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I always knew that some thing is wrong with me and I confirmed my suspicions today.

I thought that if I find out, I will confront it no matter what and then do my best to forget it.


But now am regretting my action, it would have been better if I had stayed in the dark,if I never tried to find out the truth, I should have never remembered, never at all, I thought as I slowly drifted to what happened three days ago




After drinking the welcome champagne Cade’s Secretary had given us , i slept off like a log only to wake up the next day.

Cade was sleeping on the chair when I woke up and after waking him up and asking him to sleep on the bed.

I went to the bath room to take a shower, it’s going to be my wedding today and I must look my best just for him.

Though he is still hiding some thing from me, hearing the discussion he had with his mom kept giving me bad vibe.

And I know that if I should ask him, he will try to lie to me and that is some thing I dont want, I will rather have him not tell me than for him lie to me.

I got out of the bed room only to see the maids cleaning the room

They haven’t noticed my presence and I would have called for their attention if some thing she said hadn’t stopped me

“Aren’t this couple weird?”

“Why do you say so?”

“Well I heard from the bar tender that this man secretary had put some sedative in the wife drink”

“But why would her husband do such a thing”

“I don’t know,maybe to see his lover or some thing, as soon as the bride slept off, he left the hotel immediately ”

“That’s bad”

“You know, men are all the same, first he put his wife to sleep and then he went of f to see his lover,if I were his wife, I will dump him in a sec”

Quickly I went back to the bathroom not wanting them to notice my presence.

Why did Cade have his secretary put some thing in my drink.

I thought it strange that I had slept off quite early but he had had his secretary put me to sleep.

As soon as I finished getting dressed, I went in search of Cade and together we left for my parents house.

I didn’t tell him of what I found out have now made it my mission to know what he is hiding from me.

He wouldn’t have gone as far as to sedate me just to keep me from talking to my parents, it’s because of the secret he is hiding.

While I got to my parents house and she explained her reason for not wanting me at the island.

I found it a bit strange, she had sounded so scared on the phone but now she looked a bit relieved but still on edge.

I would have believed her only if I hadn’t seen her twitching her hand.

She always does that each time she lies and quickly my father held her hand to stop the twitching.

He too knows some thing but they are keeping it a secret.

The maid had mentioned that Cade went out last night, perhaps he had come to see them, Cade loves me and he would never have a lover and so what the maid said earlier is some thing I choose not to believe but I will believe that he came to see my parents instead.

I excused my self and went to my room to get some thing only for me not to find it.

I went back down stairs,wanting to ask my mother for help but what I heard stopped me.

“Was that good enough” I heard my mom say

“It was” Cade replied

“Let’s get some thing straight Cade,am not lying to Emily because you asked that of me, am doing this because am scared of seeing her hurt later on, I don’t want my baby hurt and that is why have kept the truth hidden” My mom said

“Make sure you don’t hurt her and we hope that when the time comes, you will be telling her your self”My father added

“I will, you don’t have to worry, some day I will tell Emily the truth but for now, It’s best if she doesn’t know the truth” Cade said

“Today should be a happy day, you two are getting married again and so we have got to prepare”I heard my father say and quickly I ran back to my room.

So my parents also know what Cade is hiding from me.

Why won’t they tell me? Should I just ask them my self, I thought as I walked around the room

No I shouldn’t, if they won’t tell me then I will have to get my answers myself, I will have to go back to Cain island and find out the truth.

The wedding went well and though my thoughts kept going to the secret they were all hiding from me and I went along with the wedding.

While we went back to the suite,I decided then and there that we will return to the island.

“Then can we go back to the island?”I asked and he stiffened in my arms

“Why do you want to return to the island?”Cade had asked

“What do you mean by why?,you still have some unfinish business to attend to and I also have the resort to finish”I said

” You don’t have to finish it! Grace and Micheal will do it”he said

“That is a no Cade, you know how much the resort means to me,I have to be there to finish it”i said

“And I say that you aren’t going back there, i want you to stay here Emily”He said

“But why ? Why do you want me to stay”I asked

“Because I want you here, I don’t think I will be returning to the island, the bankruptcy issue is being sorted out and the advertising is the only part left for the resort to be open again, Am sure your colleagues will be able to handle that”he said

“But I want to be there to finish it and I also want us to have our honey moon. There” I added

“Rome, Paris, Mexico, los Angeles any other place you choose and I will take you there but don’t ask me to take you back to the island”he had said putting an end to the discussion.

While he left the room in anger, I thought about what I will do and then the thought of going back to the island myself came to me, Quickly I called Cade secretary.

“A flight back to the island but I thought that you and the boss will be………”

“Don’t worry, he already agreed to this, as soon as I get to the island, he will come and get there and from there, we will leave for our honey moon, you have a lot of work pending for him and it would be bad if he left with me while you do all the work” I said

“Oh then okay ma’am, I will book your flight and then I call the boss……”

“No, don’t call the boss, he is asleep already and so you can call him tomorrow “I said

“Okay ma’am,I will”He said and caught the call.

I woke up at dawn and took my necessary stuff and I switched off Cade phone and left the room heading to the lobby where I will be meeting his secretary.

The flight to the island went well and all through the journey, I kept up hoping that the answers I have come back to find doesn’t ruin me..

With my back pack on my back ,I made my way to Cain island.

“Ma’am”Tracy yelled as she ran towards me giving me a tight hug

“I can see that you are back”I said

“Yes I have to be back, I came back to serve you only to see that you were not here, I thought you left with the boss for good”She said

“As you can see,I came back and so my dear take me to my room”I said giving her a huge smile which she returned.

We got to the mansion only for the door to open and For David to barge out of it.

“So it’s really you?”he said

“It’s me,am sorry that we left with ………….”I couldn’t complete my words because David walked towards me and pulled me into a big tight hug.


NOTE : This is the season 2 of the hot deal full of secrets

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