Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 39

Aliyah’s Pov:

“So girlfriend how do you like Capetown?” Dora asked as we went out for lunch that afternoon.

I smiled broadly.

“Well you see Dora! Capetown is a very nice place but the more reason why I like it here is because my daughter does…. The fact that Arya likes it here alone makes me like it more” I spooned the salad into my mouth.

“Am glad she’s beginning to like the place” Dora smiled.

“Yes… Especially the new school!” I laughed.

“Am very happy for you and your daughter” Dora replied.

“You know Dora from now on we will be very busy based on the wedding preparations so that’s why I really want Arya to make friends so that she won’t be bored” I said.

“And it’s a very good development that she likes the school” Dora snapped.

“Yes Dora! Am really happy” I said.

“So what now? Hope you will accompany me to get the uniform of the day for my Arya” Dora laughed.

“Of course… You know she can’t wait to attend your wedding” I added as we shared a laugh.

“And I can’t wait to see her fit into the wonderful gown that the designer is making” Dora said.

“Thank you so much Dora! You are more like a sister to me than a friend” I sincerely said.

“Come on Aliyah! If you were to be in my shoes then am sure you will do more for me” Dora said as we hugged each other.

I never knew I could get a sister in such a far away land.

A sister who is kind to me even more than my family.

Come to think of it my own father disowned me while an outsider took me in.

All my life I’ve received love from strangers instead of family.

Look at Leo who has been helping Arya and I,,, we barely know him.

He even employed me in his fashion shop here in Capetown.

Leo has been so kind to Arya and I that my daughter even considers him family.

Then Dora…. She has been with me through thick and thin and I wonder what I have ever done to deserve such a special creature as a best friend.


Mr Gregory’s Pov:

I took off my eyeglass as I mopped my sweaty head with the handkerchief as I exhaled deeply.

“What are you trying to tell me doctor? Are you saying there is nothing we can do?” I asked with the weakest voice.

“Am very sorry honourable but there is nothing that can be done” The doctor repeated.

“What? Doctor it’s my wife we are talking about here” I cried out.

“The trauma has become so persistent honourable…. I don’t think we can keep on giving her drugs…. It’s been thirteen years since we started giving her drugs and there is no improvement” The doctor heaved a sigh.

“Doctor am so confused… For many years my wife is still in shock? I don’t know but my life is more like he.ll right now” I groaned.

“You shouldn’t loose hope honourable” The doctor tried to console me.

“Oh please doctor! I really don’t think those motivational words would do anything cos am freaking tired of believing that Roselyn would be well again” I scoffed in disbelief..

Tears circulated in my eyes as I blinked hard.

I turned to the bed in the doctor’s office where Roselyn was lying as miserably as ever.

Tears also rolled down her unblinking eyes.

You know I really wished I never disowned our daughter.

I wish Aliyah never left cos my wife left me since she left.


Natasha’s Pov:

“Gosh Nat! It was such a long trip here” Brenda said as I handed her a glass of red wine.

“I know girl” I said as I sat beside her with my own glass of wine…

“You have such a lovely place here” Brenda complimented as I smiled broadly.

“Thank you so much” I replied her.

“You know if not for that notorious son of yours then we would have still be close to each other” Brenda rolled her eyes.

“Brenda?” I gave her a questioning look.

“What? Is it not true? Let’s be truthful for God’s sake Natasha” She almost screamed.

“He is still my son” I snapped.

“I know but the truth is that he is getting out of hand slowly and that is not good at all” Brenda said.

“I know Brenda that’s why I keep praying and hoping that he changes to a new leaf here in Capetown” I said.

“He should better turn to a new leaf cos that silly attitude of his is not good for your reputation” She said as I gulped the wine.


Arya’s Pov:.

The boy glared hard at me in so much disdain.

I wanted to scream at him but I couldn’t in front of the principal…

“You know each other?” The principal asked as I gulped hard.

“No…” We chorused together as I eyed him.

“You can go now Miss Cruz” The principal said as I forced a smile at her and walked away.

“Am gonna smash you” He whispered into my ears as I walked past him.

I clenched my fist as I walked away.

“Arghhhh…. I hate that j.erk” I groaned in annoyance……..


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