HER BABY’S SECRET : Episode 31 – 40



THEME: Domestic violence

Arike’s POV
I rushed to the room to find my phone and it was there laying on the bed side drawer. I walked out of the room so as to not disturb Iteoluwa with a scream in case I find a shocking news I can’t hold internally.

I settled on the couch and switched on my data. I thought about Instagram but I failed at logging in because I don’t remember my log in details and so I swiped to google.

I clicked the search engine and typed ‘Awosika Adedayo’ the results showed different names from LinkedIn. I erased it and typed ‘Nollywood actress Shalewa’ and her information popped out immediately.

I scrolled down and my gaze flickered at a news headline. “Awosika Adedayo allegedly charged for domestic violence and assault.”

My jaw dropped completely and tears welled up in my eyes at the shocking news. I shakily clicked the link and saw pictures of Shalewa and Adedayo on the internet – they were both in bad shapes.

Domestic violence?! Oh no! Adedayo was labeled “a wife beater” and several other bad names and it has even affected his company’s reputation that he had been voted out of the company by the board of directors with no legal back up.

It was stated that Adedayo has refused to see, talk to anyone while he was in the police custody while Shalewa was in the hospital. I was also surprised to find out that they have a child, baby Jamal who was just two years old.
Over the years, it has never occurred to me to search about them. I only asked about him when Iteoluwa clocked one and Busayomi said he was doing fine.

So she knew about it all these while and she didn’t tell me. Why on earth did she hide such big situations from me? Knowing that I was returning back to Nigeria and there was a possible chance that I would meet him.

My heart went out to Adedayo and all I could think about was that he would never do it. I hurried to Busayomi’s bedroom and knocked on the door.
“Busayomi-“ she opened up.
“Keep it down…Iteoluwa is asleep.” She cautioned me.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked with tears burning down my cheeks.

Then she pulled me into her room and closed the door. She folded her arms and stared at me.
“I didn’t…know..he was -“ my voice trailed off and I broke down in tears.
“Domestic violence. And a$$ault.” She said.
“Dayo..would..never do such a thing.” I defended.
“I know Dayo can be mean but he would never raise his hand to hit someone.” Busayomi said.
I nodded in agreement. “Which leaves is to the option that something is fishy and I am sure it is Shalewa’s doing.” She added.
“We can’t be so sure..she is in a bad shape in the hospital.” I said.
“Why? Are you doubting Dayo?” She asked, annoyance clear in her tone.
“No..no..” I countered.
“Shalewa is not the only one suffering but Dayo is the only one getting all the blame. Domestic violence my foot!” She snorted.
“Dayo would never do such a thing.” I said.
“Listen Dayo is refusing to talk to anyone and people are coming up with the ideas that he is guilty that is why he isn’t saying anything to the police.”
“That’s lame.” I whispered.
“But that is what they think, you need for help him.” She crouched down to place her hands on my shoulder blades.
“What should I do?” I asked.
“Now do you want to find him?” She asked in return.
I nodded. “Yes..Yes…but what do I do?”
“Tomorrow I will look after Iteoluwa while you go out and find Adedayo.” She answered.
“Where? I don’t know anything about his again.” I said.
“He is back to the apartment that you know.” She responded.
“His place..you mean like where he used to stay before he got married?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes..his place.” She muttered. “Come here.” She led me to her bed.
I sat on the bed and closed my eyes allowing more tears to flow.
“I thought..he was having a blissful life with Shalewa.”
“All these problems started few months ago, I don’t know much but Adedayo needs help. And I think he might open up once he sees you.” She said.
“I..am not sure..we have been part for five years now.” I doubted.
She sat beside me. “Meet him.”
Busayomi hugged me and I sobbed in her embrace deciding that I would do everything to help Adedayo even though he was guilty which I know he can’t be guilty of the crime he was accused of.

Tighten your seatbelts the plane is about to take off
If you fall off nothing concern me o

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