How A Cleaner Won A Child Support Battle Against A Young Millionaire She Never Slept with

A 40-year-old hotel cleaner has won a child support battle against a 28-year-old millionaire who she never slept with in Las Vegas.

Jane, the hotel cleaner was 36 years old when she stole a used condom from a then 24-year-old tech millionaire’s hotel garbage can.

She found a way to insert the content in the used condom she stole inside her and she became pregnant with a baby boy who is now 4-years-old.

She said “He left his bank statement on the nightstand in his hotel room and I saw it when I was cleaning, at the time I wanted a baby so bad and I thought it would be better if I had a baby with a rich man”

After the paternity test was conducted, the young millionaire is found undoubtedly the father of the child. The court ordered him to pay the mother of the child $2 million for the 3 years of his son’s life he missed.

The lawyer of the young millionaire has said his client will go after other legal means against Jane for stealing is personal belongings and violating his privacy.

Jane had reportedly left the hotel as a cleaner and started a few businesses. The child is still staying with her, who she named after his father.

She is not even scared of semen transmitted infection. Semen is thick enough to habor bacteria and virus. Apart from that, she even didn’t know the medical background of the young millionaire before her action.