S.I.M.S Episode 21


©?Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I had seen Gabriel with his mother one Sunday Afternoon after service. He was looking dashing… Nice haircut, well ironed outfit and good looking.

I made some findings and found out he was the only son of the Beecrofts’ who had returned from studying abroad.

My brain went to work and I knew this was payback time for Mrs Beecroft.
I had gotten home that Sunday and searched online for him. I opened a fake social media account in other to chat him up.

I started chatting with him as a secret admirer…

“ Hey handsome… I attend your church and I must tell you, I am simply crazy about you.. I am not a stalker, just wanted to let you know how handsome you are…Bless you!”

He didn’t reply my chats for two days, but on the third day, he simply replied

“ Thank you, Bless you too”

I continued sending him prayer messages everyday, till he eventually chatted me up one night..

That one night sealed it up as we chatted for 4 hours non stop.

From that night, we chatted everyday, We even spoke on phone. He didn’t recognize my voice. He became smitten with me.

Meanwhile, Apostle continued his escapades especially with Mrs Beecroft and on one occasion when Mrs Beecroft was leaving, I told her

“ Say me hi to Gabriel, please inform him his secret admirer says hi”

She was shocked…

“ What did you say?”

“ Never mind, it’s none of your business anyway…”

“ What have you done to my son?”

“ What have you done to my husband?”

I saw fire in her eyes as the meaning of my words sank into her….

I needed her to think about what she was about to do

“ If you try anything funny, I will let Everyone who cares to listen what you have been doing with my husband, so use your brain when discussing with your son”

She ran out of the house really fast…

I had a very good laugh….

Apostle dragged me by the shoulder

“ What have you done?”

“ Exactly what you have been doing and you advised me to do, I also have a history in liking what belongs to other people, so I like Mrs Beecroft’s son, is there a problem with that?”

Apostle was shocked…

“ What’s wrong? Have I done something wrong?” I said giving the most innocent look ever and when I noticed he couldn’t say a word, I continued…

“ You think you are Greedy? Welcome to my world”

I picked up my phone and called Gabriel…

“ Hey handsome, how are you doing? I have decided to give you what you have been asking…Yes…a weekend together, Yes…” I continued talking as I walked up the stairs…

I knew Apostle must have been wondering if he was dreaming. He stayed in the living room till I came down with a box of clothes. I wore one of my glamorous dresses, highly tempting with a well made up face…

“ You are not going anywhere” he said blocking my way

“ Sorry, That part of English sounds like French In my ears, which unfortunately I don’t understand “

“ You are my wife and you shouldn’t be prostituting yourself around”

“ Oh oh, well the last time I checked, you are my husband and you shouldn’t be prostituting yourself around”

“ I am a man, and so it is allowed”

“.Oh, well I am a woman and I have emotions too”

“ Over my dead body will you go out of this house” He said

“Well, That is a good option, I can kill you and in your words, they will think I was having one of my psychotic crises”

With that he stepped out of my way…

“ I may not be attending Sunday service, because I intend enjoying myself to the fullest, you know you have really starved me for months”

I saw that little boy that he told me he was, you know the kind of child that loves to have what belongs to others and yet was not ready to let go of what was in his hand… Well, it was time to get even…

As I stepped out of the gate, I stopped a taxi and asked him to take me to the hotel Gabriel and I had discussed about. I heard His voice…

“ Do you love me?” I looked around and I didn’t see who spoke

I got into the taxi not giving the voice a second thought…

As we journeyed, I kept hearing that voice asking all over again

“ Do you love me?”

I wasn’t ready to listen to that voice,I had been cheated and I wanted to get even, besides I also needed some manly touch and Gabriel was going to give it to me. I knew it was going to be tough the moment Gabriel discovered I was the one, but I would make him do what I wanted….

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