Episode 31

By Kebby NG Media Services

Zoey stared at the laptop on the table and it displayed the result analysis Elias fell on his butt as his eyes widened.

“Are you okay?” Romina asked and Zoey stared at him wondering what was wrong too. “How did she do that? Do you guys practice magic?” He asked.

“It’s not magic it’s science,” Romina replied. “Science? I don’t understand,” Elias blurted.

UNFORSEEN LOVE : EPISODE 31 - 40. Thingscouplesdo

“I’m a robot so it’s easy for me to connect to the laptop and transfer the data to it,” Zoey explained briefly.

“A robot? You are a robot?” Elias asked. “Yes, you had no idea?” Romina asked and he shook his head negatively.

“This is unbelievable, she looks, sounds, act and…., she is a lot like human…, no she is human,” Elias argued with himself.

“Romina programmed me to behave exactly like a human and I left the country to learn more, I smile, I crack jokes, show emotions, I was trained to behave like a human I guess that is why you could not tell the difference,” Zoey stated.

“He is dad?!” Romina gasped diverting their attention to her. “Yes, I ran the fingerprint test twice to be sure but I came out positively,” Zoey replied.

“Facial scan?” Romina asked. “95 percent,” Zoey replied. “He is a lot like Mr. Zaragoza, I believe he is Mr. Zaragoza,” Zoey added.

Elias stared at Zoey finding it hard to believe that she is a robot, he gave Romina credit for creating her perfectly. If he didn’t see the evidence he won’t believe she is a robot, he ran his hand through his hair and moved closer to her.

“He isn’t dad, I’m sure of it. He is different,” Romina muttered staring at the result. “I think you should not let your emotions judge, you must be finding it hard to accept him since your brother brought him. If he is Mr. Zaragoza time will tell, an imposter can’t pretend forever,” Zoey stated.

Romina turned to face her and her eyes caught Elias who was trying to touch Zoey, he pinched her and rubbed the surface.

“What are you doing?” Romina inquired and she flinched, Zoey turned to look at him and he forced a smile.

Zoey returned it and removed a part of her flesh it was her elbow to her finger, it revealed the shining steel which her body was made up of.

“Oh my God! You are a robot!” He exclaimed. “Yes,” Zoey replied and put the flesh back on, she walked towards the laptop and typed something.

“He is your dad,” Zoey stated standing straight, she used the finger print she got from the cup to search for his identity.

“This is hard to believe, he was different from my dad,” Romina muttered as she sat on the chair.

“I think we should give it time just like Zoey suggested,” Elias said and Romina nodded. “I’ll be in my room,” Romina said and left.

“So, when were you made?” Elias asked Zoey. “When Romina was eight,” she answered.

“Who made you? Was it Romina,” he inquired. “No, it was her dad. Romina found it hard to make friends so I was made to be her friend, I was upgraded every two years so people would not notice I was a robot, Romina brought the idea of emotion and she worked with her friend steve to make me more like human,” she explained

“I thought you said Romina finds it hard to make friends,” Elias said. “When she was eight,” Zoey corrected.

“This explains why Romina trusts you with most of her secrets,” he said and she nodded in agreement. “Can you eat?” He asked. “No, I charge myself every night,” she replied.

“Can you cry?” He asked. “I don’t have emotion but I can feign it, I can’t call it emotion since it was programmed in me,” she replied.

“How many people know that you are a robot?” He asked. “Mr. and Mrs. Zaragoza, Nanny Gloria, Steve, Romina, and you,” she answered.

“This is amazing,” he muttered. “You should have told me sooner, I wouldn’t have wasted my time studying when you can just research it within seconds,” he said.

“Do you plan on using me now?” Zoey asked with a frown. “Of course not, I was just saying,” he replied walking towards the laptop.

“You don’t have to be scared, I’m ready to help you with whatever you need,” she said and he smiled.

“Let’s go and check on Mrs. Zaragoza,” he suggested. “You can’t move in and out of the house as you please, we won’t have to avoid just Nanny Gloria but Mr. Zaragoza too,” she stated.

“Okay,” he mumbled sadly. “I’ll go and check on Romina,” she said and left the room.



Iris sips from the bottle of vodka as she stares at her dad’s picture on her phone, she slides to Neil’s picture and she gasped in surprise, she had no idea that she still had his picture.

“Everyone leaves in the end, my dad, you, and even Elias,” she muttered to the picture. “I’m destined to be alone right?” She asked and smiled.

“I wish everyone that left will come back,” she mumble and rested her head on the counter. “One bottle of tequila please,” Neil ordered sitting on the stool beside Iris.

She raised her head to see him gulp down half of the bottle. “Neil?” She called more like a question.

“Iris?” He exclaimed and she chuckle. “Wished come true this day,” she uttered drunkenly.

“What are you doing here?” He asked. “What do you think?” She asked and took another sip.

“You should stop, you are drunk,” he said taking the bottle from her. “I don’t know if this is a dream or not but I want to taste those juicy lips of yours,” she said and got down from the stool, she wrapped her arm around him and crash her lips on his.

He was startled at first and didn’t respond but when he felt her wanting to pull away he dropped the bottle in his hand and draw her closer, he deepened the kss and took control.

He moved to her neck and suck on it. “Isn’t this place noisy?” Iris asked.

“Wanna go somewhere quiet?” He asked and she nodded, he carried her in a bridal style and head out of the bar.

He took her to his house since it was close to the bar, she was already asleep when they got there, he dropped her on the bed and trailed his hand on her lips.

“Still petty,” he muttered and peck her lips, she opened her eyes and bit his lips. “Ouch,” he winces pulling away.

“That is a punishment for leaving me,” she said and pulled him closer, she kssed him with all she’s got and he smiled.

He reached for her bIouse and took it off, she was wearing only br@. He smiled at the sight of her bbs, he pecked it and took off her br@.



“Good morning Nanny,” Romina greeted as she walked into the kitchen, Zoey was helping her with breakfast.

“Moring, how was your night?” Nanny Gloria asked. “Good I guess,” she shrugged.

“What is that?” Nanny Gloria asked as she sat on the counter. “She doesn’t believe the returned Mr. Zaragoza is Mr. Zaragoza,” Zoey answered nanny Gloria’s question.

“Is that true? Why will you have such thoughts?” Nanny Gloria questioned. “I don’t know, I just find it hard to trust him,” she replied truthfully.

“Was it because he came with your brother?” Nanny Gloria asked. “I honestly don’t know nanny, but it’s strange. Dad decided to return after four years and he happened to come with Neil? It is too much of a coincidence, don’t you agree?” She asked.

“I think you are just being paranoid, besides it’s too early to tell. You met him just yesterday,” Nanny Gloria said.

“Do you think he is a robot?” Zoey asked. “He had dinner yesterday,” Romina replied. “He is Mr. Zaragoza then,” Zoey stated.

“I know you guys don’t believe me but I’ll find evidence to prove the truth, Neil is up to something,” she said and Nanny Gloria shrugged.

“Good morning,” Mr. Zaragoza greeted walking into the kitchen, he was still dressed in the same clothes he wore the previous day.

“Good morning sir,” Zoey and Nanny Gloria greeted in unison.

“Romina,” he called when she didn’t greet him.


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