HEARTBREAKS: Episode 1-The End

(A True Life Story)

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 1

So I just got admission into the Delta State University, and my excitement to finally be free from my parents is unexplainable. For now I can finally be free, to live on my own, visit who I like, eat what I like and do whatever it pleases me without any form of interruption or interrogation. The feeling was sweet and indescribable. I am here in DELSU, not only to study but also to explore!
By the way, my name is Stephanie and this is my story!

I came from a broken home, dad left my mom a long time ago and he is now married to another woman who has given him three children. I am the second child of my mom. Therefore we were five in number. My mom has just my elder brother and I. But dad has two other girls and a boy after me.

Back to my story, I moved into my hostel a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom and toilet all in it. I was to stay with my cousin Lucy. Lucy and I were age mates even though am few months older, and coincidentally, we were also course mates.

When I got into school, I was a vrgin, innocent and God fearing,…….Lucy my roomie was younger to me but she was smarter and wiser than I was. She had a boyfriend already. She was beautiful and smart. I, on the other hand was skinny, dark and not as s*xy as Lucy.

The day we moved into our new hostel, we met two guys who were already tenants there . Smart and Joe. They didn’t waste anytime in welcoming us to the place since we were the only occupants in the compound.
After we have arranged our things in the house, Joe decided to invite us to his house to welcome us specially. I didn’t want to go but Lucy urged me to go saying they were just been nice! And so we went there.

Smart had his eyes on Lucy and Joe had already hunged up on me like a hawk to a chick. He gave us indomie and eggs with a cold bottle of fanta to wash it down. I was already tripping for him, because I was imagining how a 100level student like us could have all these beautiful things in his room. A generator, a fridge, a TV set, a green rug matched with green curtains and a soft bed! “His parents must be very rich” I thought to myself

After eating, Smart invited Lucy to his room and I was left with Joe. we chatted into the middle of the night, he was so nice to me, he told me lots of things about himself. I was laughing and enjoying the gist, though I was always checking my time but I wasn’t scared. I was waiting for Lucy to call me so we can move to our room but before I knew what was happening, I had slept off!

I was awakened by the feeling of my trousers been dragged from my waist or so I felt, I quickly jumped up and rushed to put on the light. Then I saw that Joe was sleeping and snoring peacefully, it was just him and I in the room, I would have sworn that he was really removing my trousers, but then here he was sleeping. “Maybe I was dreaming I said to myself”, I turned and grabbed my phone, I started calling Lucy……once, twice, thrice and finally she picks up.

Where are you? I asked quietly so as not to wake up Joe who was snoring slowly. I’m asleep now she muttered, where? I asked , oh sorry dear, I slept off at Smart’s. where are you? She asked me. I’m still at Joe’s room I replied her. Is he bothering you? She asked? I turned and stole a look at Joe who was still sleeping, I wondered again if he actually dragged my trousers or it was really a dream. ” No ” I said to her. Then try and sleep, tomorrow we will talk. “But”……. and the line went off before I could finish my statement.

I looked at the time, it was past 2am. There was no way I was going to my room alone at that time. I quietly went into the bathroom to ease myself, came back and laid down quietly beside Joe, I was imagining how I was spending my first night in DELSU in a guy’s house. A guy’ i barely knew, what am I doing? What awaits me in this school? This and many thoughts fill my head as I close my eyes and wonder into dreamland .

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