Also known as apoplexy, stroke means the stoppage of blood supply to a part of the brain leading to complete or partial paralysis.

A. Untreated or undiagnosed hypertension
B. A blood clot in a part of the brain, blocking blood supply to the artery
C. Clotting of the arteries
D. Bursting open of a blood vessel in the brain.

1. Difficult in breathtaking eg. In asthma
2. Skin becomes wet and sticky to the touch
3. Speech becomes difficult and inaudible
4. Paralysis of part of the body from head to foot or whole body
5. Unconsciousness.

The best way to prevent strokes is to control your blood pressure. Anyone who is 40yrs and above should consider himself/herself a potential hypertension patient and take all necessary precautions. Check your blood pressure at least once a week. Cultivate a positive attitude to life. Do regular physical exercises. Drink plenty of water,especially early morning.

A. Fresh pawpaw leaves
B. Fresh leaves of Avocado pear
C. Water
Recipe: Put an equal amount of A&B in a medium sized pot. Then fill the pot with water bring to boil.
Dosage: 1 glass 3x a day for 2 months.

HOW TO MAKE A STROKE LOTION: This lotion is for external use only.
A. Dried pawpaw leaves
B. Palm kernel oil.
Blend the dried leaves and set aside
Mix 6 tablespoonfuls of the dried powdered pawpaw leaves with
1/2 a glass of Palm kernel oil and apply to the affected parts twice daily.