‘I Suspect My Wife Is Setting Me Up With Her Friend.’

– I accepted her living with us and I felt it was only for a short time.

– Sometimes, she will enter our bedroom without knocking saying she wants to gist with her friend.

– I must admit that the friend was a bit useful in the house.

Read his story below:

I got married to my wife 9 months ago and it has been a wonderful experience all through until her friend showed up two months ago. That was actually the first time I was meeting her as she wasn’t around for our wedding as she was doing her masters programme in South Africa. I knew she and my wife were closed as she was always talking about her best friend while we were courting.

She showed up at our house and I thought she came to visit and catch up with old times with my wife so I gladly welcome her. Later in the night, my wife told me she will be staying with us for sometimes while she gets a job. I was upset because we never discussed it before and I made my feeling known. Nevertheless, I had to give in since she said the friend also accommodated her in her room back at school for a session. So, I accepted her living with us and I felt it was only for a short time. We gave her the visitor’s room.

The first trouble started when I noticed her night gown barely covered her bum and sometimes were transparent with her b00bs showing whenever she comes to the sitting room. I expressed my reservations about it to my wife and she dismissed it playfully that it was nothing and that what were my eyes wandering there for, so I let it go. Sometimes, she will enter our bedroom without knocking saying she wants to gist with her friend. And I will just stay on my side of the bed playing with my phone while the both talked. I noticed my wife doesn’t care, but I don’t want any issue with her so I accepted it with the hope her friend will soon leave the house.

I must admit that the friend was a bit useful in the house. My wife closes late than I, and her friend stays home when she’s not job hunting, so sometimes she would have cooked before we arrived. Though, I complained about this also, but wifey believe it was trivial. Her friend was intelligent and as times goes on, we talked on a wide range of topic while waiting for wife to come back from home so I stopped complaining about her to my wife.

It became so normal about her dressing that I accepted it like that. There was a day she came to our room to gist with my wife and playfully, my wife hit me with a pillow and before you know it, the three of us were throwing pillows about and playing like kids. They were both jumping on me and incidentally, I had a hard on as we were playin. I noticed her friend was slightly brushing her hand on me. I had to quickly stop and stylishly use the pillow to cover myself until I came down. I was really uncomfortable with the whole situation, but I didn’t complain to my wife again since I know what she will say. What I just keep asking my wife is when her friend was leaving.

The incident that happened two weeks really changed things. My wife took one week leave and decided to visit her parents outside the state we reside. I wasn’t okay with it leaving her friend alone with me, but she said I will just do fine. I tried to come home late for the first three days so I can completely avoid her, until the fourth day when she came into my room. I didn’t want to be rude by asking her to leave, so I asked her to sit down on the sofa in the bedroom. We first spoke about football, politics and other things. I can’t really say what happened, but in a lapse of judgement, we started kissing and then I had s*x with her. I felt regret immediately and started apologizing to her for taking advantage of her. What she said really dazzled me. She said I shouldn’t be sorry as my wife never keep talking of how big I am and our s*x was so great. And how she wishes her friend can experience what she was talking about.

My regrets turned to anger immediately and I asked her if she and my wife planned this whole episode just to confirm what my wife was boasting about. She denied being in cohort with my wife, but said something that devastated me. She said my wife wouldn’t mind as they sometimes share things together as they are besties for life right from their school days. I had to quickly exit the room to the balcony. We barely talked again until wife came back, though she tried to initiate some conversation, which I rebuffed. My wife further heightened my apprehension when wife asked if her friend really took care of me and that I couldn’t have missed her much since her friend was around. The dilemma now is that I can’t confront my wife about the incident as I will be admitting I slept with her friend. Her friend is also acting normal and I am afraid if she will inform her “bestie for life”. I have been thinking, what if they had been “S*x partners” before and I married a bis*xual cos of the way they do play together. I had just been asking her when her friend was leaving and I don’t want to be forceful because of what happened between us.

Note, my wife has been a good wife. All my family members love her like she’s part of them and she is so comfortable with them. We never had any issues except this. I need advice on how to go on so I don’t destroy my marriage