Episode 41

By Kebby NG Media Services

Elias watched the stars from his room, he has not left his room since he fought with Iris. He had no idea why he was so angry, he hated the fact that Iris was rude to Zoey.

He knew he should not have taken things too far since she was just a robot but he felt like she was indirectly talking to Romina and it angered her.

He has never felt that way before, he wanted to stay away from Romina before his feelings grow deep but he just can’t.

UNFORSEEN LOVE : EPISODE 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

Everything that involves her triggered him and he wondered why. He pocketed his hand as the breeze hit his skin, he heard a soft knock on the door and turned around and stared at the door for a while.

“It’s me, I prepared dinner. You should come downstairs,” Iris said in a sad tone, she left when she heard no sound from him.

Elias left his room and met her setting the table, he felt guilty for yelling at her. He wanted to apologize but his ego won’t let him, he also had no idea of where to begin.

“Your sister will be discharged tomorrow, right?” She asked and he hummed, he can tell she cried from her voice.

It was cracked and low, it was like she would cry if she spoke a little louder. “I will look after her tomorrow, you can go to work,” she volunteered.

“That isn’t necessary, you will only stress her,” he said and she sniffed. “I mean you guys don’t get along,” he elaborate and she raised her head.

“That is why I want to stay with her, to fix my relationship with them. I want to show them that I am a changed person,” she said and he arched his brows.

“What are you talking about?” He inquired and took slow steps closer to the dining. “There is something you should know,” she said with a forced smile as tears threatened to fall but she wiped them off.

“Sit,” she gestured at a chair and she sat down, he did the same too. “What is it I should know?” He asked in a soft voice, he was nervous what if she cheated on him while he was away?

“My past, why your siblings hate me, I am telling you that you can forgive me,” she replied and let out a dry laugh.

“I became cold after I lost my dad, he was abandoned on the streets. I hated others for not trying to save him so I paid them in their coin, my ex-boyfriend told me there was nothing wrong in getting revenge so I felt proud and did what I thought was right foolish me,” she laughed at herself.

“Your siblings saw me abandon a pregnant lady who was in labor pain, they tried to call an ambulance but I broke the phone and watched the woman exhaust all her energy,” she stopped and studied his expression but it was blank.

“I…. I also abandoned a couple in a car crash, the husband begged me to help his wife but I refused, your siblings pulled the woman out but I dragged them away before they could help the man.

I did all those things because my dad was equally abandoned on the street. If only the people are nice enough to help him he would still be alive, my mom won’t have lost her husband and me… I will still have my father…. I see no reason why they should be shown mercy,” she said in a cold and pained voice, she let her feelings roll out with her tears but that was not enough.

The pain in her heart was greater than anything, crying from sunrise to sunset would not be enough.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” She asked but his eyes were still void of emotion and it was driving her insane, she wanted to know what he thinks of her.

“Are you done?” He asked in a calm voice. “No, the bank account that you asked about and I said it was for a friend, I lied it was for me. My ex-boyfriend kept sending me money probably because he felt guilty for abandoning me. I met him recently too,” she blurted and for a brief moment, she saw the pain in Elias’s eyes but since he is now a master at hiding emotions he replaced it with a straight face.

“I’m sorry….. I’m sorry for lying to you,” she apologized. “I am not mad at you, you were misled,” he replied.

“That is not it….. I had sex with him two days before Diana’s surgery……, and…, I was pregnant for him while we were dating but I lost the baby,” she sobbed

“Say something!” She yell and the doorbell rang



‘Who is this?’ Mr. Zaragoza thought as he stood up from the ground, he took slow steps towards the bed and stared intently at Mrs. Zaragoza.

“Romina’s mother?” He gasped and covered his mouth with his palm.

“Isn’t she supposed to be missing? Why is she lying here? Romina lied!” He talked to himself as he watched Mrs. Zaragoza.

“Why did she lie? Neil is going to love this news,” he giggled and took pictures of her, he hid his phone and tiptoed out of the room.

Luckily no one saw him, he went to his room and locked the door.

*Let us meet tomorrow, we have something important to discuss*

Mr. Zaragoza sent a message to Neil, he smirk and stared at the pictures he took.

While in Romina’s room she was done having dinner, she took the tray downstairs and cleaned the plates. She guessed everyone was asleep when the house was empty, she walked over to her family portrait.

“Dad, I’m tired,” she mumbled as tears fall from her eyes, it rolled down her cheek and she sniffed in. She wiped her face and walked upstairs.

Her eyes caught the slightly opened door of her mother’s room. “$illy me, how could I forget to lock this door?” She scolded herself and locked the door.

She went back to her room and met Zoey waiting for her. “What brings you here?” She asked

“There is something you should see,” she said and connected herself with the laptop on her reading table.

She sent the video she saved the previous day of Neil and her fake dad. “That should be enough evidence to get rid of the imposter,” she said and left the room.

“Evidence,” Romina repeated and sat in front of the laptop, she tapped on the newest file and watched the video.

“This was the plan? Too bad it ain’t going to work,” she mumbled and close her laptop.



“I’ll get the door,” Elias told Iris and stood up, he opened the door and Casper jumped on him.

“Hey boy take it easy,” he mumbled and pat him. “You missed me huh?” He asked and Casper barked.

“I missed you too,” he said and Casper got off him, he stood up and saw a woman smiling at him she recognized her to be their neighbor.

“Good evening,” the woman greeted. “Evening,” he replied.

“He was with me while you were missing, I thought I should return him since you are back,” the woman said.

“Thanks for taking care of him, I appreciate it,” Elias replied.

“It’s nothing, he was a cute dog I couldn’t resist taking him in,” she said and Casper walk to him, she played with his hair and Casper seemed to like it because he snuggled his head closer.

“Thank you,” he appreciated again. “I should leave now,” she said and walked away, Casper ran into the house and Elias locked the door.

His face darkened when he sighted Iris who was still sited at the dining table.

“You should get some rest, I’ll clean up,” he said and wanted to pick a plate but she held his hand.

“Aren’t you going to yell at me? Tell me you hate me! Tell me how much I disgust you, say your siblings were right after all! I want you to get mad at me!” She screamed as tears flew freely out of her eyes.

“Why do you want me to say those things?” He asked. “It will make me feel better,” she replied.

“It will be better than your silent treatment!” She snapped and her hair fell on her face. “It won’t change a thing,” he replied and freed his wrist from her grip.

His words only made her sad, the pain she felt was doubled and she wished time would go back. She would have never trusted Neil, she would have listened to her mother

She rested her head on the table and cried like a baby abandoned by her mother.

Elias watched Casper eat and his mind drifted to the confession Iris made

“Why was I not angry? Shouldn’t I be mad that she lied to me? Why don’t I feel a thing?” Elias wondered out loud.


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