Episode 11

Not only had Mary been able to get Vivian out of the way, Vivian was no longer having Leonard’s child. And if things worked as she planned it, she would be going out of that office with a mini Leonard inplanted in her; she had tactically made sure she was ovulating before she set the ball rolling.

So even if Leonard planned to still stick around Vivian after all she had made him see, she was sure going to make him sit his bvtts with her when she announces the pregnancy.

Certainly, Leonard wouldn’t want his child born out of wedlock, so he’ll marry her ASAP. She smiled happily at the thought of having Leonard come home to her everyday. It made her feel all the effort she had to put in to make this day come true worth it!

HOUSE OF THORNS : EPISODE 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

She had been working for so long to get back the man Soddick had made her lose a few weeks to their wedding. If only she had known things would escalate to the extent she found it, she would have allowed Soddick tell Leonard about her little play with the statistics lecturer.

But she had yielded to his blackm@il and agreed to have just one night with him to keep him from telling Leonard about the secret.
Then, Leonard had come to see Soddick that night and had found her in his bed. He had cried about how the betrayal had hurt him so badly when he was still trying to act like he didn’t know that she had in the past slept with the statistics lecturer.

Leonard told her he was thinking she did what she did because they weren’t committed to each other at first, but with her sleeping with his best friend before their wedding, it certainly spoke volumes of what she could do if he married her. And since then, Mary had been working to get Leonard back, today happened to be the day she had been waiting for.

She danced closer to Leonard and let her bouncing melons roll on his face, making him grab them aggressively, and nibbling with his fingers. She liked the way he was drowning in the pool of her sduct!on. He was sinking deeper and deeper, totally oblivious of what awaited him.

And just when the heat of the passion overwhelmed Mary, when she was sure he was going to go all the way, he paused, looked at her strangely and asked her why she was messing with his head.

“Who are you young lady? And why are you messing with my head? How did you get in here?” he asked looking both worried and apprehensive.

“Calm down baby. It’s just me” Mary said, trying so hard to conceal the anger that was boiling in her. Why was he holding back all of a sudden? Why was he trying to resist her when he had been flowing along from the start?

“I have a wife! Please leave now. Please leave” he repeated, but she wasn’t about to let him slip off her hand so easily. She was in the peak of her ovulation, when would she have this kind of opportunity again?

“Common baby, we were good a while ago!” she lamented as she practically tried to get her knockers into his mouth.

“The young man has asked you to leave twice” came a voice so angry and authoritative. Mary turned around sharply and her worst fear was standing right in front of her.

There at the door were Tricia and her sister Valerie. While Tricia was looking at Mary with contempt, Valerie was looking at Leonard in awe and dismay. What could have made the ever collected and discreet Leonard fall so low to drinking and getting harassed by a woman as shameless as the one standing by his sides.

“Sorry boss, I know this isn’t the right place for lovers but, Leo and I shouldn’t be disturbed now. He’s heartbroken and had asked me to accompany him” she said, wishing she had super powers to make the two sisters disappear and let her get what she came for.

She turned around to see if she could get Leonard nod to what she was saying, but he was already snoring. “WTF” she screamed in her head, not knowing what to do again.

“And why exactly would he want you to accompany him? Your profile didn’t state that you’re a sxx worker” Valerie taunted her, despising her with everything in her.

“With all due respect, I take exception to name calling. Leonard and I are dating and he loves me so much, he’s been depressed because we had some issues” she announced, happy that he wasn’t awake to refute what she had just said.

“Oh that’s great. You heard that sis? What are you going to say about a woman of low virtues distracting a key players in the company, right under your nose?” Valerie asked, seeming more angry that she should be.

Mary opened her mouth to talk, but Tricia gave her a look that sent cold chills down her spine.
“Miss Mary, I regret to announce to you that we won’t be needing your services after tonight. The accountant will credit your account with three months salary at the end of work tomorrow, but be informed that the company security will be adequately briefed on what to do in the event that you ever show up here again after this night” Tricia told her calmly and turned around to leave.

“Why are you still standing? Hurry and get dressed quickly. Cover up your repulsing body and get out of here I do not wish to throw up” Valerie told her angrily.

“You two can conspire and fight me, you can get your sister to fire me, but you know what, Leo is mine. And I won’t leave him here for you two annoying sisters to fight over who’d keep him. I’m going with him, I’ll take him home” she told Valerie defiantly as she hurriedly got dressed.

“Thank God you know he has a home. I almost thought you didn’t know he’s married. Don’t worry desperado, I’ll send him home” Valerie told her and looked up to see her sister who had returned with two security men.

“Kindly escort Miss Mary to her office to pick her personal belongings and walk her through the company’s gate. She’s an ex employee of this company that won’t be needed here again. I hope you know what that means?” Tricia told them and stood aside to allow them do their job.
“Yes boss” they chorused. “Young lady!” one of them said politely, as he pointed the door for Mary. She looked at the two sisters in indescribable h@te. “Intimidate me all you want, but he’s never going to be yours” she threw at them as she got escorted out of Leonard’s office.

When Valerie and Tricia agreed it was okay to wake Leonard up, they had already contemplated taking him home, and letting him pass the night in the CEOs private suite. Tricia felt his wife would have a heartbreak if she saw her husband in that state. But Valerie told her he’d be in a bigger sht if he passed the night away from his home.

So the two sisters asked Tricia’s new personal driver to take Leonard home, after giving him the address, while Tricia rode with her sister home. Valerie drove home feeling very happy that she had followed her instincts to come to the company.

She had called Leonard several times to know how his day went. She was curious to know how the meeting with Larrabet Holdings ended, but he didn’t take her calls, neither did he return the calls. That was highly unlike him.

Then, she sent a message, asking how the meeting went, and he still didn’t reply or call her. She called her sister instantly to ask if Leonard had returned from the meeting and was told he had been in his office all day. He must have a really serious job he’s doing for he hadn’t been seen since he got into his office.

Valerie didn’t like the sound of what she heard. She felt something was odd about the way he neither took calls nor returned calls, so she rushed to the company to meet her sister who was working late as usual. The sight they met was worse than what Valerie had anticipated. A desperate woman was forcing herself on a visibly drunk Leonard.

Valerie and Tricia had barely got a change of clothes when the driver returned with Leonard. His house was empty, his wife was nowhere to be found, the driver reported.

Although he was already awake, he was still disoriented from the volume of alcohol he still had in his system.

Tricia suggested sending him to a hotel room, but Valerie was afraid of leaving him alone in a hotel room when something so depressing must have made him drink so badly.

They eventually agreed to let him sleep in the guest room, and Valerie made up her mind she was going to check up on him as many times as she could that night, to be sure he was okay.

And this task she performed faithfully, staying awake most of the night, as she sat close to him, surfing the internet to keep her awake and observe him. And when he stirred, she made him a glass of warm milk.

Leonard spent a very long time drinking the glass of warm milk she had made for him, sipping occasionally, until he exhausted the content. “My head aches. Where am I? Miss Valerie?” he asked looking totally confused.

“You’re fine now. We met you almost passing out in your office and Miss Mary hovering over you virtually nked” she told him.

“God no!” He screamed, looking at his groin area his face filled with fear and regret. “Don’t worry Mr Leonard, it’s okay. Your super hero here, came to the rescue before things got out of hand” she said, laughing at how he had shown just how much he’d have felt if she hadn’t rescued him.

“And you should be pleased to know that my sister got her fired, so you won’t be having her pester you again while you work. So you see, you should buy me a large ice cream to thank me, and your wife? She owes me big time” she said laughing good naturedly.

And as soon as he heard the word “wife”, Leonard’s countenance fell again. He held his head so low, it almost fell off his neck. “What now? You think she’s going to be mad you didn’t come home tonight? Don’t worry, she’s not home…” she was saying, but he cut her short.

“He1l, she won’t be. She must be with the man she was bold enough to have hump her in my sitting room” he said miserably, fresh tears tickling down his handsome face.

“No ways! I’m so sorry Mr. Leonard” she said, walking up to him and helping him wipe off the tears that flowed endlessly. “So while he was doing his best to resist this Mary, telling her he had a wife, he was hurting from having seen her pants down” she thought incredulously.

Leonard felt very safe as he sat there, with Valerie kneeling by his sides and wiping off the tears from his face. It felt ironical that he was the one crying while a woman comforted him. But the feeling of her hands on his face felt so natural and ideal, he had always been on his guard around Valerie, but that night, he had no guards to put on!

He had always been uncomfortable with the way she looked at him, but as she knelt beside him, dutifully drying his tears and sincerely sympathizing with him, nostalgia overwhelmed him, and he found himself hugging her on impulse.

She didn’t resist him, she didn’t push him off, she knew he was grieving and needed a shoulder to cry on, so she let him hold her, and she did more, she hugged him back compassionately, as she assured him everything would be alright. And for the first time since he saw his wife beneath another man, he felt oxygen going into his brain again.

They were glued in each other’s arms like this, wrapped in an embrace they seemed like lost lovers when Tricia opened the door to see how he was doing.


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