DEEP HATRED (Episodes 13 & 14)

This interesting story is written by Queen

Episode 13

Rayna’s Pov
Debbie and Selene kept on glaring at me, their eyes were so killing and I couldn’t help but look away. The environment was tensed and the perfectly working air conditioner was doing nothing from stopping the sweat in my body. Debbie was the first to start the rude conversation. “What do you want?” She asked rudely folding her hands and frowning. I opened my mouth to talk but Debbie quickly shunned me. “I hope you are not here for my brother (she chuckled rudely) wait don’t tell me you are here for my brother” She said. I waited for Selene to say her mind before I replied but since she wasn’t saying anything. “I I came came here to to see Daxton” I stammered nervously gaining a mocking laugh from both of them. “I I came came here to see Daxton” Selene mimicked. “You know there’s something I don’t understand about you young woman, what exactly do you want from my bother? While he was poor you hurt him and now that he’s rich, you asked him to risk your life for one bastard child” She said. I was offended at her words but fighting wasn’t the next option. “Firstly Debbie, my daughter isn’t a bastard and secondly I didn’t ask your brother to risk his life, he did it because he loved his daughter” I said and turned to leave. Staying to argue with this girls was just a waste of time. I would come back for Daxton.
I turned to leave and felt them killing me with their eyes, I walked to the hall and met the guy talking to Jennifer and Isa. “Your phone” He said and handed me my phone. I smiled and thanked him. Somehow he looked familiar, like I have met him before but can’t say where or when. “My son’s birthday is coming up, he’s going to be 5 next week, I was thinking Isa should come, probably make more friends” He said. I smiled and agreed but first Daxton was my priority for now after Isa. “Don’t worry he is going to be okay” The man said when he noticed my sad face. “All you just have to do is stay by his side always, I know he needs you now, he kept on saying your name when he was brought in” He said and I felt my cheek heat up, Jennifer noticed it and winked at me. “We’ll see later Miss Skylar” He said and turned to leave. “I don’t even know your name sir” I said. “Oh my apologies, my name is Taylor Rader, but feel free to call me Taylor” He said. “Okay Taylor thanks a lot” I said and looked at him very well, he really looked familiar.
“Here honey, your favorite multi flavor milkshake and sandwich” I said serving my daughter. I was really happy my baby was back home. “Mummy I want to be kidnapped everyday” Isa said. Jennifer gasped while I looked at her shocked at the ridiculous statement. “But darling why?” I asked. “Because mommy you don’t allow me drink this milkshake at all, but because I was kidnapped you are giving it to me” She said. Jennifer let out a laugh while I pretended to frown. “Okay from now on, you’ll be having this special milk shake every Tuesdays and Thursdays including Sundays” I said and she threw her hands up excitedly. “Mummy is daddy going to be okay” Isa asked. I touched her cheeks then patted her hair. “Daddy is going to be okay, he’s strong, all he needs right now is for you to pray for him ok” I said. She nodded and ran off. I looked at Jennifer then a message went to my phone. It’s from my mother, God I totally forgot about Dad.
I swiped the message down and read it.
I sighed and dropped the phone on the shelf. “I’ll go check on Isa” Jennifer said and walked away. I took a glass of water and drank it, my thoughts went back to Daxton, I felt bad probably Debbie was right. I put a lot of pressure on him and made him risk his life.
Selene’s Pov
I looked angrily at Kate, who was holding her cheek and looking at me shocked “Selene you slapped me, your elder sister” She said. “Yes and I’ll slap you again how dare you lie to me, you kidnapped Rayna’s child after making me believe that the hire killers died in an accident. Your stupid kidnap has put Daxton in a serious problem now, he’s fighting for his life now” I told her angrily. “What does it concern Daxton with Isa? Isn’t she Rayna’s child” She said. “Yes, she’s Rayna’s child, Rayna’s child with Daxton” I yelled at her face and she opened her mouth in awe. “I thought she was Brian’s child” She said and I mimicked her. “But Selene what difference does it make, that Rayna doesn’t deserve to be happy, look she’s married to my Brian but she has your Daxton’s child, I was only doing this for us Selene. I never knew Daxton would be hurt” Kate said. I looked at her, she was actually saying the truth but I was really upset with her so I just rolled my eyes at her and walked out.
Rayna’s Pov
I woke up with a banging headache, I looked beside me and Isa was still sleeping soundly. I kissed her forehead and went to prepare breakfast but I felt Isa’s little hand hold me back. “Mummy where are you going?” She asked. “Mummy wants to go make breakfast” I said and kissed her to go back to sleep. I went to the kitchen and made chicken pasta with meat balls, it’s Isa’s favorite breakfast. I thought of Daxton while I was making breakfast, I am going to see him today no matter what but I have to see Daddy today also. Isa is going to see her grandfather today.
“Breakfast is ready honey” I said smiling but my smile disappeared immediately when I didn’t see Isa on the bed. “Isa” I said looking around. “Isa come out” I said getting scared. “Baby come on, where are you” I said getting worried. “Isa” I cried out and ran to my phone. I turned back to see my little angel smiling mischievously with her arms on her waist. “Look Mummy you got scared” She said and laughed. It was funny but I still cried, I knelt beside her and hugged her deeply. “Don’t you ever joke with Mummy like that again” I said and withdrew from the hug. “Mummy are you crying, I’m sorry I won’t do that again okay, promise” She said clasping her hands together and then wiped my tears. “I love you Mummy” She said and I smiled. “I love you too” I said and stood up. “Yaayyy pasta” She said excitedly and ran to the dining table.

Daxton’s Pov
Everywhere seemed dark, I felt lost and invalid. Rayna stood there in the light stretching her hands towards me. I walked to her and took her hands then pulled her closer. “Don’t leave me please” I said. She smiled and turned but I pulled her closer sniffing her flowery skin. “I don’t want to lose you woman” I said and she touched my chest, it was exactly where I was shot but I felt no pain there probably because she was touching it. She smiled and shook her head then wrapped her hands around my neck. “Rayna” I said breathing rapidly and I saw myself back in the hospital, but no Rayna. I was dreaming of her but she isn’t here. How disappointing……

Rayna’s Pov
I parked at the garage and carried Isa down from the car, it’s been 3 years since I came here but nothing seems to change. “Isa your hand” I said and took her hand then walked inside the mansion. Dad and mom were having a discussion at the dining table. I cleared my throat to announce my present, mom turned her back to look at me and she became very happy. “Granny” Isa said excitedly and ran to mom’s widened arms. Dad stood up assisted by a walking stick then walked away expressionlessly.
“He wants to talk you Rayna, you know your father, his ego won’t let him say it” She said. I smiled and nodded then walked to the direction he walked away in.
I smiled as I walked in the hospital, I have finally settled things with my dad. Not mostly everything but at least he loves his grandchild so much, he doesn’t know about Daxton yet. I left Isa at Dad’s mansion to make their bond increase especially when Isa doesn’t know anything about him. I’m also happy because I found a great plan to see Daxton without Debbie and Selene knowing. “Hi nurse…… Mary” One of the nurses greeted me. “Who’s your patient for the day” She asked . “Ermm Ermm Daxton Caine” I said nervously. God I pray she doesn’t finds out. “Okay, here’s your file” She said and handed me a file. ‘Thanks” I said and watched her walk away. I entered Daxton ward and luckily none of them were there. I dropped the file on a desk and walked to Daxton’s bed, he was still unconscious. I pulled my mask down and held his hands. “Hey hero” I said and smiled. “Look you know what? Hospital doesn’t fits you at all, you look ugly…yes very ugly” I said and chuckled. “Thanks so much Daxton, and I’m very very sorry, I lied to you all I said those years ago was all a lie, I do love you Daxton and it hurts badly seeing you hate me, I can’t bare it at all, I love you so much Daxton, please wake up. I don’t want to lose you at all” I said crying with my eyes closed “Really??” I heard Daxton say. I opened my eyes and saw Daxton sitting down smiling. “You…you how did you…you” I stammered.
“You said something few seconds ago, I want you to repeat it” He said. I frowned and looked away. “I didn’t say anything” I said and he started groaning in pain. “Daxton what is it? where does it hurt?” I said and he touched his lips.
“It hurts here Rayna, it hurts so badly I might die, please do something, probably you should suck it to ease the pain” He said. I squeezed my mouth and pretended to frown. “How can your lips hurt you when you were shot at the chest?” I said and he groaned loudly.
“Daxton” I said and stood up. “You are a wicked nurse Rayna, I am dying here and you can’t do anything about it” He cried out. I was getting confused, “Daxton how can your lips be killing you? Probably I should call the doctor” I said and turned to leave but he pulled me back and dragged me nearer then in one second, his lips was on mine. He tightened his grip on me and deepened the kiss. I widened my eyes in shock but closed it slowly and returned the kiss. We released seconds later and he smiled mischievously. “Now it doesn’t hurt anymore” He said and smiled. I nodded shyly and felt my cheek heated up. I chuckled and turned to leave but he pulled me back again thus time which more force. “Oh Daxton what is it again” I said and he frowned. “It’s hurting again, my lips is hurting badly, not only my lips but my my my then gave me an innocent but naughty look
“Oh God” I exasperated facepalming myself. I fell in love with the devil himself.

Episode 14

Rayna’s Pov
I looked at him and watched him smirk mischievously, he just regained consciousness and all he could think of was naughty things. “Well you want it too” My subconscious mocked me. Well it’s been more than 3 years. “Rayna am dying here” He said and pulled me closer, this time I was sitting on his bed and our lips were almost touching. I brushed my hair backwards and closed my eyes slowly while Daxton cupped my chin.
“THE HELL!!” Debbie shouted and the banging of the door followed. I stood up from Daxton’s bed quickly and looked at Debbie’s dangerous looks and Selene’s angry eyes. “You dirty swine” Selene said crying and charged for me. I closed my eyes and moved back expecting the worst but I opened it when nothing happened and saw Daxton holding Selene’s hand while she struggled to break free. “Daxton let me go” She said still looking at me while I stood behind Daxton cowering in fear. “Do you actually want to slap her” Daxton said and let her go. “Brother don’t tell me you are back together with her, this cheap thing” Debbie said. I felt insulted and came out of my hiding place that is Daxton’s back. I looked at Debbie then head for the door but Daxton called me back. “Rayna where are you going?” Daxton asked. “Please just let me be this time” I said and sobbed then walked out of the hospital.
I stood at one corner and smiled, I touched my heart and felt it beat rapidly. Then I touched my lips and thought of what happened between I and Daxton making me blush and laugh.
“You are acting a movie” I heard a masculine voice say, I turned back and saw Taylor standing with folded hands. “Tay Taylor” I said and kept a straight face. ” I have been watching you for some seconds now and you were acting like those women in zee world who finally found love” He said. I gasped and thought of what to reply to defend myself. “Sooo you watch zee world, a guy, a detective for that matter” I said in defense. “Miss Skylar, I have a wife, who burns my food extraordinary everyday ” He said and I nodded laughing with him. “So how’s Mr Caine doing, and when did you become a nurse in this hospital” He asked observing me, I smiled and tried mixing words together. “Am am am….” I stammered scratching my hair. He chuckled and touched my shoulder. He really seemed familiar and I felt homely talking to him. “Soooo concerning the kidnap case, you’ll be very surprised to know who was behind it” He said. He pulled me away from the corner I was standing in and showed me a picture on his phone. I opened my mouth in surprise, he was back, Gregory the same guy who kidnapped me 9 years ago but Daxton saved me, he risked his life for me just like he did for Isa, he’s my hero. I smiled thinking of Daxton again. “Hey Cinderella” Taylor says waving his hand in my face and snapping me out of my thoughts. “Aren’t you a happy girl today, one minute you’re surprised and another minute you’re blushing like a high school teenager who just got a boyfriend” He teased me. I brushed my hair backward and pretended to be upset. “So what’s bad if I am happy, is it a bad thing to be happy” I said and walked a few distance away from him. I went to the drinks machine and slipped a dollar to bring out a drink. Taylor came closer and I handed him a peach drink, although I’m allergic to anything peach. “Peach???, no no no Rayna I am allergic to peach” He said and I gasped. “You don’t mean it, I’m also allergic to peach” I said. I took two apple drink and gave him one. “Mine is hereditary though, I got it from my father” I told him taking a sip. I looked at the time and realized it was getting late.
“I have to go now, I have to go and pick my daughter” I said. “Are you not going to tell Daxton” He asked. I thought of Selene and Debbie, hell no was I going back there. All I needed was to change and check out.
“No, I’ll just leave” I said and walked away.
Daxton’s Pov
I sat on my bed looking at the two women nagging at me, one was my sister who was really annoying and Selene who was forcing herself at me. I couldn’t do anything to stop Rayna from walking away. I was still weak even though the naughty side of me wasn’t weak at all. I sighed and ignored the both of them by laying my head on the pillow and shutting my eyes. At least they can’t stop me from seeing Rayna in my dreams.
Rayna’s Pov
“Mummy!!” Isa squealed happily and ran to hug me while I spread my hands to hug her. I lifted her off the ground and threw her up. “Honey how are you?” I said and dropped her down. “Rayna, you’re back” Dad said. “Mummy Grandpa said we are going to be living with him from now on” Rayna said pulling my dress happily. I looked at him and he smiled, I faked a smile back. He was back with his attitude, doing things without asking for my permission. “Where’s Granny” I asked and Isa’s smile turned to a sad face.
“Grandma is in her room, she’s sad. I think she’s angry with me because I asked her a question” Isa replied playing with her hand . “Which question?” I asked knowing Isa to be very inquisitive.
“Your mother was showing her some pictures and mistakenly showed her the picture of when she was pregnant with our first child, Isa asked about the baby and that upsets your mother, she’s been moody since, it’s a good thing you are here, go talk to her” He said. I nodded and walked upstairs, it’s been 29 years but mom still hasn’t forgotten about her first son, he was a premature and mother lost him. She always wanted a male child and it really hurt her when she lost her son and also realizing she couldn’t give birth again after having me.
“Mommmm” I whined and sat on the bed, she cleaned her tears and sobbed lightly.
“Rayna you’re back” She said sniffing. “Mommy” I said like a child, I do that whenever she’s crying . “It’s ok I’m not crying again, how is Daxton?” She asked diverting the topic.
“Mom it’s been 29 years, let’s forget about the past and focus on the present” I said.
She smiled and hugged me, “it’s okay honey, it’s just I feel like my son is still alive and I can’t stop thinking about him whenever I look at my pregnancy pictures” She said. I smiled and patted her, she’s a good mother.
Taylor’s Pov
I pressed the alarm and my wife came running. “Hey boy, back from the hospital” She said and my son came running. “Daddy” He said excitedly and I played with his hair. “Hey champion” I said and we all walked inside.
“Thanks honey” I appreciated my wife who served me dinner.
“Honey there’s something amusing me and I can’t help but ask now”
“What’s it?” I asked.
“You know the girl that was kidnapped, Isa. I have been looking at her pics for a while now” She said and handed me her phone. “Can’t you see her and John looks alike, besides there’s a resemblance between you and her mother, both of you look alike with the same color of hair and blue eyes, just like Isa and John” She said. My wife is always observing things.
“Looking at the little girl’s picture, she does look like John but I don’t think Rayna and I look alike ” I said hoping for the conversation to end. Amy won’t let me enjoy the food.
“I still think both of you look alike” She insisted. “Honey guess what?” I said.
“What?” She asked.
“You and Kim kardashian look alike” I said. She frowned and pouted.
“Don’t tease me, I am serious about it, there’s a resemblance between both of you, almost the same features, it’s really…..” She continued but I cut her off.
“Hey look, it’s 9pm, Mehek is starting” I said. She stood up immediately and ran to the living room.
I chuckled, women and zee world, at least now I can enjoy my food. I and Rayna look alike, what a funny thing to say. She does seem familiar but I don’t think we’ve met before.
Rayna’s Pov
“Isa your daddy is okay, we’re going to see him tomorrow, now go to bed, it’s late” I said trying to make Isa stop worrying about her father. I haven’t even told her he’s her real dad yet, she still thinks of him as her fake father but she loves him very much. Sometimes I get jealous.
“Mommy, I want to see daddy” She insisted. “Isa , I told you already we’ll go tomorrow” I said and kissed her goodnight then tucked her in bed. I watched her sleep then walked out of her room and went to the corridor, I looked up, the crescent moon and the shining stars illuminated the sky. I smiled warmly, tucking my shoulders in my coat as a result of the cold. Then I thought of doing something I haven’t done in ages, singing..
I cleared my throat and inhaled deeply, then I started singing one of my favorite song from my heart, thinking of Daxton, Isa, mom, dad, Taylor and every special person in my life although I don’t know why Taylor is included.
My phone vibrated, I broight it out from my coat and read the message sent to me by an unknown number.
“Who texts at 11pm with an unknown number”
“Your voice should be added in 1000 ways to die ? ? so horrible, I hope you don’t kill my child with this kind of horrible voice, my EARS ARE BLEEDING” I read the message out loud.
“The fuck” I said offended and saw Daxton standing at the door grinning. I knew he was the one instantly
“I have a bad voice??” I said and he nodded. “Very bad, please stop singing” He said. “Fuck you” I said and he smirked mischievously. “Yes baby you can fuck me all you want, I am always available” He said.
“Daxton you are one bad guy” I said and he chuckled.
“Mommy what is fuck?” I heard Isa tiny and sleepy voice say.
Daxton and I looked at each other surprised. “You are in trouble” Daxton whispered in my ear and folded his arms.

To be continued