It was a court notice. A notice which stated that i
was been sued by James.
I stood at a spot and read the letter over and
over again. It was like a night mare to me and i
was so confused on what could possibly make
James decide to sue me. I could not even close
the door as i read the heading of the letter over
and over again.
I was accused of violating the right of a father to
meet his kids, something i never did. Ever since i
got pregnant, i never crossed part with James,
not even accidentally. Right there and then, i felt
like seeing James and showing him the stuffs i
was made of. For him to think that he could gain
an access to my kids by suing me made me more
determined to fight him with my last penny. James
turned his back at me when i needed him the
most and he realised he had kids with me just
when i was getting my life back. If i could stand
on my own and fight life itself , i believed i could
fight for my kids. Nothing else mattered to me
apart from winning the court battle created by
Biodun had already put the girls to sleep and was
about existing the nursery when i entered. He
noticed the look on my face and he asked why i
was sad.
I gave the letter to Biodun and explained what
James was driving at to him. The letter specified
that the court hearing would be in three months
time and i was to show up on the date given. I
expressed my fears to Biodun and he promised to
fight with/for me. I was happy to have him by my
side but i was scared of losing it all. I saw My
kids as the reward for the hardship i went
through, i couldn’t let go of either of them.
Biodun concluded that he would invite his lawyer
friend over the next day. Though i was scared,
Biodun promised me that everything was going to
be fine and i took in his words.
The next day, Biodun’s lawyer friend (David)
came over and we had a long talk over the court
notice and my relationship with James.
He opened our eyes to things we did’nt know. At
first, he made us realise that James suing me
ment that he was ready to play it dirty with me
and we must as well be prepared.
He asked if i had any criminal record or if i had
anything to do with hard drugs and alcohol and i
replied negatively.
The next important step he stated was my level of
responsibility. According to him, James could win
the case if he was able to prove that i was just a
student who got pregnant in a foreign land without
my parent knowledge. He could even make the
court believe that i would not be capable of
raising the kids in the right way.
My heart was broken when the lawyer elaborated
on the danger i could face and how slim my
chance of gaining custody of my kids could be.
I told the lawyer he could counter James if he
also made the court realise that he was the
irresponsible one. Since james neglected me
throughout my pregnancy and child birth, he could
be tagged as the irresponsible one. I went further
to make it clear that it was Biodun that stood by
me throughout my rough time and he is better off
to call Biodun the father of my kids instead of
The lawyer took in my points but he explained
how less useful it could be. According to him,
James could accuse me of shutting him out and
hooking up with Biodun even when i was pregnant
with his child. He could even play the victim and
make the court believe that i chose Biodun over
I was so lost and confused when i realised how
things could turn out. The lawyer went on and on
to tell us how James could paint me black and
gain custody of his kids since he was their
biological father. We were at a blocked edge
when Biodun brought up the issue of the birth
certificate. He reminded me of filling in his name
as the kids father on the hospital record and he
elaborated on how the hospital record and the
birth certificate could be used against James.
The lawyer’s face brighten when he heard this
and i was happy until he pointed out somethings.
The lawyer made us realise that the certificate
could be used against and in favour of us.
According to him James could broaden how
irresponsible i was by giving a total stranger the
right to lawfully be the father of his kids and on
the other hand it could be in my favour if i lawfully
get married to Biodun. I can then then argue that
i filled in Biodun’s name because he was there for
me when James could not take responsibilities
and Biodun was ready to be my kids step dad. By
so doing, i would be able to establish the fact that
James was irresponsible and Biodun, been the
responsible man he was took responsibility for
him. We would as well be able to give the girls
the best upbringing.
Though the lawyer’s advice was valuable, getting
married to Biodun was something i was’nt sure
was right.
My kids were my first priorities and i went through
alot without the knowledge of my parents but i
could not imagine getting married without their
I was more than confused.


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