HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 11-20

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 11

Alice’s POV

I walked back to meet mama Any in the kitchen.

“What took you so long?” She asked.

“Raymond told me to carry the food before him as he eats.” I reported.

“Okay…and is he done eating?” Mama Any asked.

“No, the food poured away from my hand accidentally.” I lied

“You must be careless, take this and serve Leonard.” The woman said.

My days! I’m entering their hood again?

Leonard’s POV

It was the last thing I was expecting, the stupid girl poured Raymond’s food to the floor.

“We should get her fired already.”I let out when I saw that Raymond has not spoken yet.

” That was what she thinks we could do last, what she meant by pouring my food away is that we should do our worst.” The head boy said.

“And let’s do our worst then.” I said.

“No.” Raymond replied sharply. “Let her stay, we would be able to show her what h.ell is.” Raymond said.

I reasoned with him and succumb.

-Following Morning-

Allce’s POV

I had been given a full and furnished room in the house. I went to the shower to take my birth.

I püll–êd off my clø-t-hës and stood under the shower, As I bath, I noticed the water was getting warmer but I ignored.

After I had washed myself with soap and water, I turned back on the shower to rinse my body only for very hot water to start falling on me.

As I try to run away out of the bathroom, my leg spilled and I fell making the hot water fall more on me.

I hurriedly stood and ran out of rhe bathroom, I began to groan in pain.

Even though my skin never tore as a result of the hot water, my body hurts badly.

There were still soap on my body and I didn’t know how to rinse the soap away from my body.

I was so frustrated.

I wrapped a t0wel around my w?ist as I heard a knock on the door.

I went there to open it only to see Mama Any.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted.

“I was expecting you to join me in the kitchen, what are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry ma.” She then noticed how soapy my body was.

“Are you bathing?” She asked.

“Yes but the water became hot and I couldn’t rinse my body.” I said.

“These boys!” Mama any muttered and instructed that I follow her.

We arrived at her room and she told me to use her bathroom.

I removed the tø–wel from my b0dy and stood under the shower.

Leonard’s POV

“She has just entered mama Any’s room, I guess mama Any wanted her to use her bathroom, make it hot.” I said into the phone.

Raymond had ordered me to spy on Alice and I was doing just that.

“Got it.” Raymond answered. He was the one making the water hot.

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