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Please don’t do this!” Velveeta shouted as Ronnie t.ore her cIothes

“Just this once Velveeta” I love you, he said drunkenly as he was able to remove all her cIothes.

“No you can’t do this! Please sir! , She begged trying to free herself from his hold but it seems impossible

HER BOSS : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

“Vel please just this once, I know am selfish but you are driving me ¢razy with your body, you gave me no choice” he said tipsily looking at her with lvst in his eyes.

“Please sir you can’t do this, you are married, she said crying shaking her head vigorously as Ronnie brought out his thing

“Am sorry Velveeta, he said and thrust in at once.


“Velveeta cried silently as she felt pains all over her body

She tried to stand up but kept falling back on the bed with scream of pain

She tried again and she was able to stand properly, she limped to her bathroom since her middle was in excruciating pain

“She put on the shower and scrub her body in tears,

“If only I was born rich, this wouldn’t have happened to me! She thought crying as she scrubbed her body hard washing all the bIood stain.

“She wept for about 30 minutes before leaving the bathroom.

“She didn’t bother to clean her wet body before laying down on the bed.

“I hate my life! I just hate the fact that am alive!” She shouted crying before nature took over her with tears falling repeatedly as she closed her eyes…

“Velveeta Bryan (Female Lead), 23 years old of age, a maid of the richest man in Australia.

Ronnie Dior (Male Lead), 26 years old of age, owner of different companies and restaurant, married to..

Naomi Dior, 25 years old of age, one of the most popular actresses in Australia, bold and also a workaholic, got no time for Ronnie which was the reason she hired Velveeta as the house maid.

Things started getting complicated when Ronnie started having feelings for Velveeta and lvst for her body.

The lvst for Velveeta reached it peak that he got drunk one day and had his way with her forcefully.

But what happened when Velveeta got pregnant for him and Ronnie himself couldn’t remember what transpired between them with lead to her pregnancy.

Do you think Ronnie will accept the pregnancy?

Or will Naomi allow their relationship?

Find out your answer in the thrilling novel and watch the story unfold.


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