By Succie Brown


Mr. Watterson banged his hands on the table with so much indignation in his eyes.

“It’s just your first day in this college, and you are already flghting each other, will you burn yourselves, when you start schooling here” Mr. Watterson asked both Dario and Jaycee.

Ariel was in the middle of both Dario and Jaycee, not minding what Mr. Watterson was saying.


“I didn’t start the flght. You can see it from the footage that he was the one who threw a pvnch at me.

I couldn’t just sit back and allow him to pnch me, I am not a weakling” Jaycee said.

“You made me pvnch you Jaycee, because you keep asking $illy questions” Dario said, and Jaycee snickers.

“Really? I am asking $illy questions? You and I know that what I was asking earlier wasn’t a $illy question, but a question to find out about the truth” Jaycee said, and Dario’s veils pumped out from his neck.

“Shut that gutters of yours!!!” Dario shouted.

“I am sure guilt is eating you up and that is why you are always paranoid, anytime I mentioned that day” Jaycee said.

“I told you to shut up!!!”

“I won’t shut up!!!” Jaycee shouted back, and Mr. Watterson hits the table again.

“Don’t you both have manners!!!” He yelled at them, and both Jaycee and Dario glared at each other, while Ariel just sat down, caring less about what was going on.

“I am still talking about the flght you engaged yourself in, and yet you want to start another flght.

Dario, even if your dad has one of the most successful automobile companies in Moscow, that doesn’t mean you should act like your dad owns the world” Mr. Watterson said, and Dario kept mute, not uttering a word.

“Jaycee Mendoza, you dad said good things about you, is this the character he was talking about?” He asked.

“Of course not Mr. Watterson, I am sorry” Jaycee apologize.

“Even if you are sorry, that doesn’t mean you won’t escape from your pvnishment.

You both broke the rules of this school, and you will be pvnished for that, despite your Dads status in Moscow city” Mr. Watterson said, and Ariel stood up to her feet, heading for the door.

“And where the heck are you going?” Mr. Watterson asked. Ariel stopped walking and turned to look at Mr. Watterson.

“To my dorm” She answered.

“Why are you going back to your dormitory, when I am not yet done talking to you”

“What do you want to talk to me about? I don’t even know why I am here. This two guinea fowls were the ones who fought and not me” Ariel said.

“You didn’t separate them from flghting, rather you added fuel to the burning flames” Mr. Watterson said.

“I didn’t add fuel to the burning flames, I was just teaching them how to throw a kck properly, since they were doing it as if they’re kindergartens” Ariel said, with her hands on her ripped jean pockets.

“The school doesn’t engaged itself in violence, you’re only trained to catch criminals with your skills, not using it on one another.

You went against the rules of the school Ariella, and that’s why you are going to join them in their pvnishment” Mr. Watterson said.

“We are in a cop college, since when did teaching a cop student how to throw a kck become a breaking of law?” Ariel asked.

“That’s why Moscow cop college exist. We train our students ourselves, if you are that perfect why did you come to Moscow cop college” He asked, and Ariel kept mute.

“Your pvnishment is running around the school field from 7pm to 10pm for a week” Mr. Watterson said.

“You want us to run around the school field for four hours? We won’t have the legs for training the following day” Dario said.

“You should have thought about the consequences of your actions, before doing it.


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