Episode 1

Vivian was pacing to and fro in her bedroom. She had been frantic and anxious for over three hours, cvrsing and crying, and still unable to get across to her husband.

“Leonard, I cvrse the day I met you” she whimpered as she dialed the number again. “Why would he remain unreachable if he’s not truly with another woman? Why would he still be out of our home by this time if he had just closed from work and traced his way home like every other responsible man?” She rhetorically asked no one in particular.

Vivian was all flustered. Her heart was racing wildly and her face scrunched up in pains as she took yet another shot of the whiskey she’d been consuming for about three hours, since she got a call to inform her that her husband was with another woman again.

“Why did he not take her calls? Why was he acting like he didn’t see all her incoming calls if he wasn’t busy with the woman he’d been seen with?” she thought painfully as she mouthed another dram of whiskey.

HOUSE OF THORNS : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

Vivian was already giddy when she dialed her husband’s number again. This time, the phone was answered on the third ring, but the person on the other side was definitely not her husband.

“Hello ma’am, you may have to stop calling now, he is currently away and unable to take your calls” the female voice told her calmly as soon as she took the call.

“And you are?” Vivian asked in pure rage. But before the person speaking with her could say a thing, Vivian smashed the glass in her hand on the wall angrily. “Don’t say a thing bch. Save your strength to pass this message to him. Tell Leo that he’s done his worst now” she said and hung up before the other person could say a thing.

That night, Vivian cried helplessly, with no one to console her. She had called Mary, her confidant to tell her the situation of things, but she was also away. She wasn’t talking her calls too.

So, Vivian resorted to drinking and crying, waiting for Leonard to come back and see just what she could do. Enough of her being all lovey and nice to Leonard, it wasn’t making a difference.

She had been doing her best to see how she could win her man back. Doing the most to ensure that even though she had been reliably informed that he was cheating on her, she made him still feel like the king she had always called him.

But the more she tried to be nice to him, the more he kept doing the most to hurt her. And today, not only has he stayed away from the house to such an ungodly hour, he had even had his female companion take his call.

That was the height of it, and she knew she wasn’t going to be virtuous any more. She wasn’t going to pretend and smile when he returns home tonight, he needed to know that she had caught up with all his games and antics for a very long while, and he had to face the music.

She wanted Mary to know of her decision to give Leonard what he deserved, but she was unable to take her calls, so she just had to go on with her plans without getting Mary in the picture.

“Leo my husband, wait for the hurricane that’s about to hit you tonight. You won’t believe what’s lying in wait for you here” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror, laughing cynically.

Vivian was all shades of sad and bitter as she sat there looking at herself. She had lost quite a lot of weight and the dazzle in her beauty. Her eyes were sore and swollen, her nostrils twitching uncontrollably as her mouth kept mumbling inaudible words of complaints.

She had indeed turned a shadow of herself. An erstwhile beautiful, dazzling and warm wife to hard-working, rich and handsome young man was now appearing all craggy and undesirable. She had suddenly lost so much weight and allure as she had been preoccupied in monitoring her husband in recent times.

And as much as she wished not to see those things Mary had told her she’d find in her husband, they were always there; a proof of what he’d been doing. “I’ll make you wish you didn’t meet me Leonard, I’ll make you regret ever choosing to go down the path of infidelity” she said, throwing yet another glass on the wall.

But, when Leonard did return home, she was already snoring loudly in the sitting room. And having drank so much, she really didn’t have the faintest idea of what was going on around her.

Leonard was very shocked to see his wife in that state. He scooped her off the couch she was lying carelessly and took her inside their room.

She was reeking of alcohol and acting so inordinately as he tried to wake her up. He needed to wash her up, to see if she could feel better. His wife was cvrsing him while he bath her, she was h!tting him and calling him !nsane names, but he knew she certainly wasn’t in her right frame of mind. The alcohol in her was speaking!

“What could have made my wife drink so much when she has never taken even a shot before? And why in God’s name didn’t she remember that she is pregnant?” Leonard thought unhappily as he cuddled her, taking all the hits and fowl words she hurled at him.

“You’ll be alright my baby just try to sleep. When you wake up, everything would be okay” he told her and kssed her lightly on her lips. He was having a hard time being around her with the stench of the alcohol still so strong in her breath, but it was his cross to carry, he couldn’t let her fight the effect of the alcohol on her own.


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