By Rowland Chukwueke



What just happened? Romeo begged me? This is unbelievable!

I can’t believe that I had anemia for over a month and recovered my memory just when the king announced me as the new CEO of Sionis Fashion choice. Does this mean he’s really my father and he knows about it?

Why must my life be full of ups and downs? Why can’t I just be happy like any other person out there?

HIS WEAK SURROGATE : CHAPTER 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

“Leona? “,

“Don’t, please. How could you stoop so low to propose to me when I wasn’t unwell? Christ! I thought you were above this! “, I half yelled angrily.

Why should he play soft now of all times, when I was just starting to plan my own revenge?

“That’s not what it means… ”

“Tell me, Romeo Sionis what it is then. Oh, I see you through like water. You want to use me as you always did, huh. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m back and won’t let it happen “, I fired, tears wailing up.

He stood there staring at me with that I’m-in-love and I’m-sorry eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Leona. I really meant all I said. I would never think of using you. I truly love you. Please don’t cry”, He breathed.

Hot tears were now streaming down my eyes. How do I carry out my revenge with this strange feeling I love have towards him?

God, why should I suffer this much?

“Stop looking at me that way, Romeo. It’s dangerous. Why on earth would you fall again for me? The popular Romeo Sionis playing soft? That doesn’t suit you in any manner. Oh, I see, a swine would remain one no matter the fking what. Do you expect me to believe, trust, and accept you after all you made me pass through? My son was fking mur.dered right under your nose but all you did was to drop the divorce papers right before me”


“Sorry?! “, I flamed, angry at myself for have feelings for the dmn bea$t. Isn’t this the worst betrayal whose heart could subject you to?

Why on earth would it be him?

“Yes, that’s the words you gonna say. You tricked me into marrying and let some ba$tard rappe and impregnate me. All you did was t©rture me and now you come back expecting me to take you back? Jeez! You must see yourself as some demi-god, but I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, Romeo, you don’t deserve me nor any other reasonable woman all your life. People like you should die lonely because you don’t give a sht about others’ emotions. The mere sight of you sickens me to the core. Just get out of here. Right now! “, I blurted, my bIood boiling.

I watched walk out before falling to the floor, my tears streaming down the more.

I’m sorry Romeo but I forgave you already. That’s why I won’t let you suffer the way you made me suffer. You deserve better. I’m doing this for everyone’s good and forgive me for saying you don’t deserve any woman. You are actually a sweet person, so I hope you meet someone who would appreciate you for who you are half-brother.

I would just leave you and your family the way I came in without causing trouble for anyone. I promise to think of you every time.

‘You can’t go. This is your father’s house’, My inner yelled.

A sigh escaped my lips. My whole life has been regrettable. What’s the difference if I sacrifice myself for others’ happiness.

I am not sure why, but I ache to leave this palace which has offered me nothing but pain and sadness.

I walked over to my closet and threw the door open. I pulled out the first coat I came to.

Steeping into my boots, I neglected to put stockings on. Then weak, I moved, quiet as the passage from life to de.ath, down the curved staircase out the front door into the spinning white night.

“Goodbye my lover and brother “, I murmured as a tear trailed down my face.



The strain, grime, and fatigue of his sleepless night dragged on Romeo’s face and figure.

“How could this happen? I left her in her chambers. I thought those guards were active! “,

“Romeo, she slipped out at night when everyone was asleep “, I spoke in soothing tones, as if to a child in the cradle.

He flung his Aquascutum over the back of a chair. There were lines in his smooth face that I never noticed.

Poor child, I would make your life miserable for what your mother took from me.

I went over and lay my hand on his arm, murmuring sweet names and childhood reassurances.

He winced, pulling away.”Mother, don’t you understand? Leona is gone”

Trying to play hard? I would make you listen to me as you used to. I have to use my last card on you then.

“Nothing will be helped by your becoming hysterical. You’ll have to calm down before I talk to you “, I breathed patting his hair.

“Fine fine”, he pressed his hands down on a chair back until the knuckles glowed white. “What did the police think “,

“I didn’t call the police after all”, I replied.

“What did you say? “,

“I felt it would be better if we kept this private. Do you realize what this kind of thing would do to our reputation? “,

He flamed, his face showing clearly he was angry and sorrowful. How was that wench able to turn this cold beast into a soft human?

She’s her mother’s daughter after all.

“Somehow I’m finding this hard to believe, mom. Are you telling me that for some vague reputation, you let the woman I once tortured and now love walk out of this house, and didn’t even try to find her? “,

“A mother has to do many things she doesn’t want to- out of love, you understand “,

“No, I don’t understand “, his voice boomed as he knocked the chair of its pins. “I want Leona home, Mother. I want her back. In fact, I’m going out to look for her right now”, He turned his sullen back to me.

“What if I told you she left on her own”, I breathed.

My lips stretched into a smile as I saw him stop on his track.

“What do you mean? “,

“Sit down, Romeo “, I commanded. “I have something to tell you “.

He hesitated, but finally picked up the fallen chair and sat back against it, his palms on his thighs. “Go on”, he breathed.

“You may not want to believe this”, I spoke with care, “because you seem to love her deeply. But your wife left of her own accord ”

“You’re right. I don’t believe you. Leona would never leave without having her revenge on me”,

“Just listen! Leona left because of something I told her, something I’ve kept buried inside me for a long time “,

“Don’t play games with me, mother. I’m too tired for games “.

”Romeo, it’s not a game. Soon After you were born, your father had an affair with another woman. I… Saw he once. I followed them. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… “,

His expression softened. Just as expected.

“You don’t have to tell me”,

“I do. You’ll see why soon enough”, I took a breath. “This woman, Romeo, was carrying your father’s child. When I first saw Leona, I realized that she was that child. Romeo you married your half-sister”.

A riot of emotions played across his face -disbelief, disgust, and finally, desolation. Just how I wanted.

“It can’t be… ”

“I had to tell Leona, Romeo. It was the only thing I could do… Please don’t hate me I don’t think I could go on if you hated me “, I faked a cry.

He remained mute with a faraway look in his eyes.

“Do you hate me then, Romeo? “, I whispered.

“No, mother”, the sound of his voice was dry and coarse like the rustling of dead leaves. “It was the right thing to do”, he said mechanically, “You always do the right thing”.

“Yes”, I crossed to him and embraced him around the neck.

He grasped my hands with his. “I had no idea. You should have told me before”.

“Oh my darling, I wanted to”, I rained ksses on his forehead, I dug my fingers into his brow, smoothing away the sorrow and pain. “You don’t know how many times. You were always my comfort”, I pretended further.

Only if you knew how much I hate you, Romeo.

“But wasn’t her leaving the cleanest and most merciful way to end the episode? “,

“That’s right, Romeo and you should play your part by filling for abandonment and keep her disappearance unpublicized “, I breathed smiling.

His hands left mine fall at my words.

“What’s wrong, darling? “,

“Mom, I have always listened to you but I’m sorry I won’t let Leona sacrifice for me. I let her go in the past but this time, I won’t “,

What? No. No. This can’t be happening.

“Don’t you still understand, son? She’s your half-sister “, I breathed almost about to explode.

He faced me with this familiar determined eyes that made my heart sank.

“You’re the one who seems not to understand, ma. If fate brought the two of us together knowing we were half-siblings, then it should be ready to see the outcome. I’m not gonna let fate test me, mother. I’m gonna test fate. I won’t file for abandonment and divorce! “.


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