MENDED WINGS : Episode 11 – The End

Mended Wings

Episode 11

The mid-week service had been by Joel Mason. Little wonder it ended one hour after it started. He was a seasoned preacher of few words. He never needed a prolonged time to teach to inspire all. He always made use of whatever time he had so well despite the fact that if
people were allowed to decide, they would have loved him to use more time. No wonder people sang his praise and rejoiced whenever he mounted the pulpit.
Rachael, a youth minister, walked toward Ella, who was in her seat praying. She sat quietly beside her, awaiting her to finish saying her prayers.
Ella opened her eyes after some minutes of praying and her eyes
met Rachael’s. “Sister Rachael, you are here. How’re you?”
“I’m very fine, Sister Ella.”
“Hope you enjoyed the service?”
“Enjoy? I was refilled. Pastor Joel’s ministration couldn’t have done any less. It was a wonderful time in God’s presence.”
“Hallelujah.” Ella smiled. She was always excited anytime anyone passed a nice comment on Joel’s teachings.
“I have come to see you, Sister Ella.”
“Yes, I have something I must tell you.”
“Alright, go ahead.”
“I had a revelation. In the revelation, I saw you tied to a stake and tortured. You were so wounded that I couldn’t help crying. I asked the person standing beside me if there was anyone who could rescue you
since everyone was only saying sorry and passing by. The person told me that you couldn’t be rescued because you walked to the stake and tied yourself there. I asked how that was possible and I was told that you
defied all warnings and went there. I couldn’t help you despite how much I wanted to. The more I ran toward you the farther you seemed to be. Then I saw Brother Joel. I was so happy solution had come. I looked
intently and saw him gesture to the torturers. He then walked away, smiling. And that was when the torture increased. When I woke up and prayed about it, I was led to Proverbs 14:12, which says ‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.’ That’s why I
have come to tell you. I don’t know what decision you are about to make or have made but God loves you and wants you to have a change of heart.”
“Yes, Sister Ella. I keep hearing it in my ears that you’re moving towards a dead end.”
Ella smiled. “Thank you very much, Sister Rachael. I appreciate you. Many people’s dreams are parables. A dream might mean the opposite of what it seems to. Whichever way, God will lead us. Thanks so much.”
“You’re welcome. I’m leaving. Brother Joel is having a meeting
with the aged today. He might need some assistance.”
“That’s true. You can go. I appreciate you.”
“Don’t mention.” Rachael stood up and walked towards the
church left wing.
Ella squinched her face in disgust, eyeing Rachael with contempt as she walked away. Rachael must have desired to take her place.
Seductress. After all, she had been stalking Joel, trying to win his heart. Did she think her stupid dream would change anything? If at all God wanted to send someone to her, would it be Rachael of all people? She
was nothing but a person who needed deliverance trying to deliver others. Her plot had failed, Ella thought. She hissed, rose up, and walked
to the pastor’s office.

Joel stepped out of his room and walked into the living room. He
sat opposite Ella, who was busy watching a program on the television.
“Hope you’re enjoying yourself,” he said with a smile.
“I am. Thank you. That reminds me of a question I’ve always
wanted to ask. Why do you always sit on that chair every time I visit?”
Ella said in a clear voice.
Joel laughed. “You know, The Bible tells us to flee from every appearance of evil. To me, holiness is priority. I don’t want any dirty thought crossing my mind, which is why I sometimes sit opposite you.
If we were in a public place it would have been different.”
“Hmm.” She scrunched her nose, and smiled. “Pastor of
Joel gestured. “That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been saying we should take the next step and get married. We are mature in all wise.
What’s keeping us?”
Ella took the TV remote and lowered the TV volume. “Well, I
don’t want people to think we are in a rush. We started this relationship barely five months ago. I don’t want people to start talking. It’s not even
up to a year you joined our parish.”
“What does that matter? After all, we’re both mature and ready.
Unnecessarily long courtship causes nothing but sin. And you know I won’t tolerate that.”
Of course, I know. You who wouldn’t even hold my hands
except when we’re praying together.” She laughed.
“E-l-l-a, that’s not true. I’m not an extremist, although I am
principled. Bear with me. The time will come soon when you’ll enjoy the private me.”
“Hmm. Anyway, I was just pulling your legs. I’ll tell my aunt about our decision and contact my parents so we could set the ball rolling.”
“Thanks, darling.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Let me drop you home, it’s almost 6:30 p.m. I don’t want you getting home late.”
“Oh, I lost track of time. We’d better get going or you’ll have to explain to Auntie Eve why you kept me late outside.” She laughed and picked her bag.
“That reminds me. I called the mechanic repairing your car. He
said the problem is with the car engine. That car is very old. So, I was thinking you should get a new car instead of changing the engine of the
old one.”
“New car? Don’t forget that car is my aunt’s although I was the
one using it before it broke down. I just want to have it repaired. She could feel somehow if I left her car with the mechanic and got a new one for myself. Besides I can’t afford a new car tyre right now, not to
mention a whole car.”
“Okay. I’ll tell the mechanic to find a way to repair the car so you could return it to your aunt. I’ll get you a new befitting one.”
“Are you serious? You’ll get me a car?”
Why not? I can’t be riding in a jeep while my fiancée is trekking around.”
“Huh Huh. You’re such a darling.”
He smiled. “You should know by now that there’s nothing I can’t
do for you. Once it’s not a sin, I’ll do it.”
“Hmm. I wish I could k!ss you.”
He laughed. “Let it remain a wish until I marry you. You’re too precious to be mishandled. When I take the appropriate step, I can take your hugs and k!sses as reward.”
She hit his shoulder playfully. “You make me love you more and
more every day. You’re a huge blessing to my life. Thank God I found you.”
Joel opened the car door and held it, gesturing to her to enter the vehicle. “I’m the luckiest to have such a wonderful woman by my side.”
Ella’s tummy rumbled or was that the butterfly feeling people
talked about? She sighed and smiled, her heart filled with nothing but her love for Joel Mason.
Joel took his seat behind the wheel and drove off.

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