave me alone.” Pete said confidently.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 11 – 20

“So… Where are you from?” Ella asked Kathleen after a while, when the car was becoming too quiet for her liking.

“Delta state”

“Really? You don’t look or act like it. I have a couple of friends from there, they’re always so loud and funny.” Ella said with a grin as she turned to spare Kathleen a glance.

“I suppose it’s a general opinion that every one from Delta state is supposed to be loud and funny? It’s not your fault, it’s the comedians I blame, always cracking jokes about Warri, thus making Deltans feel they owe it to the world to be funny.” Kathleen said dryly making Ella giggle.

“Come on, don’t take it personal.”

“You seem cool though. I thought rich people like you are always full of yourself.” Kathleen said honestly, “Please do you mind if I wind down the window? I really don’t care about the AC much. It feels like trapped air.” Kathleen explained.

“Sure. Feel free to wind down if it’ll make you feel more comfortable.” Ella said before looking at Amanda through the rearview mirror, “Mandy you’ve been so quiet, are you okay back there?”

“Yes aunty, I’m just busy with my phone.” Amanda called out distractedly.

“These oyibo children sef.” Ella said with a sigh making Kathleen giggle.

“You really don’t sound like an ajebutter (rich spoilt kid) sha.” Kathleen observed.

“That’s what everyone keeps saying. Maybe it’s because I don’t hang out much with people from similar background. It annoys my mom to no end.” Ella said with an amused laughter.

Kathleen let go of her reservations and relaxed further the more she conversed with Ella, “I need to confess and apologize for something.”

“What is that?” Ella asked curiously.

“You know, when I saw you get out of your car, and your dressing, I kind of assumed you were one of those ‘Small girls with big God’ (Rich girls who have sx with wealthy older men in order to afford a grand lifestyle) And I thought you were the one that spent the night with him.” Before Kat could finish speaking Ella was laughing uncontrollably.

“Small girl with big God ke! Not everyone that dresses this way is like that, you know? And not everyone that dresses decently like you is good either. I actually have friends who are vrgins yet dress worse than I do…”

“Aunty what is vrgin?” Amanda asked from the backseat.

“I thought you were busy with your phone?” Kathleen asked, turning in her seat to look at Amanda who was looking at them with rapt attention.

“I was, but not anymore.” Amanda said with a shrug. Their discussion sounded more interesting than whatever she was busy with.

“You are her caretaker abi? You have a lot of work to do on her since my brother seems not to be paying attention to her character in relation to our Yoruba culture.” Ella said, before it suddenly occured to her that Kathleen had just said something important.

“Hold on, did he bring that girl home? How did you know he spent the night with someone?” She asked curiously.

“I overheard him on the phone.”

“Oh! I see. You look like an half-caste though. Are either of your parents from a foreign country?” Ella asked curiously.

“No. They’re both from Delta state.”

“You’re really pretty. So apart from this babysitting job what else do you do?” Ella asked curiously. Maybe if she didn’t have another job she could employ her to work for her.

“She works for daddy.” Amanda chipped in.

“You do? You work at my father’s company? Why then are you working as Amanda’s caretaker?” Ella asked with new interest now. It was beginning to add up. How else could Pete have found such a pretty and well educated babysitter?

“I need the extra money. I’m the first child and I have four younger siblings I need to cater for.” Kathleen explained, “This stays between us both right? Your brother doesn’t need to know anything I tell you.” She asked.

“I think you should be directing that to Amanda not me. We aren’t just two in the car after all.” Ella reminded her.

Kathleen turned to look at Amanda, “You can’t tell your dad about anything we discuss, friends don’t snitch on each other.”

“We are really friends?” Amanda asked with an eager smile.

“Yes. So you have to keep my secrets secret, and I will keep yours too if you have any.” Kathleen added.

“Okay then. I promise to keep your secret. I cross my heart.” Amanda said, raising both hands to her chest in a cross sign.

“We are here.” Ella announced as she drove into an estate and parked the car in front of a really pretty flat.

“Why don’t you all live together? Like your house isn’t all that far from your brother’s place and he has so many empty rooms, so why don’t you live with him instead of paying the rent?” Kathleen asked as they all got out of the car and headed for Ella’s apartment.

“We all need our privacy, besides we aren’t paying for the houses. They’re all dad’s properties.” Ella explained as she pressed the doorbell button and waited for her househelp to open the door.

A beautiful light skinned young girl, who looked like she was in a late teenage years hurried outside, “Welcome aunty.” She greeted politely as she quickly opened the gate.

“Angela, meet my friend Kathleen. Kat, this is Angela my househelp.” Ella said as they took off their foot wears and walked into the house.

If Kathleen had forgotten for a brief moment that Ella was way out of her class, she was just reminded again now. Looking around Ella’s little mansion, decorated with the best of furnitures and designs she could tell that Ella was doing well for herself.

“Welcome aunty Kat, what can I offer you?” Angela asked with a polite smile.

Kathleen looked Angela over and couldn’t help noticing how well taken care of she looked. She was even wearing a human hair. House girl? Human hair? This was definitely not your regular ‘Ekaete’ (Housegirl) She mused. “A glass of water will do, thanks.” Kathleen said before turning to look at Ella.

“Have you had something to eat? I could get you something to eat while you check out the clothes.” Ella offered.

Everytime she assumed she had figured out Ella’s nature, Ella seemed to show her something else, “I’m okay ma’am. Thanks ma’am.” Kathleen said, making Ella roll her eyes.

“What is with the ma’am all of a sudden? Abeg drop your bag and come with me jare. Do you call your friends ma’am? Abi you’re looking for my mouth?” Ella asked looking slightly annoyed with her as she led the way to her bedroom.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 11 – 20

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