It was my wedding night. I was so tired, I needed a bath and a rest. We had danced so much my back was aching.

My husband was beginning to have funny ideas. He was beaming like a new born baby.

Well, I wouldn’t blame him; any man in his position would not joke with this night because I was a warrior during our courtship”.

No… no hugging, no pecking, no holding, no touching, no tapping current, no weather for two, Sexual purity till my marriage was top on my list.

The Knock came. I was thinking, half past eleven (11:30pm). Is that room service, I wondered. Then, with eyes popping. I heard my mother in-law’s iron like voice: “Tise, Micheal, open the door”. Micheal jumped up from the bed, rushed to the door and opened it for his mum. My Mother in-law walked in, sat down majestically and asked us to sit down too.

“Tise, I don’t know if anyone ever told you? There is a curse on my husband’s family line.

The men in their family don’t prosper, their wives are the ones who work, and provide for the families.

This is because, according to the story that I was told, one of their forefathers killed the only son of a great herbalist and the herbalist placed a curse on every son in their lineage, that their hands will never produce nor bring forth anything goo also, their sons must always lose a son amongst their children”

I watched in amazement as my mother in-law kept telling the story. Then, she concluded by saying: “In essence, I have just come to let you know that your marriage is not a land of funs but of war”

Why? Why didn’t she tell me this before now?

Well, in order not to waste her time, I also gave her my history. I said,

“Mum, I am sorry, I also did not tell you this before now. I came from a family that fights for those we love. My Father (Jesus Christ) actually died while trying to save His people. My family line does not operate under curses because we are operating under a covenant of blessings – John 1:12-13. Therefore, anyone who is fortunate to marry any one in my family becomes automatically BLESSED! So mum, for my sake, your son can not operate under those curses again”.

My mother in-law was shocked, to say the least, as I could tell what she was thinking. Then, it made sense to me.

My Sisters in-law always had this gloomy look on their faces and the two of them actually lost their sons.

“Mum, you need to go and rest. My husband and I need to produce two sons this night because in my family line we conceive immediately our husbands meet Us”, I concluded.

My mother in-law stood up with caution and silently walked out.

At that moment, all the tiredness vanished as I took Michael’s hands and looked him straight in the eye.

“Listen, I don’t care what you or your ancestors have done, but for my sake, you will prosper with these hands”, I said.

Listen, Paul and some criminals were on a ship and there was a shipwreck.

The soldiers wanted to kill all the criminals to prevent them from escaping, but the Army Officer stopped them for the sake of saving Apostle Paul.

Michael, for Paul’s sake, the lives of other criminals were preserved. “So Sweetheart, because you are married to me, because we are in the same ship, yes, this relationship called marriage, for my sake, you cannot be punished for your ancestors’ Sins”, I assured him.

That became my prayer plea to God from that day forward. I kept praying to God to save my husband, my sons for my sake.

To the Glory of God, I have 4 sons none of them died. Now, they have sons and daughters of their own.

For my sake, my husband’s destiny changed for the best.

You see, women are always great assets to change powers; not assets for sex only.
It doesn’t matter what challenge that man of yours is facing at this point in time with you on his side praying, ancestral curses will flew out of his life.

Women are destined for that; good women are a great blessing to the men.

When a good woman comes into a man’s life, many good doors of success, prosperity, joy, love, etc open & ancestral curses break down & disappear.

Good women diffuse ancestral curses like a diffused bomb.

Woman, always pray for your man (husband) friend; your prayer works for him; your prayer can save his life from shame …
Your prayer can set him free from bondage.

God bless you!