HIDING STAR: Episode 11-20

?(she’s a crazy cook)?

?Episode 11?


Daddy this is the third time you are shifting from one place to another, what is the matter ?i asked concerned.

You don’t need to know bunny, it’s for out safety, I would send you the address come visit during weekend, he replied.

Dad, I suspect something wrong I emphasized.

Stop being so inquisitive bunny, cool it’s nothing come visit bye darling.

Bye dad I said and hanged up.

I rolled from one side of the bed to another, dad this is suspectful I stood up immediately I have to trained my voice for tomorrow morning.

I rinsed my face and dragged my feet down stairs.

I have to make something quick, some coffee, bread and scrambled egg would do.

I set to work immediately, after I served it on the dinning table, I wonder how the boy knows it’s so coincidental.

They came down stairs all dressed except tony, Gaby is in all white, he’s so cute and his style hair gave me goosebumps.

Brandy is in blue and white, I scoffed and rolled my eyes so mean but I don’t get it there is something strange between us.

Since you said you are not going, who are we to force you, brandy said sitting down, they all get seated also.

I’ve gotten something important to do, what the fk is important more than releasing new song for crying out loud Tony, gaby said fiercely for the first time.

I’m very sure you wanted to fk your cook girlfriend brandy chipped In with an eyeroll,

I felt like punching his cute face, does he thought everyone is like him.

come on you don’t need it, gaby said again all this while it looked like he’s singing.

I glanced at Tony who was not even paying attention to them, his palter is nearly empty.

He gulped the last content in the cup,Immediately he stood up and raced upstairs.

Meet me for the thing when you are ready he glanced back and said, before walking away.

Of course I knew it ,I knew you are the reason ever since you came into this house you are a problem, he doesn’t have time for his self again, he stood up immediately and come closer.

I was at the verge of tears already, I can’t even move an inch do your worst I thought.

He raised up his hand and someone caught it in the mid way.

Leave her dude I heard gaby voice, leave her she’s not at fault let’s go, he said dragging him away.

Gaby turned his head immediately and winked, take care he said beaming.

Im dreaming right, if course I know, I pinched my cheek to confirm it geez! I’m not dreaming.

I hugged myself tightly, gaby winked at me.

Come off it Christy, go show your talent I thought and raised upstairs.

You don’t have to do that you know I said to Tony and all he did was just nodded.

He pointed towards a a table there a laptop blue gown and a blue veil and a guitar is.

Can you play guitar he asked, yes I can perfectly well since I was six I started learning it from mirabella she’s a guitarist.

Okay he said for the first time, get dressed in the that and let’s see to business.

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