Chapter 31



The Next Morning, Baldwin’s Penthouse, Beverly hills, California

Mr Baldwin stared lovingly at his phone with a small smile, he seemed to be watching something very interesting and fun.

He elevator stopped, he stepped out and walked into the living room. His steps faltered when he saw a familiar old woman sitting on a rocking chair at the terrace, she looked lost as she was staring at people walking down the street.

She shivered slightly, then Mr Baldwin remembered it’s windy outside and took fast steps towards her as he took off his jacket, with the intention of putting it around her shoulders.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

But then he stopped when he saw Fatima rushing towards her with a shawl.

“Nanny Pamela, how about we go inside?” Fatima asked the old woman (nanny Pamela) suggestively.

Nanny Pamela didn’t respond, she simply shook her head in disagreement and shrugged the shawl off her shoulders.

Fatima picked it up and put it around her shoulders again, but she still stubbornly shrugged it off.

“Keep it, nanny Pamela, it’s windy outside” but there was still no response from her.

Mr Baldwin cleared his throat to make his presence known, Fatima raised her head, her mouth parted slightly when she saw Mr Baldwin and quickly rushed to meet him.

“Good morning, Mr Baldwin” Fatima greeted him.

“Hm” Mr Baldwin hummed in response and nodded towards nanny Pamela. “What’s going on?” he asked.

Fatima glanced at nanny Pamela’s way, then sighed tiredly.

“We haven’t been able to get anything from her, she hasn’t uttered a word since we arrived and she wouldn’t stop looking outside, like that” she reported.

Mr Baldwin nodded and patted Fatima’s shoulder encouragingly.

“You’ve tried” he said. “Let’s not force her, I guess she’s just scared and with time she’ll open up to us”

Fatima simply nodded. Then Mr Baldwin collected the shawl from Fatima and walked towards nanny Pamela.

He went in front of her and squatted to her level, he reached for her hand and rubbed it softly.

“Nanny Pamela” he called softly, but loud enough for nanny Pamela to hear.

She tensed immediately she heard his voice, she tore her gaze away from the road and looked down at him, but his head was faced down so she couldn’t see his face.

He raised his head and nanny Pamela’s eyes grew wide, she quickly snatched her hand from Mr Baldwin’s as though his hand just burnt hers.

Her eyes watered as she stared at him with uncertainty and fear lingering in her eyes.

“Nanny Pamela” he called her again. “Do you remember me?”

Nanny Pamela simply stared at him without saying a word, soon tears started flowing down her cheeks and she slowly stood up from her chair.

“It’s me, Duncan Baldwin, do you remember?” he asked again with a small smile.

This time nanny Pamela shook her head, then rushed back into the living room and ran upstairs.

Mr Baldwin followed her immediately, but she rushed into a room and slammed the door shut, then locked it from inside.

“Open the door, nanny Pamela” Mr Baldwin banged on the door. “I just wanted to tell you some good news, please open the door” he said.

He waited for a while, but the door remained lock and there wasn’t no sign of it opening soon.

He sighed.

“Nanny Pamela, I just wanted tell you that Rachel and I got married, and although we don’t have kids yet but we’re doing fine” he said.

He slumped down and sat on the floor by the door, with his back resting against the wall and his arms resting on his knees.

“Do you know your Rachel is even more stubborn and naughtier than before?”

He paused, their memories from the orphanage briefly replayed in his mind and he laughed at it.

“Rachel and I have been married for six years now, I know I haven’t been home for almost those six years, but I really, really do love her and I never stopped loving her” he smiled. “She’s the only one for me, but I’m mad at her right now”

His smile turned into a pout.

“I wanna have a baby with her, but she doesn’t want it” he pouted even more. “Fine, I understand if she’s scared because my world is dangerous and my enemies are always waiting for an opportunity to strike, but if I can protect her, I see no reason why I can’t protect our baby too”

He heard fast footsteps approaching him, he turned towards the sound and realized it’s Lucas.

“Mr Baldwin” he greeted with a bow.

Mr Baldwin simply nodded.

“Sir, there’s news about the driver” Lucas said.

Mr Baldwin got up, he stared at the closed door and sighed for the ninth time.

“Have some rest, nanny Pamela, we’ll talk more some other time” with that he headed downstairs, with Lucas closely following behind.


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