HIDING STAR: Episode 31-40

Hiding ?
?(she’s a crazy cook)?

??:Waleeyat Olajide

?Episode 31?

Tell me this is not true brandy, i stammered after he told me the whole story.

You know that’s so rude, I’m your brother no iota of respect in the words you just spilled out he said.

Please! I’m not joking right now, is there a proof I asked.

Of course but have you ever seen your little self picture maybe taken with your so called that or you only, he said and I nodded ignoring he reffered to my dad as so called.

I’m coming, he said and stood up heading upstairs.

I glanced at Gaby and Tony that were looking at me like some kind of movie.

God! Who would ever believe this it’s so crazy.

Here i come Brandy said and i quickly walked towards him, i collect the picture in his hand.

It’s a family picture, a man, a beautiful lady carrying a little girl in her hand, that’s me, it’s me and a young boy been held by the man.

The picture slipped outta my hand in shock.

Gaby and Tony rushed towards it, but what could they understand.

Seriously, i whispered and staggered, i nearly feel but gaby quickly help me sit.

I signalled Brandy to come closer and he did and i hugged him immediately with tears strolling down my eyes.

He hugged me back and patted my back, Maureen he whispered.

While i just sniffed, I’m really sorry for treating you those ways, I’m really sorry, Maureen he said again and his tears wet my cloth.

It’s okay, it’s okay brandy, ohh sorry should i say big bro, we disengage and he scattered my hair.

Say anything you want he said and flashed his teeth.

Awnnn! So cute we heard and turn it’s gaby and Tony.

Wow! Family reunion tony added.

Wait! Brandy where is my dad? I questioned and his countenance change.

He’s not your dad, he killed our father, he’s ev!l he retorted angrily.

Brandy stop! He’s no ev!l, i live with him for complete twenty years, I’ve found no hidden behavior or secret things with him, he definitely has his own side of stories, i need to see him, brandy please i said and held his hand.

He closes his eyes and tightened his grip on my hand, i can tell he’s so angry.

I’m sorry brandy but we need to hear his own side of stories. I added and he nodded.

Can we go now, i said and he arched his brow.

It’s late he merely said and raced upstairs.

?Next morning?

The ride to that place was so silent, brandy closed his eyes and rest his head on the chair.

I could hardly sleep last night, i am just eager to see dad, i have a great feeling he knew nothing about our parents death.

He tried for me a lot, if this is what i can do to pay him back, i would gladly do.

We are here the driver said and parked in front of a mini big house, we alight and walked towards the door.

Brandy March forward while i trail behind.

He opened the door and all the men there bowed.

He ignored them and keep on walking, he entered and room and i followed suit.

There they tied dad down on a chair with bruises on his body.

Dad i ran towards him and he let out a frail smile.

Christabel, he called weakly, I’m innocent he said and i heard brandy scoffed.

Of course i knew dad, you are innocent i said and sniffed back the tears forming in my eyes.

20 YEARS AGO…………. He said.

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