By Terri Savage


“You are wrong”.

Immediately Saint smile fell.

Henry quickly raised his head up and smiled.

The teachers sighed out in relief.

Their breathing became normal and their souls started coming back to them.

Rainbow high students had a frown on their faces.


“We are still at a tie, now four questions added in physics, two for each groups, choose a question number”.

” Question number 1″ Dorathy said.

” Who invented the spinning cup anemometer? “.

” Thomas Romney Robinson 1846″ Summer answered.

” Correct “.

” Yes!!!” Blake said.

“Question number 4” Saint said.

“Who was the first person to design models of flying machine? “.

” Benardo Da Vinci ” Saint answered.

” Wrong”.

Hailey who just woke up almost screamed out of joy.

Saint sat down dejectedly.

” Question 3″ Blake said.

” Who invented Aqua-lung? “.

” Jacques Cousteau (1943)” He replied.

” Correct” The questionnaire said.

” Yes ” Blake gushed and sat down.

” Question 2″ Precious said.

” The last question, who tried to prove that air is weightless? “.

Now everyone had their eyes on Rainbow high students.

Saint started calculating the answer in his mind while Lake high students kept wishing for them to lose it.

A tension raised as the time started tickling down and they were yet to provide an answer.

“Time over” The questionnaire said.

Sadness rested on their faces immediately.

“Fk” Saint said, burying his face down.

Smith glared at Henry.


“We won” Henry said and threw his fist in the air.

The teachers started clapping for them and soon the people on the high table joined in clapping for them.

Henry hugged Hilliary so tightly, they took turn in hugging one another.

“Attention, we have finally come to the conclusion of this quiz and I will say everyone is impressed.

I haven’t seen such amazing performance before. This was wonderful but sadly as it’s, we must have a winner and the winner of this year brain quiz is Lake high school from California, let’s give up for them”.

They resumed clapping again.

” Time for the award” A man stood up and announced.

Professor Rolando Owens stood up from the high table and walked to the stage with a trophy in his hand.

He smiled brightly as he faced the microphone.

“I’m so happy for this year competition, I must say both schools were wonderful.

Their performances were something to be remembered again.

Lake High School please come up here to receive your award” He said.

The teachers started walking there followed by the students.

They took the award and lifted it up.

Loud noise erupted from them as they screamed joyfully.



Loud music can be heard playing in the speakers as the students danced around excitedly.

Everyone has a cup of wine or bottle in their hands.

Hilliary took the trophy and started raising it up and down.

“We are the best” He said.

“No one like us” Lex said.

“We are the most brilliant and amazing students” Dorathy said dancing with Hilliary.

Henry sat with Summer, they are not dancing, just flirting with each other.

Lex, Tiffany and Collins are not out, they’re not dancing too.

Blake joined Hailey in the dance.

Immediately she saw him she rolled eyes and pushed him away.

“Come on, it’s a time to celebrate” Blake pouted cutely.

“What ever, dance with someone else” She said.

“Don’t be a boring person” He said and held her waist.

Hailey looked at him and look away, he pulled her more closer and she gasped.

He smiled and started dancing slowly with her.

“I’m observing those two” Henry said.

“They will make good couples” Summer said.

“You look exceptionally beautiful tonight” He said and her cheeks turned reddish.

“I love you” She said.

“I love you too” He replied and pecked her.

Hailey maintained eye contact with Blake as they danced.

” You look beautiful tonight” He said.

” I’m always beautiful” She said.

” But tonight is special” He replied.

Hailey blushed lightly but she quickly covered it up.

“Are you trying to make me to blush?” She asked.

“But you already did” He winked.

“You id!ot, you are so annoying” She frowned and he chuckled.

” Let’s pop champagne” Hilliary shouted and opened the champagne, the bubbles came out splashing around carelessly.

” Let’s drink ” He said and started pouring it in everyone’s cup.

” Drink up” He said and everyone drink up.

He changed the music and started dancing ¢razily with Dorathy.

Being a ¢razy dancer, she started giving it hotly to him.

The teachers smiled as they watched them.

” I almost died of hypertension ” Mr James said.

” My soul was leaving my body ” Mercy said.

They both laughed.

” Hailey even fainted ” Mercy laughed.

” I almost join her, seriously, I wonder what would have happen if we lost to them.

They were strong opponent but our students are champions ” James said.

” I’m glad we are going home with the trophy, the school popularity has widen ” Mercy said.

” Let’s dance ” James suddenly said.

” Dance, where? ” Mercy asked shly.

“With our students” He replied.

“No!!” Mercy said, hiding her face.

“Let’s dance somewhere quiet”.

“Okay” He said and stood, taking her hand as they went to somewhere quiet.

Back to the dance floor, Hilliary and Dorathy owns the dance floor cos their moves are incredibly amazing.

Dorathy shake her a$s on him se.ductively, she started rocking him so hotly.

“She’s a bad girl” Hailey giggled.

“Just like you” Blake whispered to her.

His mouth touched her ear and she shivered instantly.

She quickly gulped down her drink.

“Let’s dance” Summer said to Henry.

They went to the dance floor and started dancing, slowly, rubbing body against each other.

Jealousy started creeping into Tiffany and she started boiling with anger.

Lex felt uncomfortable with the way their bodies were making contact.

He kept drinking with his eyes on them.

Collins had no expression on his face, he drank slowly with his eyes on them, different thoughts running in his mind.


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