HIDING STAR: Episode 1-10

Hiding ?
?(she’s a crazy cook)?

Episode 1


Yes! Dad I have to gather some money so let me go there so I can be hired, i persuaded.

Okay he said in a concerned voice, and I make your favourite pasta salad, so make sure you eat I served it already I added before dashing out.

A little introduction would do, I’m christabel speilberg, just 22 years old, crazy cook as I called myself, if you for once taste my meal, you gonna kss your momma food goodbye.

Even though it’s not what I have passion for but who am I to make a choice, when my dad makes all decision.

All I have passion for is just music, my voice is a killer, i’m still looking for away to show my talent, don’t mind if you get I?.

I flagged down a cab and entered GTB mansion I said and he nodded who won’t know them, crazy fans of them they are so fantastic, gaby, brandy and tony.

I really know them, watch all the videos on YouTube, I burn my data on that.

I just wish I’m hired then I’m gonna open my own restaurant, I wish I can change my dad’s mind but of course not possible.

I wonder why my mom died when I was born, mom seems to be understanding I know how to explain to her being a chef is not my dream but a famous musician.

She would rethink with me, oh! Geez the pain of being motherless.

We are here, the cab man voice jolted me outta my thoughts.

Ohh! Thanks I said and alight.

He whined down the glass as I rummaged through my black bag I stretch out the money tohim he collected it and zoom off, I faced the Almighty building even the outside is just like a paradise.

I approached the gate and something like camera scanned me from head to toes, what for? I smirked and the hate opened automatically, what just kill me?

This is P…… A….. R…. A…. D.. I.. S.. E, I looked around gasping at every single sight, the garage looks like they are car dealers different types of exotic cars, latest ones for that matter.

Water fountain ?at the middle of the house bubbling the view is so great, the house was painted in gold colour making it looks like it was built with gold.

Wow! Wow! Wow! I yelled and turned around and the door door opened the three boys came out of the house.

Gabriel, brandy and tony I fell like fainting is this for real, real life not in movie, how lucky I am!!!

Mirabella is in trouble, I brought out my phone and took several pics of them, I was wise enough to reduce the sound so they won’t hear the camera click.

If not and done for, immediately guys in black started trooping out of the house, so there are securities in the house.

If you try anything silly they will just attack you unaware, girlie go inside that room there you meet the rest, your hiring chance is zero percent “unpunctual “idiot one of them said and I smirked while he stacked out his tongue.

Stupid I mumbled and threw him a dirty glare.

The guys entered three different cars with securities.

The other mens entered five different cars and Followed them, I tried they have a concert.

I hastily ran towards the secluded building I entered and there was three different ladies in front of cookers set to cook, I saw a woman on the rocking chair moving front and back her eyes was glued to the news paper in her hand.

I ran towards her and bowed, I…. She cut me off and point to the gas cooker, I move swiftly towards it and dropped my bag on the floor.

I glanced at the three other ladies, trust me they all smirked, who cares.

Only if they know an expert is always hired,


I set to work and start cooking.

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