Aphthous stomatitis, commonly known as mouth ulcer is the formation of small ulcers in our mouth. It’s a common problem and affects 20% of the population and it might last from 7 – 10 days.

The mouth ulcers might appear in the tongue, inside the lips or cheeks. It usually appears because of stress, allergies, injuries or hormonal changes.

How can such a small thing be so painful, annoying and inconvenient?

Eating, swallowing and talking may be a hard task when you have mouth ulcers.

? A natural remedy that almost everybody has at home and it’s great for mouth ulcers is honey. As it’s antiseptic, honey hydrates our mouth and relieves the discomfort.

Apply a small quantity directly on the ulcer, several times a day. You can do it whenever you find it necessary or it feels uncomfortable.

? Another option is salt. It’s a great ally when we’re talking about mouth ulcers. Just rinse your mouth with 1 teaspoon of salt diluted in ½ glass of warm water. Then, rinse your mouth with water.

? Apart from honey and salt, basil can also be useful. Due to its antimicrobial properties, it’s used as a natural ingredient and it’s really efficient for oral hygiene. That’s why a basil mouthwash can help to fight and prevent mouth ulcers.

You just need to mix ½ cup of basil leaves and 4 glasses of 1 litre of natural boiled water. Let it rest and keep the mix in the fridge. Then you just have to rinse your mouth twice a day.

? Another item that almost everybody has at home and it can help with your mouth ulcer is ice. It might sound weird, but ice helps reduce the inflammation and pain, and also heals mouth ulcers. You just need to place an ice cube on the ulcer 3 times a day.

? Coconut oil is another ingredient that helps to treat mouth ulcers naturally, as it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic components. It’s pretty simple to use coconut oil to treat mouth ulcers: with the help of cotton swab, apply some of the oil in the affected area. Let it set for some minutes and then, rinse the product with water until there’s no residue left in your mouth.

? Tea is also another ingredient that can also help with mouth ulcers. One of the most recommended infusions is chamomile tea, as it contains antiseptic and sedative compounds.

Besides chamomile, eucalyptus can also be used.

Take good use of them, you should rinse your mouth or just drink the tea, without adding any sugar in the preparation.