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Written by: Authoress Ricky

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?? Episode Twenty- One??


Staring at my reflection on the mirror for a long time contemplating on whether I use a disguise or be myself tonight.

‘Just be yourself, no one is concerned about the fact you are Camila Gomez’

I put on my best bikini since it would be useful since it a pool party and every girl would be fluttering their underwears and sexy body but I don’t want to so I pick the one that cover my body a bit before I put on a big T-shirt to cover it.

I brush my real – waist length hair down and apply some lip gloss and I was make up free.
I stare at my parked luggage before rolling them to a side and the room look completely empty since I already arrange my things.

The driver my Dad sent to me would be around by 4:00am tomorrow morning so I set things up and I promise myself am never going to drink in a party again.

“Camila let go”That Zack voice and I smiled before picking my phone and I exit my room.

Zack was in short and same as the rest except from Zeke because I haven’t set my eye on him since we got back from school.

They all stare at me in amusement but I just ignore it. I know it hard for them to still believe I use them to execute my futile plan here and even cook and do chores for them.

“Where is Zeke”I asked.
“I don’t know but I can give you a ride”Jackson offered.
“No I will just wait for him”I replied friendly and he just shrug.

“Fine but you can call me if he decide not to go”Jack said and I nod.

“Bye guy”I wave at them and they all exit the house one after the other.

Now back to my question. Why is Zeke hiding since we got back from school.
I followed the stairs to his room and sigh deeply immediately I got to the front of his room.

“Camila just go back”My subconscious warned.
“Yeah! I shouldn’t be doing this”I was about to turn when the door went wide open and my eye widened.

His eye met mine in surprise and I went numb immediately because I don’t even know what to do at that particular moment.

“What are you doing here”he asked.
“Ummmm……The guys left so I was wondering if”I got interrupted.

“I will down in a few minutes”he replied and I nod before walking away.
“Camila”he called and I turn back again.

“Ummmm”he seems nervous about something because he just scratch the back of his head.
“Never mind”he replied and I frown before walking away.

J.erk! Pe.rvert! Annoying! Why can’t I hate him!.
Why can’t I just love someone else but not him?.
I was going to fro in the living room until I heard someone coming down the stairs.

“Can we go”I turn and I gasped using my hand to cover my mouth. This isn’t my first time seeing a guy have great abs so why I’m I fr.eaking out.

“Take this it might be useful”he threw me a Jacket and I caught it.
“Thanks”I muttered shyly and he ignore me and walk away and I followed him immediately.

The drive to Manson house was an awkward one thanks to the song he played that killed some tension in me.

I’m going to say out my feelings to him today but I’m fking d@mn nervous. How am I going to face Zeke Williams?.

We arrive at the party and it funny there is no noise coming from the house. We enter the house and it was fKing quiet.

“What going on”Zeke and I exchange glance.
“Zack and Zoey car are outside so where is the party taking place?”I askeds and he didn’t reply me instead he walked towards a door and I follow him.

“Zeke”I called nervously and he turn and stare at me while I swallowed before I mustered the courage to finally talk.

“I have a confession to make”I said and he just stare at me with no emotion and that even freak me out the more.

“Hey what are you guys doing come with me and Camila you should take off those cloths it won’t be necessary once we get in there”Manson interrupted and I groaned.

Perfect timing because he just ruin my confession and I doubt if it would be easy to do it again.

I turn to face Manson with a frown and he gasped when he saw me.
“What are you doing”he asked looking from me to Zeke.

“What do you mean”I shrugged.
“You revealed your true identity?”he asked and I smile.

“Yeah….they know already and it useless and it won’t be necessary staying here too because I’m leaving tonight or tomorrow morning”I replied and his eye went to Zeke.

“Is it because of him”he walk to Zeke.
“Manson stop….No but it not necessary staying here because Andrew doesn’t want me here again”I replied and he stopped.

“But Camila…..”
“Manson where is your so called pool party taking place”I change the topic and he glare at Zeke who doesn’t even seems concerned about what just happened.

“Let go”Manson lead the way and we follow him behind.

“Wow”the word escape my mouth when I saw the huge pool and different people from our school and I frown when I saw Andrew with the same girl he follow up and down.

“We need to talk after this”Manson said and pass me a drink before walking away.

“Sure”I shouted but he already jumped into the pool.

The music was freaking loud and I could barely hear what people are saying.
“Wow. ….. Zeke you didn’t tell me you are coming”That voice belong no other person but Mia and she sway her a$$ to our side.

“Hi”I wave at her but instead she stare at me T- shirt unlike her with the perfect bikini that fit perfectly on her curvy and s”xy body.

“I can help with that”She smirk.
“what”I stare at myself.
“Zeke I should help your girlfriend right”Mia asks and I was still confused.

“Sure”Zeke smiled before walking away.

“What going on”I asked.
“Come with me”she pull me by my hand and I found myself in the restroom and Mia is trying to rip off my T- shirt away from my body.

“This is a pool party for crying out loud not a sleepover”Mia rolled her eye after countless times of trying to pull off my cloth.

I stare at her or a while and sigh. “Don’t worry you would be fine Mrs. Star model”she smirk.
“It seems everyone knows my true identity and refuse to talk”I smirk and she smile.

“Actually I figured it out at the party anyway but don’t worry we are friends right”She smirk and I return a smile.

“Thanks you”I replied.

“You are save her tonight because everyone would find a hard time recognizing you and you need to get that idi0t turned on tonight”Mia smirk and I chuckled because I know she is referring to Zeke.

“Can I ask a question”I asked and she nod pulling of my cloth revealing my underwear and she gasped.

“You wear expensive things don’t you”She said and I smile.
“why are you helping me?”I asked and she stares at me.

“I need your help too”
?? Authoress Ricky ??

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