Chapter 61



Four Months Later

“P-please, don’t… argh”

A man released an agonized howl as a bIade landed on his back, cvtting very deep in his fIe$h.

He weakly gathered himself, and tried to crawl away from the mercilessly bIade that was still coming for him, but he wasn’t fast enough because the bI.ade landed on his left leg, and almost ¢ut it off.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 61 – 70. Thingscouplesdo

His mouth fell open as another agonizing h®wl emitted from the deepest part of his throat, he turned around and stared pleadingly at the figure towering over him, with anger and thirst for bI.ood hooded in his (the figure’s) narrowed dark eyes.

“Where. Is. My. Money. Rowland?” the figure asked in a very calm, but anger filled voice.

The man (now known as Rowland) shook his head as he crawled away from the figure, until his back met the wall, and he had no where else to run to, or hide.

“Gi-give me some time..” he coughed out some bI.ood. “.. I’ll.. I’ll pay you back, just… Arghhhh” the bIade landed on his right shoulder, and his right arm instantly fell off to the ground.

Rowland threw his head back, and continued s¢reaming as great pa!ns shoot all over his body, his bI.ood has formed a small pond by now.

“I have given you enough time, do you think I have so much patience?!” the figure growled.

Rowland shook his head desperately, he opened his mouth to speak, but coughed out bI.ood instead.
Just then the door creaked open, and Fatima walked in with a cellphone.

“Mr Baldwin, your aunt’s calling” she said to the figure, now known as Mr Baldwin.

Mr Baldwin groaned, but turned around and snatched the phone from her, he glared at the screen before bringing it closer to his ear.

“Hello” Mr Baldwin answered, walking four feet away from Rowland.

“Duncan, when are you going to come home?” came a female (aunt’s) voice from the other end. “It’s been three weeks since you last came home, are you gonna continue drowning yourself in alcohol and drugs?”

“Oh, you forgot to add something”


Mr Baldwin grinned merely thinking about what he’s about to say.

“Women” his grin widened. “I love women”

“Women?! Have you no shame? Where did all your love for Rachel go after she left?” his aunt scolded him.

He scoffed.

“You’ve said it all, aunt, she left and she’s never coming back” he frown as if he just recalled something. “Why can’t I enjoy myself now that she’s gone?” he frowned even more.

There was a brief silence, and only his aunt’s ragging breath could be heard from the other end.

“I don’t care where you are, what you’re doing or how many women you have around you as we speak.. just get yourself home right now, I have something to discuss with you!” she snapped, and hanged up.

Mr Baldwin shut his eyes for a brief moment, he clenched his jaw and balled his fist tightly, to the extent his knuckles turned white.

He inhaled deeply, turned around and his eyes landed on Rowland who’s whimpering in pain on the ground.

“You know what, you can’t even pay me back my money given your present condition”

He snatched his gvn from his back pocket, and aimed it at Rowland who in turn shook his head, and silently but desperately begged Mr Baldwin to spare him his life.

“Let’s just put an end to your misery” he said as he pulled the trlgger, sending the bvllet straight to Rowland’s forehead.

He threw his phone and gun at Fatima, then headed towards the door.

“Dispose his body” he told some of his men.



“Dispose his body” Mr Baldwin told Mark and Jones as he headed towards the door.

I stared at Rowland’s body, sighed and shook my head sympathetically, he is just another unlucky soul that tasted Mr Baldwin’s exceeding frustration.

It’s been four sad months since Rachel left, and nobody has heard from her.

We searched everywhere for her, we literally searched every state and town in America, but we couldn’t find her, it’s as if she vanished into thin air -I guess she really doesn’t want Mr Baldwin to find her.

But her leaving without a proper goodbye has turned Mr Baldwin into a m®nster, he’s been klling his debtors and offenders, you don’t step on his toe or you’ve offended him and you’ll apologize to him with your life.

He klls for fun these days, and wouldn’t stop partying, drinking, smoking and drvgging himself, he even resorted to w®manizer, although he doesn’t fk them, but he love keeping them by his side.

He doesn’t even go home anymore, his days are spent in his playroom either klling someone, or t®rturing them, and his nights are spent in bars, clubs and hotels.

I have been working for him for six years now and I haven’t seen him acting like a beast -no, he’s the real d’vil right now.

He’s just hurt, and I believe he’s doing all this to force Rachel out, but as the stubborn woman she is, she refused to show up.

I wonder when all this is gonna come to an end, Maybe soon, or never.

“Follow up, Fatima” I heard Mr Baldwin growl from outside.

“Yes, sir” I replied, and jogged towards him -I don’t want to see my head rolling on the ground.

“Where are we headed, sir?” Lucas asked him as he (Mr Baldwin) entered the car.

“Hotel” he replied gruffly.

“Hotel? But nanny Pamela…”

Lucas swallowed his words immediately, and sI.apped his lips slightly when he received a very harsh glare from Mr Baldwin.

“I’ll be quiet” he cautioned himself, before Mr Baldwin would.

This is how we’ve been living for the past months, we’re always careful around him -Rachel, where the h’ll are you?


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