A lot of times, many people think that what they need to get rich is by just building a sales funnel and driving $20 traffic to it.

It ain’t gon work.

People just jump on the trend and talk about building a sales funnel for an idea that has no plan for expansion or testing.

In 2019, I was like this.

I saw a lot of people make money online.

Just after school, I decided to join the online business gang and affiliate marketing was the deal for me.


Took a course and went all head in.

Found a couple of product from clickbank, built a sales funnel and ran a $50 bing ad to it and boom!


Total failure

Money wasted, Lesson learnt.

The truth is you will NOT get rich sending some traffic to a sales funnel you put together in an hour.


So how do you reduce your risk of failure and not blame your guts for making such a hasty decision?


Here I listed 6 things you need to have in place.

1. You are building a business:
Your mindset towards this approach should come from a place of helping people achieve a goal/solving a problem

It’s not about “making money”

It’s about providing a service, selling a product that will be beneficial to both parties

And your sales funnel is just a tool for connecting the two parties involved while using the product to show how much you care for their success/wellbeing

And since it is a business, you need to invest in knowledge and tools to make this successful

2. Pick a niche: When you know it’s about helping people, you want to ask which is the best angle that you can help from

So pick a niche you are interested in and very passionate about

That will help you put in a lot of effort in making sure that it doesn’t fail

3. Create your customer avatar: Most people skip this part because they just can’t seem to get it right

But the question I usually ask is – Who is that ONE person I really want to help?

And once I find that person, I go out there and find his/her duplicates

There are millions of your “ONE” person

Just do your research well and you’ll find them

4. Build a break-even funnel: You could do this by yourself or hire an expert but the bottom line is, get a front-end funnel that pays for your ad spend

So you spend $10 and you get $10 back

Free+Shipping with a order bump works well
Simple 2 step funnel with a low ticket offer works well too

Webinar funnel does too

Just make sure you plan this well with your team so as to get the best result

5. Drive traffic: Did I say it’s time to get rich? Sorry my bad

Because we are driving traffic to test if our funnel is profitable

Use traffic to determine if you have a winner, if you don’t, go back to step 4

Test the funnel with different products, funnel, or important metrics

If you did, proceed to step 6

6. Scale: Once you find that winning funnel, it’s time to scale it

Scale wide and deep

Scaling wide means testing different products with the same winning funnel

This is what I usually advice

Scale wide until you are very profitable

Afterwards, scale deep

Start testing out different funnels with multiple products

All you are doing here is to get another winning funnel model that you can scale wide also

It’s a business remember, you need to have multiple of working funnels

The cumulation of the profits is what will make you rich as you desire.

Let me motivate you with this below;

If you’re feeling discouraged by your lack of progress or no results.

We all have those moments of feeling flustered, overwhelmed, and ready to throw in the towel
and quit.

Remember this, you’re going through the same process I went through and every other
6-Figure and 7-Figure earners went through.

Your time to shine will come soon enough.

Be a little patience with yourself.

The main gap between someone who doesn’t make any money vs a 6-Figure marketer is the ability to think long-term.

You’ll have good days, bad days, and some days you downright dislike your business.

Know when to take a step back and recharge.

That is the key to longevity in business (and also in life).

As I push myself to build my my first 7-Figure business online.

I prioritize my daily mental health.

? Remind myself daily why it’s important for me to focus on my goals.

? Remind myself if I quit, what is the alternative? (That’s right, no plan B for me)

? Remind myself my family and people who look to me for help depend on me.

? Remind myself I have the power to visualize my dreams and realize my visions.

? Remind myself of the man I’m developing into and where I will be 1, 3, 5 years from now.

This keeps me going on the days I feel upset and burnt out.

Most people will not tell you this….

Because it doesn’t sell you their programs but…

? The five-figure earner compares himself to the six-figure earner.

? The six-figure earner compares himself to the seven-figure earner.

? The seven-figure earner compares himself to the eight-figure earner.

You see… no matter how high you reach someone is always doing better.

It’s going to be a losing game for you if you are busy comparing yourself to people.

When you compare yourself to others you’re telling yourself I can’t be happy until I have what they have.

You must love and be proud of yourself for doing your best….

and working towards your dreams to become a better person.

Don’t be so rough on yourself….

because it makes the journey very stressful and tiresome.

Today I would like to suggest you spend 3 to 5 minutes being grateful for all of the good things you have in your life……

and the ability to build a million-dollar business online.

It’s never been a better time in history to become a millionaire.

Altogether, about 56.1 million people around the world are millionaires right now, according to a
recent finance report.

56 million people are millionaires

that’s more than TWO TIMES of the entire population in San Antonio, Texas.

There are 1700 new millionaires created in just USA alone, EVERY SINGLE DAY

I don’t know how many new millionaires are created around the world every day

But who says you and I can’t be one of them,

especially with the potential of internet??


If you spend all your time beating yourself up, feeling sad for what you don’t have,

and feeling bad for yourself you will never get what you really want.

To reach high levels of success you must always be grounded and remind yourself you’re happy
now for the blessings you currently have.

Another dollar, another award, another commission post to leverage on your wall…

none of this will make you happy if you don’t first learn to be grateful for your current blessings in life.

I hope this resonates with at least one person.

I just want you to know you’re awesome enough.

If I can turn my life around and get myself out of the clutter I was in…………

I’m 100% confident you can as well if you’re willing to do what it takes.

Whatever you do keep going, fight through the challenges and I have confidence you will hit your goals…


And remember….There is no fall back plan, but to succeed?

With this, am sure you have known HOW TO BUILD A SIX FIGURE BUSINESS ONLINE