HEART OF GOLD : Episode 1 – 10



Liz and Frank were having a good time in their room when Ann knocked. Liz barricaded the door as soon as she saw that it was Ann at the door.

Liz: “yes, what are you doing in my house?” she asked.

Ann: “ah-ahn, what am I doing in your house? Are we not friends again? Anyway, you said that you would come to the library but I didn’t see you, I thought of coming to check on you myself” she said.

Liz: “well, I am fine” she said impatiently.

Ann made to enter the room but Liz stopped her.
Liz: “I said I am fine, can you leave now” she said.

Ann: “at least let me come in and drink water now” she said.

Liz: “which water? Please leave my house, I don’t want to ever see you close to me again. I am not interested in us being friends anymore, so just leave”

“baby who is at the door?” Frank said from the bedroom.

Liz: “it’s Ann, don’t worry, I will soon join you in bed” she said to him.

Ann: “oh, so he is the reason why you don’t want me to come in right? This same Frank is the one that is taking over your head that you now skip your daily studies?”

Liz: “shut up your mouth jare. I already know the kind of person you are, I know that you have eyes for my boyfriend and that is why you are trying to cause problems between me and Frank. But for your information, nothing and no one can come between me and Frank. R@pists couldn’t even come between me and him so don’t even think you can. Our relationship has gone way beyond the level you think”

Ann: “what gibberish are you vomiting? That I have eyes for Frank as how? What will I do with him when I know fully well that he is your boyfriend?”

Liz: “listen, we were in the middle of something before you came in so if you please excuse us now” he said.

Ann: “is this the end of our friendship? You want a man to come in between us?”

Liz: “What have I been saying all this while?” she sighed and entered the room, locking her friend out.


The transplant took eight hours as the doctors had predicted and after the surgery, the two patients were transferred into the intensive care units of the hospital.

Their wives had indicted interest in seeing them but considering how delicate their conditions were, they were denied access to them until the third day after the surgery.

Stacey couldn’t help but break down in tears when she saw her husband lying unconscious with an oxygen tube fixed in his nose.

The recovery process was slow and tedious and it took its toll on Stacey who was just a few weeks pregnant.

For two months she stayed by her husband’s side, attending to all his needs and helping the nurses to clean him up.

After two months, her husband was able to sit up and take liquids. The most surprising thing was that his father who was the receiver was recuperating faster than him.

Although his recovery was slow, Declan never wasted time to tell his wife how much he loved and appreciated her efforts anytime he felt strong enough to talk.

Declan: “thank you so much for standing by me all through this period. I am so proud of you” he said to her.

Stacey: “common love, it is my job to take care of you. If I don’t take care of you, who will? Remember that your step mother is also busy taking care of her own husband” she said.

Declan: “I feel weak, I wish I would be discharged right away” he said.

“don’t worry, in a month’s time, we will leave here, okay?” she said and gently planted a k!ss on his forehead.

Declan: “I am feeling very weak. I hope I make it out of this hospital alive?” he said startling his wife.

Stacey: “weak as how? You must make it out of this place alive o. We came here together and we will all leave together in good health. What do you want me to do if you don’t make it alive? Please don’t even think about that again. Let me help you to lie down very well” she said.

Declan: “My ribs hurt, I am finding it very difficult to breathe. I feel very weak. If anything happens to me, just know that I love you very much and even if I am no more, I will never cease to love you” she said.

Stacey: “what are you talking about” she asked and then stopped when she saw him struggling for air.

Stacey: “baby, what is happening? What is wrong with you?” she asked trying to shake him.

“ge…get me…the…the doctor” he said and his pupils became dilated.

“Doctor, doctor!” she screamed.

The doctors came, sent his nervous wife out and worked tirelessly to revive him. A lot of scanning and diagnosis were carried out on him and it was discovered that he had some complications that required another surgery to be corrected. By this time, his father was already recuperating and so Stacey wondered why her husband’s case was different.

Few days later, Declan was rushed to the theatre for the second surgery which lasted for more than 3 hours. He came out weaker than he had being before the surgery and his wife wondered if he would ever recover.

The strain of taking care of her invalid husband was telling on her and she was looking pale and famished.

Exactly three months after the transplant, Mr Ogar was discharged but he refused to return to Nigeria without his son. After some days, his wife began to rant.

Mrs Ogar: “I don’t know why we are still staying in this place after we have been discharged. I am tired of staying in India o, my business is suffering back there in Nigerian, tor” she said to her husband who had refused to be discharged from the hospital.

Mr Ogar: “why are you this inconsiderate? You and I know that your business is in good hands in Nigeria and as such there is nothing to worry about” he replied her.

Mrs Ogar: “what do you mean by I am inconsiderate? Have you not been discharged? What are we still doing here for God’s sake?”

Mr Ogar: “we are here because my son whom we came here with is still here. It will be the height of wickedness to leave him here”

Mrs Ogar: “I don’t understand you, my husband. In fact, since you started having this kidney issue, I don’t understand the way you think. Is your son not in good hands here? I am not a doctor and neither are you, so how does our presence here change anything?” she asked..

“that boy is on that bed because of me. He gave me life and now his own life is being taken away from him and you say I should abandon him and go back to Nigeria? What am I going to do in Nigeria when my son is here? What is it that I am going to look for in Nigeria? I will only leave here with my son” he asserted.

Mrs Ogar: “but his wife is here, is she not good enough to take care of her own husband? Didn’t I take care of you while you were sick?” she asked him.

Mr Ogar: “can’t you see that she is just a small girl who is struggling with the stress of early pregnancy? She needs our support, we cannot leave her alone” he said.

“then I will have to return to Nigeria without you” she said.

Mr Ogar: “fine, see you in Nigeria” he said to her and went into his son’s room.

Stacey was sitting close to her husband on his bed when her father in law came in.

Mr Ogar: “how are you doing my wife?” he asked Stacey.

Stacey: “I am fine, daddy” she replied offering him the chair she was supposed to sit on.

Mr Ogar: “and how is my most beloved son doing today?” he said patting his son who was struggling to sit up.

Declan: “I feel much better, dad” he said.

Mr Ogar: “that is great” he said, taking his sit.

Stacey: “where is mum?” she asked her father in law.

Mr Ogar: “she is there saying something about going back to Nigeria” he said casually.

Stacey: “Nigeria? Aren’t we all going together?”

Mr Ogar: “don’t mind her, my dear. You know how you women can be at times” he said.

Declan: “I hope you two are not having issues again, dad?”

Mr Ogar: “it never ends, my dear. You know she can be troublesome”

Suddenly, they noticed that Stacey who had stood up was struggling to stand and just as she was trying to steady herself, she fell back and fainted.

Declan tried to get up but the machines attached to him would not allow him.
Declan: “daddy, help my wife, help me call the doctor. Please don’t allow anything happen to her. I love her so much” he said, fidgeting.

Mr Ogar walked out as quickly as his legs could carry him and went and called the nurses who rushed in and carried Stacey away. In their confusion, father and son had forgotten that there was an intel in the room that could be used to call the doctors and nurses.

After they stabilized her condition, it was discovered that she had lost the pregnancy as a result of stress.

The doctors informed her about it but she begged them not to inform her husband because of his condition since she didn’t want anything that would slow down his healing.

Mrs Ogar returned to Nigeria the next day irrespective of her husband’s plea to stay around and help take care of his son especially with the fact that his wife was also sick. The woman refused and told him to get a maid for his son if his own wife could no longer take care of him.



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