Chapter 41



Huntington Memorial Hospital LA

My eyes couldn’t look away from the wall clock, no, they could look away but just wouldn’t look away.

I kept staring at the wall clock, or glaring at it rather, grumpily chewing on my salad and wondering when my husband would come back from his ‘very important meeting’.

It’s 8:30pm, meaning it’s been already four hours since he left to meet Tasha and he’s still not back yet.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

I reached for my phone to check if he’s given me a missed call or text, but there was nothing from him.

Shouldn’t he be hurrying to get back and give me a proper explanation, since he left without telling me explaining clearly to me?

The door creaked open, I sighed and dropped my plate of salad on the bedside table without checking who walked in -I assumed it’s Fatima.

“Fatima, go to the cafeteria and get me a bottle of…”

My words were stuck in my throat when I turned towards the door, and realized it’s Duncan that came in.

“I’m back, my heartbeat” he said with a bright smile.

I scoffed mentally, he still has the guts to smile at me after lying to me about having a stupid meeting, just to meet up with a rejected slvt.

Hmm, I guess should play along and see if he’d voluntarily tell me the truth, or if I’d have to force the truth outta him.
I put on my brightest smile.

“Welcome back, baby” I said in an extremely sweet and r®mantic voice.

He halted abruptly when he heard the tone of my voice, he frowned slightly and stared at me suspiciously, like; am I in trouble?

Oh, darling, you don’t know you’re in deep sht this time, let’s see if you’ll come clean.

“How was your meeting?” I asked him, still maintaining my sweet tone.

“It was… ”

He trailed off as though he’s thinking of an appropriate word to use.

“…uh, smooth?” he said unsurely.

“Smooth” I repeated and nodded with a kinda pained smile.

My eyes caught a red mark on his shirt, which I know very well is a lipstick. I felt an unpleasant knot forming in my chest, making me have a little bit shortage of breath.

Is this anger? Or jealousy? It’s definitely be anger because I don’t think I’ll be jealous over that slvtty p.ants -merciful God, I really need to stop cvrsing now that I’m expecting a baby.

“My heartbeat?” he called me.

I looked away from the lipstick on his shirt, and smiled tightly at him.

“I asked if you’ve eaten dinner?”

“Oh” I pointed towards my unfinished salad. “Yeah, how was the meeting? Were you able to sign the twelve billion deal?” I asked.

He walked towards the armchair near my bed and sat down, he dropped the plastic bag of fruits and ice cream on the table.




Funk, he’s seriously lying to my face.

I stared at his face for a moment, but he wasn’t looking my way, he was busy offloading the fruits from the plastic bag.

“What?” he asked when he looked my way, and realized I’ve been staring at him.

“Is there something you wanna tell me?” I asked him back.

He frowned slightly as he tilted his head.

“Is there something I’m supposed to tell you?”

My eyes briefly flicked to the lipstick on his shirt.

“Think deep, is there something you wanna clarify?”

He shook his head. I closed my eyes, why can’t he be honest with me? Maybe he need a little reminder.

“Can you come closer? I wanna whisper something in your ear” I told him.

He looked at me strangely, then looked around us as if he’s search for something.

“It’s just the two of us here, I don’t see any reasons for whispering” he said.

I smiled, and rubbed my tummy fondly, baby forgive your mama, for she’s about to lie against you -I mentally begged my baby.

“I wanna say some rotten words, I don’t want our baby to hear ’em” I lied.

His lips curved in a smile, and he quickly moved his chair very close to me. I bet he’s having naughty thoughts right now.

He leaned closer to me, bringing his ear to my mouth, but I moved back slightly and landed my hand on his cheek.

He straightened up at once and gave me a surprise look as he rubbed his left cheek.

“Ok.. should I blame this on the pregnancy hormones? Or…”

“This is no pregnancy hormones!” I cut in rudely, and angrily.

He blinked his eyes as though he’s surprise at my tone, I’m surprised too because I sounded harsher than I intended, but I’m too angry to care.

“How dare you lie to my face, Duncan?”

“Lie to your face?”

“Yes!” I snapped. “How long are you intending to lie to me? How come I can’t tell your truth from your lies?”

“I… ”

I raised my hand to cut him off.

“You lied to me that you have a meeting, but did you know I followed you, and clearly watched your car drive into Westin Bonaventure?” I paused.

I purposely avoided mentioning seeing Tasha, giving him a chance to come clean, but he simply stared at me with his eyebrows raised as his eyes widened and his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape, but he soon frowned.

“You followed me? Why?”

I rolled my eyeballs.

“That’s not important, Duncan” I pushed my hair back in frustration. “What’s important here is who did you meet in the hotel? Or do you wanna tell me, your directors changed the meeting venue at the last minute?”

“Let’s not talk about that yet, let’s eat fir… ”

“I’m not hungry, start talking to me!”

He paused and stared at me.

“Hold, don’t tell me you’re thinking I’m cheating on you, are you doubting me?”

“You tell me, because I don’t know anymore” my voice was slightly raised.

There was a moment of silence as we both stared at each other, I don’t know what’s going on with him but I sure know that I was fuming in anger.

“I’m your wife, Duncan, why can’t you trust me with whatever’s going on in your life?”

“It’s not like I don’t trust you, I’m just trying to keep you safe and…”

“To h’ll with keeping me safe!” I interrupted. “We had an agreement, you promised to let me know everything but why are you eating your own words now? Huh?”

“My heartbeat, I….”

“Don’t say anything, you have two options now”

He simply stared at me to state the options.

“It’s either you tell me why you went to that hotel, and who you met with, or, we go our separate ways because I can’t stay married to a man who has too many secrets”


“There’s no but, you don’t trusting me is also making me lose my trust in you” I looked him in the eyes. “It takes two to make a relationship work”

Duncan closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, then reached for my hand.

“Fine, there was no meeting”

I rolled my eyeballs.

“Tell me something I don’t know”

“I met with Tasha Wood”


He shook his head.

“Nothing happened between us”

“Really?” his eyes traced my gaze and they landed on Tasha’s lipstick on his shirt.

“I must have gotten this when I pvshed her off me” he clarified.

I glared at him, but nodded at him to continue.

“You know I’m searching for my mother’s mvrderer, so…”



An unnamed organization

Mr anonymous sat on his office chair, he was swivelling around with his eyes closed as he was enjoying the music playing on his phone.

Suddenly the music stopped, and his phone started ringing. He reached for it, and saw his one of his left hand man’s codename flashing on the screen, then he quickly answered the call.

“Yes, seven?”

“We’ve got the target, sir” seven reported.

He smirked.

“Good. T®rture her a little bit, make a short video while you’re at it, and make sure Duncan gets it first thing tomorrow morning”

“Yes, sir” seven replied.

Mr anonymous hanged up, he threw his phone on the table and did an explosion sound, then burst into laughter as though something’s amusing him.


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