(Search for Love)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

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Episode 31

Authoress Ricky 

“Arrrrrgh”I groaned as I woke up with a very serious headache but not a hangover though, I definitely don’t drink.
“You are awake”I heard a feminine voice say and I sit up a bit.

“Yeah”I yawned as I open my eye slowly and flinched when I sighted Cassie.
“Cassie”I said slowly and she smiled.
“I thought you won’t remember me”She scoffed.

“Of course I do”
“Wait…..I remember you and Zeke came to visit me in the hospital last night but”What? I can remember everything.

Manson fking lied to me? Zeke father shot at me!!. I remember every possible thing I should know.
“Cassie”I teared up and she pull into a hug.

“It okay…No one knows you are here okay”She pat my back.
“Will Zeke ever forgive me?”I asked.
“Don’t worry he will and don’t forget this isn’t his battle it yours”she console and I nod.

“So are you going to tell me everything that happened?”She asks?.
“Yeah but first what are you doing here?”I asked.
“I’m on a project with a partner, we live here together but her room is on the other side and Don’t trespass “She said and I sigh deeply.

“Does my Dad know I’m here?”I asked.
“Yeah I called him and he if fine by it but why was Manson looking out for you?”She asks and I explain everything to her.

“Omg!! you mean Manson did all that? I should have been suspicious of him after he left immediately after the incident at his house but why would Zeke father wants you dead”

“Don’t get me wrong,he doesn’t even stay in Brittney and in addition he lives in California here so what business does he have with you that would make him want you dead”

“How do you expect me to know that?”I replied.
“Lay down, let me make something for you, there is a cloth you can change into in the closet and mind you the left dresser isn’t mine so suite yourself”She walk out of the room and I stare around.

Camila you’ve come too far and it like my story is changing. I need Zeke right now.
He is the only one that understand me better than I do and now I can’t even recognize him when he look straight into my eye.

? ZEKE’S ?

“Vivian”I stare at her trying to recollect where I know her but all I see his Camila.
“Camila why pretending to be Vivian”I said.

“Who is Camila?”
“Camila”I repeated.
“Zeke you reek of alcohol”She gasped.
“I’m sorry Camila but you made me drink”I replied and she helped me up and that the only thing I remember.

“Geez”I gr0aned as I try sitting up due to the light interrupted my sleep.
“G0sh”I turn to the other side and my hand hit something.

I wipe my face with my palm and flinched when I saw a strange girl sleeping beside.

“What the h.ell”I gave the girl a quick tapping.

“Oh you are awake”She yawned.
“What the h.ell are you doing here”I yelled but a strong pain hit my head and I groaned.

“This is my room so can you let me sleep”She face the other side.

It not what I’m thinking!!!. I raise my duvet a bit and sigh in relief when I found out I’m still in my cloth.
I stare around and realize I’m not even in my room.

“What is this place”I crawl out of the b.ed.
“Vivian”I said in surprise when I saw a big frame of Vivian hanging on the wall.
“You are noisy”She groaned and sit up.

“How did I get here and why I’m I here”I asked.

“G0sh…Zeke didn’t you remember last night”She yawned.
“Remember what?”I repeated.

“You sx me”She said and I ga$ped.


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