Chapter 71



9:50pm, At a club, LA

A lady sat at a dark corner, with a ¢igarette between her fingers, and a glass of whiskey on the table in front of her.

There’s a big smirk on her face as she smoked her ¢igarette, and puffed out some smoke with her eyes fixed on a group of girls doing a pole dance on the dance floor -she seemed to be enjoying what she’s seeing.

At that moment Tasha Wood walked into the club, and headed straight towards the lady, which widened her (the lady’s) smirk.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 71 – 80. Thingscouplesdo

Tasha Wood stopped by the lady’s table, she glared at the lady a few seconds, before slumping on the empty space in the couch.

“You kept me waiting for so long” the lady said.

“Getting here wasn’t easy at all” Tasha paused for two or three seconds. “Do you know I was stuck in traffic?”

“Oh, really?”

“And why did you choose this forsaken, remote club?!”

The lady shrugged.

“Because it’s safer to talk here” she answered.

Then offered Tasha a stick of cigarettes, but Tasha shook her head in rejection, and reached for her (the lady’s) glass of whiskey instead.

“So, what do you wanna talk about that you couldn’t wait till tomorrow?” the lady asked, then moved her eyes back to the pole dancers.

“It’s Duncan and I” Tasha answered.

“Duncan and you?”

“Fk, yeah!”

Tasha dropped the whiskey.

“You aren’t doing according to our plan anymore”

“Oh?” the lady moved her eyes from the pole dancers, and fixed them on Tasha’s face. “Tell me, darling, what was our plan?”

“I’m supposed to seduce Duncan and get him to fuçk me, then you’ll take care of the other things”

“Hm-mm? So, what’s the problem?”

Tasha stared at the lady, with her mouth slightly open as though she couldn’t believe what the lady’s just asked her.

“What’s the problem?” Tasha scoffed. “I have done my part of our deal, but why aren’t I seeing you doing your part, Ms Cara?”

The lady (now known as Ms Cara) chuckled lightly at Tasha’s reaction.

“Patience, Tasha” she said.

“Patience?” Tasha scoffed again. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have any patience left, are you waiting for before you take action? Are you waiting until he brings his wife back home?”

Ms Cara smirked, and nodded slowly as she tore her gaze away from Tasha back to the dancers.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m waiting for”


Tasha closed her eyes, and pulled her hair in frustration.

“What are you playing at? Do you think we’ll have any chance once he’s succeeded in bringing his wife home?”

She tapped the table to get Ms Cara’s attention, but Ms Cara simply tilted her head to show she’s listening.

“You don’t know who Duncan’s wife is, she’s a hard nut to crack, and taking action while she’s back isn’t gonna be hundred percent guarantee success”

She leaned on the table.

“Trust me, Duncan’s wife can be crazy and dangerous when she wants to”

Her hands subconsciously touched her face as she had a short flashback of her fight with Rachel, and she shuddered.

“Then let’s wait, and I’ll see for myself if you’re right” Ms Cara said.

“Of course, I’m d@mn right, let’s take action now or it’ll be too late”

“Patience, Tasha”

“I’m serious, she’s…”

“Shh” Ms Cara shushed her. “Let’s watch some dance, these girls are good” she nodded at the girls on the dance floor.

Tasha simply stared at Ms Cara for a moment, then sighed, she snatched the glass of whiskey on the table and finished it in one gulp.



Baldwin’s Penthouse, New Orleans

I’m currently in the closet, searching for a loose nightwear to wear, because it seemed like Fatima forgot the fact that I’m pregnant now, and bought me sexy lingeries, and no normal nightwear.

My phone’s ringtone blared loudly again, for the hundredth time, and I frowned as I’m silently cursing whoever’s calling me at such a hour -though, I’m guessing it’s Asher.

I finally gave up searching, and snatched one of Duncan’s t-shirts and wore it, I couldn’t hold back my chuckle, when I realized it stopped at just a few inches away from my butts.

I snatched one of his boxers too, and wore it, then stepped out of the closet.

My eyebrows furrowed slightly, and I stopped on my track when I saw Duncan laying on the bed next to my phone that was still ringing, but he ignored it and was reading a book as though he’s deaf, and couldn’t hear my phone ringing.

I stormed towards him, and snatched the book from him, then threw him a glare which he replied with a smile.

His eyes darkened a little bit as they trailed along my body, then he licked his lips as if they’ve run dry.

“You look yummy in my shirt, my heartbeat” he said.

“Didn’t you hear my phone ringing?” I asked him, ignoring his compliment.

He glanced at my phone, and nodded.

“Oh, yeah”

I frowned even more.

“Then why didn’t you pick up and tell whoever is it that I’m busy, and I’ll call back later?”

“Because I don’t wanna hear his voice, or I might smash your phone” he answered, and my guess was confirmed, it’s Asher calling.

He glared maliciously at my phone, and I subconsciously reached for it as though I’m protecting it from his ev’l eyes.

“Just seeing his name on the screen is annoying enough!” he spat out, as if his eyes just saw something di$gusting.

I set my lips on thin lines, then shook my head and quickly answered the call -well, Asher always pick the wrong time to do things.

“Hey, Rachel”

He breath out from the other side, his voice sounded as though he’s been panicking and worried.

“Hi, Asher”

Arms suddenly wrapped around my waist immediately I called Asher’s name, and a light but lingering kiss was placed on my neck, which made me frown and wonder what Duncan’s trying to do.

Is he trying to mark his territory? For someone that isn’t even here? Ugh!.

“Rachel, are you ok? Why haven’t you been picking my calls? Where are you? Are you finding it difficult to get a cab? Should I come and pick you up?” he asked several questions in one breath.

“I’m fine, Asher, I was in the bathroom when you were calling, and I couldn’t pick up since my phone was in the bedroom” I explained briefly.

“What? Bathroom and bedroom? Wait, where are you?”

“Oh, I’m with my husband” I answered. “In his penthouse” I added.

“Your husband?”

“Hm” I agreed.

“Finally, I’m not your ex-husband” Duncan whispered in my ear, which made me push him off me and I walked towards the table in the room and sat down.

“Does this mean you aren’t coming home tonight?” Asher asked in a very low, and somewhat, broken voice.

Home.. his home isn’t my home.

“No” I answered curtly.

Then there was a brief silence, and he broke the silence with a deep sigh.

“Alright, then, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow” he said.

“Hm” I replied, then I hanged up before he could say anything more. “Phew!” I breathe out in relief.

“Can we go watch our movie now?” Duncan asked.

“Yep!” I answered enthusiastically.

Duncan walked towards me, he swooped me in his arms, and dashed towards the door.

“Let’s go to the movie room!” he said.

“You have a movie room?” I asked, and he nodded. “Like your own personal Cinema?”


“That’s so cool” I exclaimed excitedly.

Now I’m excited to watch some movies with him.


“Let’s watch fast and furious” Duncan said.

“No, it isn’t healthy or educational for our baby” I argued.

“But our baby isn’t even here yet”

“Yeah, I know that, but he can hear us already, and he’s slowly picking up on everything and anything we do”

Ok, so Duncan and I have been arguing over what movie to watch for the past ten or fifteen minutes, he wanted fast and furious, but I and my baby wanted to watch some educational, like; Little mermaid or Sofia the first -isn’t he supposed to compromise for us?

He narrowed his eyes at me.

“My heartbeat, why do I feel like you’re using our baby as an excuse to oppress me, and deprive me of watching my fast and furious?”

“What?” I feigned an innocent expression, as though he’s unjustly accusing me. “I would never use our baby as an excuse to do you wrong” I promised, which was a big lie.

I’m obviously using our baby as an excuse right now, because I really wanna watch either The little mermaid or Sofia the first so bad.

“But I…”

“I know you’re a Mafia lord, but we can’t teach our son how to shoot while he’s still in his mother’s womb, right?”

My voice was extremely calm to make sure my words are convincing enough, and would sink deep in his brain.

He stayed silent for a moment, and stared at me as if he’s reasoning what I just said, then he sighed and nodded reluctantly.

“Fine, let’s watch cartoons” he emphasized on ‘cartoons’, but I ignored his tone and started jumping victoriously.

“I won, I won, I won”

“You won?” Duncan asked with a small frown, then I recollected my words and shook my head.

“We won, we won” I rephrase my words, adding our baby this time.

He sighed and shook his head as if he saw through my trick.

“Stop jumping around, or you’ll make our baby dizzy” he emphasized on ‘our baby’ which means he’s indirectly telling me, he saw through my trick.

“Let’s start with Sofia the first” I ruffled his hair as I said that.

“Hm” he simply hummed. “I didn’t know my Netflix and chill would be involving kids” he grumbled referring to our child.

“Are you jealous of your own son?” I teased him.

“Of course” he replied and I laughed.


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