FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 21 – 30


?Village Girl?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode 21?

?Authoress Khalee ?

Tiwa’s family couldn’t stop crying since Mr Philips called that she was missing. Only her father wasn’t crying but he kept stamping his feet.

He leaned back in his chair and took rub. He massaged his temple then to the bald on his head. His lips were tight pressing against eachother.

Her mother was shaking like a leaf. Salty warm tears streamed down her pale cheeks only stopping when they reached her swollen dry lips. She kept using her wrapper to clean her face. Her legs shook fiercely like a bowlful of gooey jelly.

Olamide (Tiwa’s immediate brother) pursued his lips and clenched his fist into tight balls. Try as he might, he could not contain himself. Within seconds he erupted like erupted volcano.

“Listen mom and dad…. You two must look for my sister! Wherever she is! You must bring her back!! I dont care! “. Olamide(Tiwa’s immediate brother) yelled at his parent angrily.

“Calm down brother Ola, please”. Ayomide(the youngest) begged and tried to hold Ola’s hand but he yank it off immediately.

“Am not calming down at all! They forced her! She never wanted the marriage. Lots of time, she called me crying over the phone. The last picture she sent, she was looking so lean”. Ola added as rage marched down his spine like an army of fire ants.

“Olamide, calm down please. It all for us. We did it for us”. His mother said still shaking.

“Oh please, just hold it! For who? Did I hear you say us? You and Dad know that’s nothing but lies”. Olamide said with clenched teeth.

“That’s not true bro, it all for us. Try to understand”. Ayomide said.

“Just shut up!! You’re a kid. You dont understand a thing. They sold my sister out. They exchanged her with money against her will! “.

“Keep quiet you fool! You know nothing at all”. His father who has been quiet the whole time yelled at his son and stormed out of the room.

“Of course I understand everything! You sold her to get a better life! “. Olamide yelled after him before turning to his mother. “And you mom.. Are you happy now? You have a big provision shop, we now wear good clothes, eat good food and live in a big house. Thats what you wanted, am sure you’ve gained all. Am so disappointed in you, mother.

How could you sell your first child?! She’s the only female child you have. Despite how she served you then. She has never disobeyed you, very handworking. This how you repaid her. You’re a disgrace!!

I swear if you guys dont provide my sister. Then just have it mind, that you’ve lost two children because am not staying here anymore!! “. With that he stormed out of the room slamming the door close.

His mother was gobsmacked. Her mouth was wide open in disbelieve. It was very surprising to see Olamide that way. He’s a very responsible child and hardly talk. But he just yelled and talked back at his parent.

?Mr Philips Residence?

“Listen to me, Alex. You must look for that girl! You must bring her back!”. Mr Philips fumed.

“And where do you expect me to go look for her?!”

“I dont know and I dont care where you go. All that matters right now is that you should bring her back! “.

“The police are working on it. Not like am a police or a detective”.

“You won’t even dare, not look for her. Dont dare me further, Alex! Look for that girl!”.

“Am sorry but there is nothing I can do”.

“Alex, you were never like this. What has Nora done to you?! “. Mrs Philips asked as she climbed down the stairs and came into the sitting room.

Alex was surprised. “Mom, you’ve always supported Nora. Why are you now saying this? Or has Tiwa bewitched you too?”.

“If there is anybody that has been bewitched, then it definitely you and not me. Tiwa has done nothing. That girl is a very good girl, a wife million yard. Have realized that, this past few days. Were you not there when that stupid girl insulted me?!! “.

“Oh mom please, dont bring my wife into this again. Stop saying craps about her”.

“She’s not your wife! The only wife is Tiwa and only her! “. Mrs Philips yelled surprising both Alex and Mr Philips who stood gobsmacked.

“You can sat whatever you want. All I know is, Nora is my wife! And like I said Mr Philips, Am not looking for anybody. I only came here because mom called, dont ever call me on any craps again! My son has been ill for days now “.

“Oh! That sickler of yours? “. Mrs Philips chuckled. Alex was shocked at his mother’s remark. “Who knows whether he’s yours, anyways”. She added annoying Alex the more.

“He’s my son! “. Alex yelled angrily.

A tear rolled down Mr Philips cheek. Alex and Mrs Philips were shocked. Alex had never seen his father cry.

“Do you love Tiwa that much? “. Alex asked still in shock.

“Her father saved my life twice in the forest when we were both in the village. I tried bringing him to the city when I became rich but he turned me down.Even all the helps I offered.

I asked what he want and he told me, the only thing I could give in return, Is one of our children to get married so our bond will become stronger. That’s what he always wanted when we were both young.

You are the only child I have and that why I got you two married. Look at me now, I can’t find his daughter again. Please Alex, look for this girl”. Mr Philips cried. Leaving them gobsmacked.

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