K-POP MAID SEASON 2 (Chapter 1 – 7)


Season 2 (chapter one)

(short episode of season two)
Four years has passed since the tragic separation between jina and Jin-Hyuk

Jina travelled to USA with fatty and no one heard of them since then

‘be fast, four important people are coming to Seoul today we have to make sure we do not miss this’ a news reporter said as they got ready and entered into their news van

At the airport the female reporter prepared herself for the news

‘but what makes this people so important’ The reporter asked

‘well they are the top people in the business world extremely rich and influential people ‘ he answered

‘oh, that explains a lot of things, the first two are the number one hottest couples, Jin-Hyuk and jin-mina, Jin-Hyuk was once a kpop idol but he stopped his music career and now he is a popular business man who worth billions, owner of jin empire, he is a smart business man and very influential ‘the man said

‘ well I know former EFX leader Jin-Hyuk and I love him, didn’t expect him to end his music career though ‘the man said

‘ so who are the remaining two ‘he said

‘ who are they ‘she asked

‘ nobody knows, are they males, are they females, we do not know but one thing I am sure of is they are the new owner of Grandeur company, one of the most powerful company in Hong Kong formally owned by Joseph Grandeur ‘he said

‘ ohhhh, so why do they hide their faces ‘i asked

‘ nobody knows, but we heard news that they will be here today, we have to get ready to cover them ‘the man said

‘ we will be going live in 5, 4,3, 2 ,1’
The camera man said

‘good afternoon, I am kim soe yeoun Mmt news…’ the reporter said

It was only a matter of time before press filled the airport

Bodyguard followed two set of people wearing sunglasses

Press tried to move close to them but were stopped by the bodyguards

‘ come on darling, please smile ‘Mina said

Mina looked so different, her once blonde hair is now black, she still looked slim and very beautiful and as usual looking extremely classy

Jin-Hyuk, still the king of beauty

He was handsome, extremely handsome, even more handsome than he was before he changed his whole popstar look to a business man look, his once black hair is now brown and he looked a bit older than before

‘daddy, who are this people’ their four year old daughter asked

He smiled at her and said ‘do not worry my dear, they are the press’ he said

‘but who are the press’ she asked

‘you know those news people’ mina said

‘ohhhhhhhh, now I understand’ Trisha said

‘come on let go’ mina said as they walked out of the airport while bodyguards tried their best to keep the press people away

Jin-Hyuk and his family entered a black Mercedes Benz as four other black cars filled with bodyguard followed their car

Being one of the richest business man in the world it was normal for things like that to happen

Few hours after Jin-Hyuk left, gaurds dressed in black gathered some people pushing the press out of the way

The press tried their best to video the people the gaurds are guarding but they couldn’t as they finally managed to escape them

Later in the night I sat down in a relaxation centre in our new huge mansion Jin-Hyuk just bought

I brought out a secret and lit it

Then I got a phone call

‘yea mum’ I said as I crossed my leg and smoked the cigarette

‘yea sure whatever, when you coming back to Seoul’ I asked

‘okay, I can’t wait to go to London, this Seoul sickens me’ I said

‘okay mum bye’ I said as I disconnected the call

‘mummy, am scared, can you tell me a bed time story’ Trish said holding her doll

‘bed time story, are you crazy or something, no i won’t read you a bed time story, get out of here “I said as I blew the cigarette in her face and she started coughing

Trisha is asthmatic but I do not care

Sometimes i want her to die

She has been stealing all the attention I deserve from me

Jin-Hyuk is always with her no one else

‘Get out of here, go look for your’ i said as I pushed her away and she fell on the floor

I looked up only to see Jin-Hyuk helping her up

He is going to kill me

Am dead

‘Diane’ he called Trisha nanny who arrived in a matter of few mins

‘take her to her room’ Jim-Hyuk said

‘daddy will you tell me a bed time story’ she asked

‘yes darling, just give me some mins let me talk to your mum’ Jin-Hyuk said

‘okay daddy’ she said as she kissed him on the cheek

That my husband you little bitch

Diane took Trisha away and Jin-Hyuk glares at me immediately she left

‘Jin-Hyuk darling’ I said as I tried to kiss him but he pushes me away

‘let me make one thing clear to you mina, you and I both know I can’t stand you, you know the mere sights of you irritates me… Infact I can’t stand you, our relationship is real only to the public do not ever try to get close to me like that again’he said and I slowly moved away from him

‘am not begging you to act like a mother because you and I both know you do not care about her, but do not ever do something that will endanger her life’ he said as he walked away

That little brat

I just hate her

She keeps getting in between Jim-Hyuk and i.

I hate her

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