How to Write A Cold Email

How to Write A Cold Email

Before we go into ‘How to write A cold email, let’s first find out the meaning of cold email. We shall also discuss the importance of cold email.

What Is Cold Email?

Let me explain this in a simplest form. We all know that Email is sending messages to someone or a group of people via electtonic device.

Now, a cold email is sending a message to someone you don’t know in order to have a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

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Marketing emails (or newsletters) are commercial messages sent to a subscriber or group of subscribers who have shown interest in receiving such such messages.

An very good example of Cold Email might be right there in your inbox right now, where the sales rep might have reached out to you for a product demo or wants to connect with you for a particular reason.

A cold email is an email sent to someone in order to gain their favour, opportunity, or any benefit from them, in which the receiver of the email can also benefit from.

As a content writer, I’ll say this profession is the easiest to secure jobs via cold emailing

The reason is this; you have too many people that can employ you

Personal brands
SaaS companies

You have so many options.

So, as a content writer, you’re just in luck because cold emailing can help you communicate with these different sets of people at the same time and apply to work with them.

Job platforms can be limiting. Keep using them

However, expand your reach by cold-emailing more people in different niches.

So, are you in the content industry and you’re struggling with getting a decent job, then try cold emailing.

How to Write A Cold Email. Thingscouplesdo

How to Write A Cold Email?

1. Subject Lines Are Super Important.

It is the factor that will decide whether the prospect will open your email or not. It is the first contact with the receiver and should be written very strategically.

E.g. If two marketers email you for a product demo, which email are you more likely to open?

Marketer 1 – Product demo
Market 2 – Hey, John, you’re invited!

The first seems like a regular promotional email, while the second builds curiosity. So, always add a catchy subject line. If your subject line catches your recipient’s attention, it will move them to open it.

2. Email Body Should Be Slim.

The human attention span is decreasing as fast as developing technologies have changed our daily consumption habits. Some research has suggested that humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Keep your email body as short as possible.

There are three parts of a cold email body:

Introduction– A section where you introduce yourself
Purpose– The reason to contact the prospect
Salutation – A greeting to thank them for their time
Add these three points to make your email prospect-friendly and to stay within the context of your approach.

3. Personalizing Email calls for extra points

When someone you have met after a long time remembers your name, you get a good feeling. The same psychology works with emails as well.

John won’t like to talk to someone who calls them “Hey Prospect” instead of “Hey John.”

Therefore always remember to personalize your cold emails before sending them. It matters more than you could imagine.

4. Follow-up Step is inevitable.

“80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups (steps) after the meeting.” As per Saleshandy whitepaper

It is inevitable to get the deal closed with just one email. Prospects consume so much content these days that they have a short memory span for all the content they see online. Emails are no exception. That is the reason we need follow-ups (steps).

Thanks to modern-day cold emailing tools, one can add follow-ups (steps) with conditions and closely analyze the success.

5. Best Time to Send Email
There are two different aspects you have to take care of when you’re deciding on when to send an email that will get you a positive response.

The time of day – After a study conducted on over billions of email addresses, the results showed the best time to send your emails out is just at around 10 AM. That’s when most emails are opened anyways, so the chances of your being opened grow dramatically.

If you don’t have a good reason for doing so, avoid sending your email before this hour of the morning. Never send emails at 3 or 4 AM, as those will look weird in the prospect’s inbox.

The day of the week – If you’re trying to reach business executives, Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually seen as the best response days in a week. Marketers say these are the best days for B2B emailing.

6. Find The Right Target Audience And Connect With Them

Your product is designed for an audience that can enjoy your product. In your cold email outreach, target the most likely audience to show interest and take action.

You can bifurcate your target audience in different segments as well. E.g.-

Companies- IT companies, SAAS based companies, etc
Position – CEO, Vice president, Board member, Program Leader, Programmer, etc
Similarly, you can also bifurcate them in terms of the number of team members, organization size, etc. It completely depends upon you and your product how you want to do it.

After bifurcation of these segments, make sure you write a customized cold email copy for every single segment accordingly. The tone, structure, format, etc., should be tailor-made for the audience in that segment.

This will make you more relatable and increase the chances of them following your call to action.

When cold emailing, it’s important to avoid the spam folder! Here are some tips:

1) Use a professional email address.

2) Avoid using common spam trigger words in your subject line.

3) Keep your email short and to the point.

4) Don’t include attachments.

5) Use a real name in the “From” field.

6) Verify that your email list is clean.

7) Monitor your sent folder for bounces.

8) Use a consistent “From” name and address.

9) Don’t send mass emails.

10) Use an email delivery service.

By following these tips, you can avoid the spam folder and make sure your cold emails are delivered!

How to Write A Cold Email. Thingscouplesdo

Why Is Cold Emailing Important?


A good sales professional knows how important networking is in today’s time. It might not always be possible to meet professionals face-to-face, but that shouldn’t limit you from connecting.

You can use cold email as a tool to reach out. You can share a short introduction about yourself and your company like you generally would communicate if you met in person. And if the recipient likes your honest effort, they might connect with you and help you expand your network.

Lead Generation
As the name suggests, cold emailing is a process towards lead generation. You start with building a relationship and slowly move towards converting them into valuable customers.

The biggest advantage of cold emailing is that it is highly targeted. That means you’re only focusing on an audience who are interested in your product/service. You can reach out to the prospects and make them aware about your product/service.

Brand Awareness
Cold emails help build brand awareness because of the nature of the email.

They are generally targeted to prospects who have never interacted with your brand before. But might find value using your product/services.

Using cold email, you can introduce your product to them and improve brand awareness.

Cold emails are scalable. You can send emails to multiple prospects and also measure their success. Based on the success, you can plan your next email strategically. A cold email outreach helps you reach thousands of potential prospects in a day.

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Hope this post on How to Write A Cold Email helps?