IN DARK SEASON 2 (Episodes 4,5&6)

Dad and mom arrived the following day, i knew
they were not done with whatever bussiness they
went for but they could not wait to celebrate
Khole’s proposal. Myself and khole picked mom
up from the airport while a driver picked dad up
later. When mom saw khole’s proposal ride she
thought we had a visitor, she asked who the
visitor was and we told her the ride was khole’s.
At first mom thought we were joking, she playfully
told us she won’t be fooled. “Mom he proposed
with this ride!” khole excitedly told mom and
jumped into the ride. Mom screamed out of
surprise as she also jumped into the range, i also
did the same. Mom came out of the car and did
some local dance before asking khole to kneel
down for prayers. “This is a good thing girls, i can
trully say with my whole mouth that I am a proud
Mother, God bless your union baby” mom said
and we all had a group hug. We were just putting
the hug to an end when the driver drove dad in.
Dad came out of the car full of smile and he
started a local dance with a song. Mom joined in
the singing while myself and khole watched the
old couple. Dad suddenly stopped the dance and
asked who was with us. He thought Josh was
around and he did not want to show his dance
step in the public till during the wedding. We all
laughed at dad and khole proudly held the car
keys out to dad. Dad was like ‘I do not get you?’
“Its my proposal ride!” Khole shouted. Dad
covered his mouth with his hand and murmured
“Oh my baby” khole jumped into dad’s arm and
they both did a short slow dance before finally
bursting into another round of laughter. Dad
walked up and down and paraded himself has a
proud father. He blessed khole again and thanked
her for making him proud. Dad patted me on the
back on our way inside and said “You are the
next sunshine” i was sort of shocked but i faked a
smille. ‘I do not even have a relationship yet’. I
The following day, dad followed me to work, dad
wanted to take a three months permission
because of khole’s wedding. There was alot of
travelling to be done for the event. The
permission was granted since the request was
made by dad. I was free from work for three
months, money and power rule the world i must
As soon as i got back from work, mom forced me
into the car. She had to shop for the proposal
celebration that was scheduled for the following
day. Before hand i already promised khole i
would be going with her to get a dinner gown for
the event but mom overruled all my plans.
Going for shopping with mom was really
exhusting, we got back home 4:00pm. I had little
or no time to rest. “If a wedding proposal
preparation can be this exhusting, how will the
wedding preparation be?” i thought in my head as
i laid on my bed exhusted. I did not know when
sleep took me away.
The ringing of my phone woke me up minutes
later, the caller I.D was nelly, reluctantly i
accepted the call and whispered hello. “Hi twinny,
come and join myself and Jordan. We are waiting
for you in my house, we wanna hang out, please
come over Asap” nelly said and ended the call
without waiting for me to respond. This girl sure
knows how to make an unrejectable offer. I
somehow found it difficult to trust the dual again,
but i did not want my doubt known so I stood up
lazily and dressed for the outing.
I wore a simple armless polo shirt and a flowing
gown. I had little makeup on and a matching foot
wear. I picked up my purse and left for the
outing. I met khole and Josh outside of the house
on my way out, according to khole josh came to
to visit mom and dad and they were on their way
out. Khole asked where i was heading to and i
told her i was going to hangout with nelly and
jordan. Khole decided we should all hangout and
we left in khole’s new ride. The ride was beautiful
and lively.
Nelly’s mom welcomed us warmly when we
arrived, she offered us drinks but we rejected the
offer claiming we were full. Soon after, we all
headed to bourvina in our separate ride. Myself,
josh and khole were in khole’s ride while Nelly
and jordan followed us in Jordan’s ride. We
decided to go to bourvina before leaving the
The night started on a light mood, we occupied a
table and ordered drinks with assorted meat, we
discussed about different kind of things and of
course the discussion was majorly based on the
upcoming wedding.
I was still battling with my meat when Jordan
came close to me and whispered “i want to see
you privately” at first i looked left and right to
confirm if he was talking to me and in the process
my eyes met nelly’s. She noded and urged me to
go with Jordan. I reluctantly stood up and
followed Jordan to a secluded area.
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